The Caribbean Athletes Participating In Rio 2016

rio-2016-Usain St. Leo Bolt-with-favelas-kids
Bolt leads his young fans in doing the lightning bolt in Rio, Brazil. (Photo: Facebook)
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rio-2016-Usain St. Leo Bolt-with-favelas-kids
Bolt leads his young fans in doing the lightning bolt in Rio, Brazil. (Photo: Facebook)












By NAN Sports Editor

News Americas, NEW YORK, NY, Fri. Aug. 5, 2016: While all eyes are on Caribbean Olympian Usain St. Leo Bolt to see if he can make history at Rio 2016 and win a third set of gold medals, there are several other athletes from across the region who will be competing after the curtains come up on the Summer Olympics in Rio in Brazil in just two days – Friday, August 5th.

There are 396 athletes from 20 nations in the Caribbean who will compete at the 2016 Summer Games. Here is the list of athletes and nations from the region participating – from those with most to those with the least:


Cuba is sending the most athletes of any Caribbean nation to the Olympics with a whopping 115 across a number of sports including track and field, rowing, boxing, fencing, Canoe sprint, Table tennis, gymnastics, cycling, wrestling and judo. They include:

Roniel Iglesias, Dayron Robles, Richer Perez, Yulenmis Aguilar, Yirisleydi Ford, Pedro P. Pichardo, Erislandy Savon, Reinier Estpinan, Leinier Eunice Pero, Yoandry Iriarte Galvez, Reidis Ramos, Lisneidy Veitia, Yosvani Gonzalez Nicolas, Osniel Cecilio Rendon Gonzalez, Reinier Rojas Cohimbra, Denia Caballero, Jhoanis Portilla, Elisbet Gamez, Dianelys Perez,  Joahnys Argilagos, Jorge  Lazaro  Alvarez, Licet Hernandez, Maricet Espinosa, Angel Fournier Rodriguez, Andy Pereira, Miguel Angel Lopez Castro, Darienn Ferrer Delis, Arlen Lopez, Yaime Perez, Liosbel Hernandez,  Darienn Ferrer Delis, Yordan L. O´Farril, Alexander Molerio Quintana, Osniel Lazaro Melgarejo Hernandez and Javier Jimenez Scull.


The second most contingent of athletes at the Olympics will be from Jamaica with 59 athletes. They include: Usain Bolt, Shelly-Ann Fraser-Pryce, Natoya Goule, Nickel Ashmeade, Daina Levy, Simoya Campbell, Timothy Wynter, Peter Matthews, Roxroy Cato, Shanieka Thomas, Ristananna Tracey, Atkinson Alia, Yona Knight-Wisdom and Stephanie Ann Mcpherson.

Puerto Rico

Despite its debt burden, Puerto Rico is fielding a whopping 42 athletes to Rio 2016. They include: Erik Risolvato, Stephanie  Enright, Aurea Cruz, Yarimar Rosa, Shara Venegas, Brian Afanador, Jeyvier Jesus Cintron, Karina Ocasio, Debora Seilhamer, Vilmarie Mojica, Lely Berlitt Burgos Ortiz, Melissa Mojica, Yarimar Mercado Martinez, Brian Afanador and Maria Perez.

The Bahamas

The Bahamas has 32 athletes competing in the fields of track and field, swimming and rowing.

They are as follows:

Track & Field: Shaunae Miller, Donald Thomas, Michael Mathieu,  Tynia Gaither, Demetrius Pinder, Steven Gardiner, Leevan Sands, Steven Gardiner, Leevan Sands, Anthonique Strachan, Shavez Hart, Pedrya Seymour, Trevor Barry

Sheniqua Ferguson, Jeffery Gibson, Stephen Newbold, Bianca Stuart, Latario Collie-Minns, Christine Amertil, Teray Smith, Devynne Charlton, Chris Brown, Jamial Rolle, Adanaca Brown, Carmiesha Cox, Adrian Griffith, Lanece Clarke, Alonzo Russell, Jamal Wilson and Shaquania Dorsett.

Swimming: Arianna Vanderpool-Wallace, Dustin Tynes and Joanna Evans.

Rowing: Emily Morley

Trinidad & Tobago

The twin-island Republic of Trinidad & Tobago is also fielding 32 athletes to Rio. They include: Richard Thompson, Jereem Richards, Khalifa St Fort, Renny Quow, Marcus Duncan, Semoy Hackette, Dylan Carter, George Bovell Iii, Andrew Lewis, Michelle-Lee Ahye, Kyle Greaux and Felice Chow.

