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News Americas, NEW YORK, NY, Fri. June 16, 2023: Jamaican emcee and dancehall great Yellow Man is marking a milestone.

His iconic Dancehall masterpiece, ‘Zunggunzungguguzungguzeng,’ marks its 40th anniversary this month! Back in June 1983, Greensleeves Records seized the opportunity to release a timeless LP featuring the hottest emcee in reggae and dancehall, Yellowman.

Born Winston Foster, the lyrical genius had already made waves in 1982 with chart-topping hits like “I’m Getting Married,” “Duppy Or Gunman,” and “Lost Mi Love.” When the single “Zunggunzungguguzungguzeng” hit the streets, it instantly became a sensation, solidifying its place in the early dancehall sound on record. This massive track remains a classic in both reggae and dancehall genres, boasting nearly 37 million streams on Spotify alone and dominating Yellowman’s streaming catalog.

The LP, also titled Zunggunzungguguzungguzeng, naturally followed the success of the single, targeting the global market. Produced by the legendary Henry Junjo Lawes and backed by the talented Roots Radics band, the ten-track album features remarkable rub-a-dub collaborations (many with Fathead) that embody the essence of dancehall.

These tracks pay homage to the early reggae and rocksteady eras, incorporating familiar elements from classic songs. For instance, the title track draws inspiration from Alton Ellis’ “Mad Mad,” “Rub A Dub A Play” references Vin Gordon’s “Heavenless,” “Who Can Make The Dance Ram” incorporates the nursery rhyme “Three Blind Mice,” “Yellowman Wise” is reminiscent of Derrick Harriott’s “Solomon,” and “Take Me To Jamaica” echoes The Heptones’ “Get In The Groove.” The entire album serves as a testament to Yellowman’s exceptional talent and showcases a timeless blend of emcee skills and captivating versions.

Listen to it here:

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