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By Arthur Piccolo

News Americas, NEW YORK, NY, Fri. Mar. 1, 2019: Here is a “great” way for Democrats to re-elect Donald Trump …

Support ridiculous impossible to implement divisive campaign proposals! That yes may win over just enough primary voters to win the nomination and insure their defeat in November. It has a name – PYRRIC VICTORY!

Let me begin with a timely lead in to the specific issue that got my attention and is this episode’s theme. Reparations is an example of a far wider theme the ability of so-called Democrats to defeat themselves and re-elect Trump.

This week we just witnessed another glaring example the so-called Michael Cohen hearings especially by the House Oversight Committee.

A comical spectacle in which Democrats in Congress fool themselves into believing they are destroying Donald Trump by having a “STAR” (sic) witness a Complete S _ _ _  B_ _  SB for short and convicted felon on his way to prison for lying to Congress and many other crimes but presented by the Congressional Democrats as The Oracle of Truth & Wisdom.

Augmented in full force by the likes of the Comedy News Network (CNN) which was out in full force with so many of their “expert” commentators lined up together it was difficult to fit them all on any TV screen.

Led by the likes of Head Clowns like Wolf Blitzer but so many others it amounted to the largest gathering of Clowns in one place at one time in all of Clown history. They were all jumping with joy, cheering Cohen’s every duplicitous lie, high 5ing each other and coming out of their pants ..

Convinced this is the END of President Donald Trump. Finally!!!

Here is the point Dear Readers ….

This Circus accomplished nothing except FOOL Democrats. NO body cared or watched nor should they have believed this Con Man except political Junkies both Democrats and Republicans plus those of us who must. All of the politicos have already made up their minds about Trump for or against.

Most Americans did not watch or care. Specifically swing voters who will decide who is elected President in 2020. Why it is damaging for Democrats is that it has the so-called leaders in Congress wrapped up in this idiocy that they do not focus on doing a job in Congress Americans care about.

Yes, this useful introduction finally brings me to REPARATIONS as another example of a key flaw among Democrats that can re-elect Donald Trump

Some of the announced Democratic candidates for President have begun announcing they favor the government giving African Americans alive today monetary reparations for the crime of Slavery back up until the Civil War.

Here is the very, very big problem.

It is never going to happen but to the extent voters believe it might if a Democrat is elected President it might and can lose a lot of votes. I could probably write a thesis on this subject, but I won’t. Just stay with a few points but again reparations is simply a useful example of a much larger class of issues that can be used as extremely useful wedge issue by Donald Trump and the Republican Party to re-elect Trump President.

One trap has already arisen for these Democratic candidates. Why only African Americans what about Native American who were the victims of genocide led by President Andrew Jackson one of Trump’s heroes. His portrait displaced prominently in the Oval Office.

So now those candidates who favor reparations – their names don’t matter – have logically been forced to agree of course Native Americans also deserve reparations for crimes against them. So far so good? Well what about all the Chinese who were treated just like slaves brought here from China on false pretenses in the 19th century to build the trans-continental U.S. railroad system. Also terrible crimes against an entire class of individuals.

How about the outrageous internment of Japanese American citizens? Of course, Japanese Americans deserve reparations too. What about all the Latinos who occupied territory seized by the American government some butchered many more evicted from their lands to create more U.S. states.

How about Jews in America long discriminated against? And likewise, it is well documented early Irish and Italian and other early immigrants’ groups were horribly abused and suffered terrible discrimination.

Don’t all of their descendants deserve some reparations be it less for some than others? Can we exclude women as a class and all who are handicapped too yet more massive discrimination throughout American history?

Does this sound farcical yet. It should not the horrors of slavery, genocide, internment, bigotry, etc. etc. all well documented? The farce is NOT providing reparations to the individuals who suffered these crimes but paying it to other generations later. The farce is that virtually every class of Americans will have to be included be it at different levels. The farce is for these payments to have any useful meaning it would likely cost more than the entire federal budget all by itself and bankrupt the nation.

How about the many who are doing very well today in America as a result of the suffering of their ancestors do even the well-off get reparations too?

I took this long on this subject which is going nowhere because by being rhetorically theatrical here I am highlighting the much larger problem.

Democrats are very capable of LOSING to Trump. By beating themselves just as they did in 2016 with the candidate from Hell Hillary Clinton.

So here is a lesson for the Democratic candidates who were trapped when asked about reparations and for those who will be …

“Reparation to me means righting the wrongs of prior crimes against entire classes of Americans most notably African Americans and Natives Americans but also many others. We cannot bring back the many dead who would clearly qualify for reparations. I wish we could. What we can do today and tomorrow is give adequate attention and resources to their descendants still struggling today, especially their communities …

If I am elected President, I will acknowledge the issue and the need for reparations and do so in a logically fair and useful way by addressing inequality in each form it takes and bring that message to the American people and disadvantage impoverished communities every day.”

FREE important advice for Democratic candidates for President.

While this particular campaign issue may be short lived fade away unless Trump decides to use it like he will socialism the point is as I addressed that issue last episode Democrats must not get trapped by him or Republicans.

Whether it is socialism, reparations, impeachment, immigration and on and on Democrats need to run on a meaningful vision for the future of America not be trapped in the past or false hopes or by wedge terminology.

We need a NEW Democratic Party, a SMARTER Democratic Party. That is the way to send Donald Trump packing in 2020. Even more …

This is the sway to create a far greater America for the 21st century.

Amen for this week until next.

(This series dedicated in honor of the late Liu Xiaobo & Jamal Khashoggi)


EDITOR’S NOTE: About The Writer: Arthur Piccolo is a professional writer and commentator and often writes about Latin America for New Americas. 

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