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By NAN Business Editor

News Americas, NEW YORK, NY, Fri. May 13, 2016: When it comes to most female managers across the globe, several Caribbean and Latin American nations definitely take the top spots. Here are the nations in this region with the most women in middle to upper management anywhere:

1:  Jamaica

With 59.3 percent women in managerial posts, the Caribbean nation of Jamaica takes the top spot globally according to data from the International Labor Organization presented at the recent World Economic Forum in Davos.

2: Colombia

Coming in at number two, is the South American nation of Colombia with 53.1 percent women bosses. In Colombia there are 4 percent of women in top 500 companies, higher than in the US and world average.

3: Saint Lucia

Taking the number three spot is St. Lucia with 52.3 percent women in managerial posts.

4: Panama

The Central American nation of Panama was fourth with 47.4 percent women occupying managerial posts.

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5: Guatemala

Coming in at number five is the Central American nation of Guatemala which has 44.8 percent women in managerial posts.

6: The Bahamas

The Bahamas rounded out the top list globally with 44.4 percent women in middle to top management posts.




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