The Dominican Republic

The DR has 29 athletes in the Olympics in the fields of track & field, tennis, swimming, cycling, weight lifting, Equestrian, Taekwondo, archery boxing and shooting. They include: Jhonny Perez Urena, Eduardo Jose Lorenzo, Hector Luis Garcia, Leonel De Los Santos Nunez, Luis Alberto Garcia Brito, Stanly Del Carmen, Yon Soriano, Yvonne Losos De Muniz, Katherine Julissa, Rodriguez Peguero and Juander Santos.


Barbados has 12 competing in track & field, swimming, shooting

Triathlon: Jason Wilson

Swimming: Lani Cabrera and Alex Sobers

Shooting: Michael Maskell

Track & Field: Kierre Beckles, Tia-Adana Belle, Levi Cadogan, Sada Williams, Ramon Gittens, Akela James, Burkheart Ellis Jr. Kierre Beckles

Tennis: Darian King


Haiti has 10 athletes in the Olympics. They are: Darrell Wesh, Mulern Jean, Naomy Hope Grand Pierre, Frantz Dorsainvil, Richardson Hitchins, Josue Deprez, Edouard Joseph, Aniya Necol Louissaint, Jeffrey Julmis and Asnage Castelly.

Antigua & Barbuda

Antigua and Barbuda has nine athletes participating in Rio 2016. Seven are participating in track and field events and there are two swimmers on the team. They are:

Track & Field: Daniel Bailey, Miguel Francis, Priscilla Frederick, Cejhae Greene, Jared Jarvis, Tahir Walsh and Chevaughn Walsh.

Swimming:  Samantha Roberts and Noah Mascoll-Gomes.

Saint Kitts/Nevis

Saint Kitts has seven athletes in Rio. They are: Kim Collins, Allistar Clarke, Lestrod Roland, Antoine Adams, Brijesh Lawrence, Tameka Williams and Jason Rogers.


Aruba has seven athletes competing in the sports of judo, swimming, taekwondo and sailing. They are:

Swimming: Mikel Schreuders and Allyson Ponson.

Sailing: Philipine van Aanholt, Nicole van der Velden and Thijs Visser

Judo: Jayme Mata

Taekwondo: Monica Pimentel Rodriquez


Bermuda also has a contingent of seven at the Olympics. They are as follows:

Track & Field: Tyrone Smith, Harold Houston,

Triathlon: Flora Duffy

Rowing: Michelle Pearson

Swimming: Rebecca Heyliger and Julian Fletcher

Sailing: Cecilia Wollmann and Cameron Pimentel

The U.S.V.I.

The U.S.V.I. has seven athletes in the summer Olympics as well. They are: Cy Thompson, Caylee Watson, Rexford Tullius, Laurent Jr., Clayton Laverne, Jones-Ferrette, Eddie Lovett and Muhammad Abdul Halim.


The CARICOM South American nation of Guyana has six athletes competing. They are: Brenessa Thompson, Troy Doris, Aliyah Abrams, Jamila Sanmoogan, Hannibal Gaskin and George Winston.


Grenada also has six athletes representing the Spice Isle. They are: Kirani James, Oreoluwa Cherebin, Corey Ollivierre, Kanika Beckles, Bralon Taplin and Kurt Felix

The Cayman Islands

The Cayman Islands also has a five-member team to the Olympics as follows:

Track & Field: Kemar Hyman and Ronald Forbes

Swimming: Geoffrey Butler and Lara Butler

Sailing: Florence Allan

St. Lucia

The Caribbean island of Saint Lucia also has five athletes at the Olympics. They are: Jordan Augier, Stephanie Lovell, Jeanelle Scheper, Jahvid Best and Levern Spencer.


Suriname also has five athletes in the 2016 Olympics. They are: Yigal Kopinsky, Soren Opti, Renzo Tjon-A-Joe, Evita Leter And Jurgen Themen.

British Virgin Islands

The BVI has four athletes as follows:

Track & Field: Tahesia Harrigan-Scott, Eldred Henry and Ashley Kelly.

Swimming: Elinah Phillip

Saint Vincent & The Grenadines

St. Vincent and the Grenadines is being represented by 4 athletes in Rio. They are: Izzy Joachim, Nikolas Sylvester, Brandon Valentine-Parris And Kineke Alexander.


Belize has only three athletes competing in the following fields:

Track & Field: Brandon Jones and Kathy Sealy

Judo: Renick James


Dominica rounds out the list with just two athletes in the games, the least of any Caribbean nation. They are: Thea Lafond And Yordanys Duranona.

Some 11,240 athletes from around the world will compete in Olympic Games in the South American nation.