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NYPD officers look on at the J’ouvert Parade in Brooklyn, NY. (Photo by Wendell Teodoro/Getty Images)













A NAN First

News Americas, NEW YORK, NY, Weds. Aug. 31, 2016: Its New York Caribbean Carnival time in Brooklyn, NY again and some of New York’s finest are once more taking to private message boards to rant about the parade and West Indians immigrants in general, News Americas Now has found.

A NAN check of Rant dot com, a site popular with current and retired cops on Tuesday, August 30th found a posting by one ‘Officer Joe Bolton’ titled “West Indian Day Death Pool.”

The posting urged others on the board to “place their bets” as the “the mayhem is about to start.”

“So what will be the final numbers for the 2016 celebration of a beautiful culture?  This includes J’ouvert and the parade.  This years categories are as follows:

DOA’s (includes all methods of demise)

Non-fatal categoryStabbings




Toss of roof

A$$ stomping,” Bolton said.

‘Officer Joe’ even added his own picks:

“DOA’s (includes all methods of demise) = 3

Non-fatal category

Stabbings = 4

*Shootings = 6

Bludgeoning = 2

Vehicular = 1

Toss of roof = 1

A$$ stomping = 5.”

Others put in their bets while a poster named “Broom” wrote: “Like last year, hoping for one politician catching a stray round; maybe two! That would be nice!.”

While HUD posted: “Worked this mess of a shiteshow more years than I can count. Looking at the calendar, it looks like I’ll be making my triumphant return. I love how the liberals almost defiantly insist on defending this planned riot, year after year. It’s only been the last couple of years that the media actually draws a connection between this mess and the mayhem and body count that comes with it. It took social media, like the story about our “I Hate the West Indian Parade” FB page, to shame them into it.”

Still others took time out to slam New York City’s Mayor Bill De Blasio and his family.

“The DeblASSholes won’t miss an opportunity to make fools of themselves. Besides, it’s the only parade that allows them to smoke weed openly,” wrote ‘SgtSupaPimp.’

To which ‘Broom’ added: “Those zips never miss a chance at being BUFFOONS!” under the picture below.

A poster posted this image of the De Blasio family under the comment: ““Those zips never miss a chance at being BUFFOONS!”

The West Indian Day Death Pool post was not alone. A posting titled “London’s Version of the West Indian Day Parade” by a member nicknamed “itwasntme”  was also eliciting many negative feedback on the parade, West Indians and immigrants in general.

The member, reacting to a Daily Mail article that reported that six people were stabbed at the Nottinghill Carnival, added his own message with the link that stated: “Seems like our blue brothers across the pond have their own “jou’vert, and W.I.D. Parade” and the associated Mayhem that accompanies these “Open air Festivals” I salute those fellas. God bless them for doing a thankless job with nothing more than a badge and a baton. Check out the pics.”

The posting elicited several comments from others on the board that ranged from not just reaction to the posting but to blatant stereotyping of immigrants.

“By them Pics, it’s confirmed NY got all the shyt ++#%$!% highly from the barrels bottom,” commented ‘ Retirementisthebestjob.’

‘Realscu’ took it a step further by posting: “The developed nations need to correct these problems now or the entire planet will be third world sooner than later. They are turning developed nations into the same third world garbage cans they fled. Borders need to be closed and let these people kill each other in their home lands.”

While ‘899XXX and Retired’ agreed, went further still, stating: “That’s what someone suggested a long time ago.   Make safe havens in their country.  Why bring these savages, animal, sub humans to the civilized world??  In the end, it would be less expensive. Even a broken clock is right twice a day.”

This is not the first time New York cops have been found to be making derogatory and even racist comments on the carnival, the largest in North America.

In 2011, the New York Times found a “No More West Indian Day Parade Detail” Facebook group for NYPD officers  with over 70 pages worth of racist, violent comments directed at parade goers (including “Let them kill each other”).

At the time, one commentator referred to working the parade detail as “ghetto training,” while another recommended relocating the parade “to the zoo.”

Still another at the time added: ““For the record, most of the participants at the West Indies Day Parade are fvcking savages who walked out from the jungle 2 minutes ago” and another posted: “It’s always an ugly event!”

The group at the time had described itself as a meeting place for “NYPD officers who are threatened by superiors and forced to be victims themselves by the violence of the West Indian Day massacre” and was created in September 2011. It vanished after the December 2011 story which was given to the Times by lawyers Benjamin Moore and Paul Lieberman.

While doing an online search, Moore and Lieberman discovered that the arresting officer of their client at the time, Tyrone Johnson, who was arrested hours before the parade and acquitted of the gun charges in November 2011, belonged to the group.

This year, the West Indian American Day Carnival Parade turns 49 and continues to draw millions to the city making it a major economic earner even though there is no recent impact study to quantify the numbers.

More than 4,000 officers are set to patrol the event which continues to be wrongly blamed for all the crime that occurs on the Labor Day weekend at other events near the Parade route in Brooklyn, including the unrelated, J’Ouvert ole mas festivity.

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