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By Arthur Piccolo

News Americas, NEW YORK, NY, Mon. Mar. 11, 2024: Another name President Biden did not mention in his State of the Union speech is Alexander Hamilton, America’s greatest immigrant – of course from the Caribbean.


What becomes even more interesting in the context of this commentary is Hamilton’s relation to Haiti. Did I just say Haiti? YES!!!

This is where my proposed New Americas’ Strategy must begin. Hamilton played a singularly important American supportive role in Haiti’s fight for independence from France, which was rooted in a revolt of enslaved Blacks.

Hamilton’s recommendations helped shape the Haitian Constitution, and he advocated for closer economic and diplomatic ties between Haiti and the United States once Haiti became the first independent state in the Western Hemisphere with a majority black population in 1804. Had Hamilton not been murdered in July 1804, his impact much much much greater.

Alexander Hamilton would have guided Haiti to the same kind of relationships as proposed in the New Americas’ Strategy. Back then, Hamilton the genius of America’s financial system and economic prosperity, would have done the same for Haiti had he not been murdered in New Jersey in 1804. And it can be said today Haiti would be known as the first and very successful Black led revolutions and today one of the world’s great nations. 

What do we have today, is the grimmest of opposites. Haiti is in chaos and a failed state – the poorest and most ruthless and rule-less in the Western Hemisphere.

First things first. There can be no improvement, there can be no meaningful elections until the chaos ends which means neutralize the violent gangs.

The New Americas’ Strategy will in its very introduction – state that the United States will come to the immediate assistance of any nation involved in this new Strategy with whatever assistance is required, and in extraordinary  circumstances – boots on the ground and planes in the air,  only if necessary.

Right now, there is no one in control in Haiti except the gangs, and until the gangs are neutralized, there can be no one in control. We keep seeing reports about Haitians do not want foreign troops in Haiti? Since there is no authority to speak for Haitians except the gangs, who is going to refuse the offer?

Our coward President Biden wants to pay for sending ineffective disinterested African mercenaries to patrol Haiti, but will never ever send American troops. But these mercenaries will never neutralize the gangs.

Just as Hamilton would have, under the New Americas’ Strategy of 1804, the United States must neutralize the Haitian gangs now. That will be the easy part. The challenge for the U.S today with Haiti, and every other nation in Central America, South America and the Caribbean, will be how do we play a mutually beneficial role with each in full interactive partnership?

Put another way, if Alexander Hamilton was alive today, what would he do for and with each nation? Guaranteed if Hamilton was alive today, his job in the US accomplished, Hamilton would turn all his attention, energy and brilliance south of the United States border – country by country.

Core strategies will be vibrant political systems in each, and public safety as essential elements to move further with a viable currency and financial system, schools that work for all, vibrant entrepreneurial economies, a free media, courts that work and strong national identity. Quite a list to begin.

The United States cannot guarantee all of this in one nation – let alone all of them. That is not our role; it is to partner creatively, learning from successes and failures in each nation – but understanding as in Part 1,  the Americas’ need to be all seen in many ways as one vast sophisticated high tech state of the art network that will benefit all including the United States. Now with Artificial Intelligence built into the entire network, each nation can fully control its own relationship to the entire network and the U.S.

The structure of the State Dept., explored in Part 1, will play another  essential role in the New Americas’ Strategy working well – and better with each new day.

Again, this is a commentary – not the business plan for the New Americas’ Strategy – which of course will be very detailed and constantly updated and revised in partnership with AI. Here are two real life examples.

The state Venezuela is in, and specifically its threat to annex a part of Guyana.

Venezuela’s access to the entire united network will be tremendously impacted and destabilizing to the current regime – more than today. And as far as Venezuela attacking Guyana, the network would be fully opposed.

The New Americas’ Strategy and immigration to the United States.

First if the Strategy works, far fewer individuals and families will want to come north. What the network will allow for is anyone – if they want and how much they want – to electronically plug into the network. Each South American, Central American, and Caribbean woman and man – as early as young adults – will be able to choose from a long menu of options, including not only applying for entry to the United States but to be listed with various companies in U.S. – needing various kinds of skilled employees, etc. etc.

Yes, Haiti can be saved and prosper but this is unfortunately not likely with either Biden or Trump in The White House.

This is all way beyond their comprehension. On the other hand, when Alexander Hamilton joined General Washington the prospects for that Revolution looked bleak.

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