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By Arthur Piccolo

News Americas, NEW YORK, NY, Fri. Jan. 8, 2021: Let history forever record that in the almost 250 years of American history – only once 2017-2021 – did America NOT have a real or legitimate President.

 It is difficult for me to adequately describe how pathetic Donald Trump is – as good a wordsmith as I am – but Trump just reached a new LOW and so must I.

I will never again, and no one should ever again use the phrase PRESIDENT Donald Trump. Trump was NEVER a real President of the United States.

Donald Trump – WORST President in American history. Low life, scum bag, piece of human garbage. Anyone who still supports this mentally deranged MANIAC has no legitimate right to call themselves Americans.

The TRUMP name must be vilified throughout history for generations to come and for the rest of his life. Donald Trump must be isolated in social solitary confinement, shunned as the demonic figure he is.

Not only should Trump not be seen at President-elect Biden’s Inaugural, but it should also not be left to Trump to decide whether or not to attend. Joe Biden should tell him publicly to stay away, that he is unwelcome in normal society.

Trump is the American equivalent of Mussolini and Stalin.

But my worst condemnation of this sick CLOWN is how unbelievably STUPID he is, and proof he is mentally deranged.

Here is the best way for me to prove it with this alternate scenario.

After LOSING the election in November, while winning the second most votes of anyone who had ever run for President, Trump was positioned to become more powerful and influential AFTER his one term than while he was our so-called President. And absolutely the most important former President ever.

ALL Trump had to do in the days after Election Day is make this kind of statement and then go around the country making it again and again …

“It is more than clear to me I should have won a second term as President with the tremendous support I had across the nation on Election Day. My opponent’s narrow victory resulted not from his appeal – but for two other reasons why I was cheated. One, the once in a 100-year pandemic that coincided with this election year, and second the impact it had on our economy.

“It is fact that our economy would have been surging throughout 2020, if not for COVID-19, confirming my success as President, and it is likewise factual that incumbent Presidents throughout American history have won a second term when the economy is doing well, as I would have.

“Combine the impact of COVID-19 with the other problem created for me and the result was my narrow loss. That second problem wasn’t the bad luck of a horrible pandemic, it is the result of concerted non-stop anti-Trump lies of both the Democratic Party and the mainstream media. Both who first viciously tried to prevent my election, and having failed, became more determined to use any and all methods they could to try and make sure I would not be reelected. Their plan every day since election day 2016 was to DESTROY me.

“Well, I am not unfamiliar with unfair attacks; I have had to long endure them, and I will not let them defeat me or our great nation. Here is my pledge to the American people – I will spend the next two years tirelessly crossing our nation to do all I can to elect Republican Senators and Representatives in 2022.

“It is my goal that we save America from the left wing radicals in the Biden Administration, by having Republicans in full control of Congress after the election of 2022. And now let me pledge to you having done so …

“I intend to be a candidate again for the Republican nomination for President in 2024 and win back the Presidency and make America great again!”

IF Trump had done this, which is so, so obviously the best post-election strategy – Trump would have OWNED the Republican Party for the next four years and made it virtually impossible for anyone elect to be nominated in 2024.


That is what you will ONLY read here.

Why? Because it goes to the very core of who and what Trump is. There are three inter-related answers to this all-important question.

First, Trump is genuinely a STUPID individual.  He might as well brag that he never reads anything, let alone the kinds of books and journals smart individuals do. Probably the only book he has ever read is the book someone else wrote for him but has him as the author “The Art of the Deal.”

Nobody but a very stupid person would have responded to this election with the out-of-control ranting and raving Trump has for months now, which anyone with even less than half a brain would know is politically suicidal.

But Trump’s stupidity is only part of this outrageous equation. There is little doubt among many, including myself, that Trump suffers from mental illness; that Trump is often not in rationale control of what he says or does; that Trump has a clinical “need” to lie about himself and the world around him, and his DILUSIONAL fantasies are a clear form of mental illness.

Then there is the third component, which combined with his profound stupidity and his mental illness, led to his post-election BIZARRE behavior. Since the day Trump was old enough to talk, Trump has been a CON MAN.

Everyone knows what “successful” Con Men do. They manipulate others by taking anything they can convince the vulnerable is true, because it contains some minor truth, and with that opening, like unlocking a safe, it allows them to steal logic and good sense from their victims, making ever more outrageous claims for themselves and whatever snake oil they are selling.

This is what Donald Trump has been doing all his life. This is what allowed him to sell his worthless name and make it seem so valuable, that just putting his name on buildings and everything else made him rich.

Trump was and is an “entertainer,” which is what successful Con Men are.

NOW all of this brings us to the CORE of Donald Trump, which is his ultimate down fall, and which just took place on Wednesday Jan. 6, 2021. It is FEAR OF FAILURE, his FEAR of being exposed for the charlatan and the fraud he knows he is.

When Trump LOST the election, he lost far more. Trump LOST the ultimate prize any Con Man could ever achieve – President of the United States. The unequalled pomp of being President, the endless fawning of him by others around the world as President; The incredible power of being President.

To this point – nothing else could ever measure up to being President. And worst of all, losing it because he FAILED to win a second term. With his stupidity, mental illness and being a CON Man, he is facing the abyss. Nothingness.

In his WARPED mind, come January 20, 2021, Donald Trump DISAPPEARS. He cannot look ahead to the possibility of running again and winning. All that has been registering in Trump’s mind since it became obvious Joe Biden WON is that Trump is irrelevant – a non-being without a future.

All this provided Trump the “solution” he needed. He did NOT lose the election. There was a massive conspiracy involving many different states and their elected officials – not just Democrats but Republicans as well, and various private data companies, and a large number of Federal Judges even those appointed by Trump, all who joined together during 2020 to create MILLIIONS of fake votes to defeat him, when in fact Trump WON!

Then Trump manufactured the necessary second part to make his bizarre fantasy come alive; he used his “skills” as a CON Man once again, and convinced millions of Americans who he had already duped for more than 4 years now, to BELIEVE this garbage conspiracy nonsense and he did. They did!

The fact that in doing so Trump was undermining the very election system at the heart of our government was and is meaningless to Trump. America means nothing to Trump except as a means of gratifying Donald Trump’s purpose.

He even got a bunch of cynical Republican politicians like Bull Shit Artist Ted Cruz, and of course Trump’s Lap DOG Rudy Giuliani, to further encourage him by agreeing with and highlighting his demented delusions.

Then it all COLLAPSED on Wednesday in the worst way possible for Trump, as he became ever more desperate to keep his sick fantasy alive. As January 20, 2021 drew near, he stood in front of a MOB of punks and criminals he assembled in Washington, D.C. and told them to “march” (sic) on the Capitol.

NOW it is finally all over for this ASS HOLE who stole the Presidency for four years. The TRUMP name will forever be DIRT; Even his children and grandchildren for generations to come will be BURDENED to carry the Trump name all the way to their graves and beyond.

Anything with the TRUMP name on it will be forever vilified. Who would ever want to live in TRUMP Tower? (I see a name change coming) Who would want to buy his daughter’s TRUMP jewelry or clothing?

Former General James Mattis just labeled Trump “the man without a country,” like the character in a famous America novella, or I would have here.

In the end Trump has what he deserves – he is nothing. He is nobody. NEVER ever call President Donald Trump. He never was a REAL President!

(This series dedicated in honor of the late Liu Xiaobo & Jamal Khashoggi)


EDITOR’S NOTE: About The Writer: Arthur Piccolo is a professional writer and commentator and often writes about Latin America for New Americas.

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