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By Arthur Piccolo

News Americas, NEW YORK, NY, Thurs. Dec. 30, 2020: The NEW Congress will be sworn in on Sunday. The BAD news is …

It is long past time that the two DINOSAURS – Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer – are gone, gone, gone forever as Speaker of the House and Democratic Leader of the Senate.

There is no better New Year’s RESOLUTION for 2021 and beyond.

Nancy Pelosi’s most notable talent is her passion for gourmet ice cream, and Chuck Schumer – for the thousands of hair plugs he has endured to try and hide his very bald, ugly head and win the Guinness World Record for hair plugs.

Call Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer by their real titles – DEPLORABLES! They are both the Republican Party’s best campaign message. Pelosi and Schumer are featured in so many Republican ad campaigns because these two are “better” at getting voters to vote Republican than anyone else in America.

The Democratic Party cannot redesign itself for the 21st century while Pelosi and Schumer cling to power in Congress, until they finally win their final reward eternity in HELL – with lots of other worthless politicians.

It is bad enough we have to put up with four years of another Old War Horse Joe Biden in order to get rid of the Con Man Donald Trump, but the combination of Biden, Pelosi & Schumer is toxic for the future.

Not only did Joe Biden not display the leadership, but he could also have and should have and demanded that Pelosi and Schumer step aside for the good of the nation and the Democratic Party NOW. Pelosi and Schumer will have more power to waste with Biden as President than they ever have had until now.

Guaranteed Joe Biden, who ONLY could get elected because Trump – never forget it was a vote against Trump not a vote for Biden – was his opponent – is part of the same discredited wing of the Democratic Party as Pelosi and Schumer. These three think alike, act alike, and are CLUELESS alike.

If we lived in a “normal” world – good luck trying to find one some distant place in the universe – but if we lived in a NORMAL world, both Pelosi and Schumer would not need anyone to tell them GO AWAY or step aside. They would do so themselves gracefully and allow others their opportunity.

Instead, until Pelosi and Schumer are declared clinically dead with no heartbeat at all – forget about a brain wave test they failed that long ago – these two the Abbott & Costello of Congress will still be in Power when they are 100.

I am here to sound the clarion call this week – IT IS TIME FOR CHANGE.

These episodes – week after week – provide a deep dive into reality that readers will not find anywhere else – proven yet again by this year’s year END episode. Go ahead, do an extensive online search. You will find no other media story like this proclaiming the absolute need to get rid of Pelosi and Schumer. You won’t!

It is beyond most of the media to be anything other than superficial and mindless in their reporting, along with KISSING up to what appears to be power, especially when it comes to so-called Democratic Party leadership.

When will you ever see anything like this in The New York Times? NEVER, NEVER, NEVER! In fact, after the SHEEP in Congress re-elect Pelosi and Schumer to their misbegotten “leadership” on Sunday, fully expect The Times and much of the media to heap piles of praise on these two DEPLORABLES.

I will NOT give in, and neither should you. We must not abandon HOPE even in the face of a seemingly hopeless situation. It is why I feature …

Congress member Ray Lujan and U.S Senator Amy Klobuchar at the head of this episode.

Now Assistant Speaker, Latino American Ray Lujan is an excellent choice to be elected SPEAKER on Sunday to replace Nancy Pelosi, and impressive U.S. Senator Amy Klobuchar – who would have been elected Vice President if Black lives did not matter – should replace Chuck Schumer as Minority or Majority Leader in the Senate depending on the Georgia outcome.

Neither is radical, both are Progressive and widely respected, and they would be expected to serve ALL of us well during the Biden Administration for the next four years.

But Lujan and Klobuchar are just two very good choices among many others in both chambers of Congress who would be excellent choices to replace Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer on Sunday.

Very unfortunate, for the nation and all of us once again, we do NOT live in normal world, but one characterized by institutional CORRUPTION. In a normal world, Pelosi and Schumer would have had to try and prove themselves. In a normal world, during November and December, we would have witnessed a spirited campaign among various individuals seeking to challenge Pelosi and Schumer for these leadership positions.

Instead, both Pelosi and Schumer used their ABSOUTE POWER over their fellow Democrats in Congress to put the FEAR of False Gods into all potential challengers not to even think about it.

This is the pathetic REALITY of the Democratic Party as 2021 is about to begin.

PRAY the rest of us find a way to create a BETTER Democratic Party.

And best wishes for a COVID free rewarding 2021 from my publisher and myself.

(This series dedicated in honor of the late Liu Xiaobo & Jamal Khashoggi)


EDITOR’S NOTE: About The Writer: Arthur Piccolo is a professional writer and commentator and often writes about Latin America for New Americas.

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