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Suckers Come Get Your Share

By Arthur Piccolo

News Americas, NEW YORK, NY, Fri. April 27, 2017: Everybody come get your share of Trump’s chump change.

Since we got our Trump 100 day episode out of the way a week before everyone else, we can move on to more important topics – like the complete FAILURE of Donald Trump as President ….

As proven by his new scam – so called tax reform and everything else! What we are seeing most of all is Trump’s mindless BLUSTER combined with a so called Presidency quickly descending further into Republican “normalcy” – meaning work for the RICH and crumbs for everyone else or …

CHUMP change as I prefer and a good headline for this week’s episode.

But first as I promised, I would not want to completely ignore the former Hypocrite-in-Chief, the Dishonorable Barack Obama. No, no, no…

After a THREE month vacation with the very rich and very famous at some of the most exotic and expensive places on Earth, he and Michelle are back in their very pampered version of the Real World in pursuit of what they like best – money, money, money! The Hypocrite-in-Chief is making sure to keep his title by accepting a $400,000 fee to make a speech to one of the very large Wall Street firms – no need to give them a plug here.

I must admit I am surprised that its ONLY $400,000 for 45 minutes of mindless useless chatter; I expected Barack would be demanding more. This is only the first of many, many so called speeches he will give here there and everywhere. Just wait until he starts working the Middle East and Chinese “circuit;” there he will surely get $1 Million PLUS for each so called speech.

It is difficult for me to describe how pathetic Barack Obama still is. If Donald Trump was not a mindless moron, Obama would make him look good by comparison but that is not going to happen so let’s get back to him.

How about President Donald Trump’s ridiculous income tax reform plan? Or as The New York Times banner headline described it on Thursday …


BIG surprise to no one unless you are one of the Trump Junkies who think Donald Trump is their Savior. Very few of them read Trump’s America. There are a few who do try to overcome their addiction, Bless Them!

As for this so called Tax Plan which begins by proposing lowering “the highest business tax rate in the world” to 15% … Why does the STUPID media even print and broadcast that nonsense. I guess I answered my own question.

Now here is the reality; the REAL tax rate most companies pay is the lowest in any of the so called advanced nations. Only business idiots with brain dead accountants pay the 35% rate. Indeed, as you already know, some of the most profitable U.S. companies like General Electric often pay NO corporate income tax and adding insult, some of them also claim huge tax credits that has the government writing then big checks instead.

Making it even better, Trump is going to allow lots of the SUPER rich who are not currently able to use “carried interest” to drastically lower their tax bills for one reason or another to have a NEW way to do so; transforming personal income into business profits that would then be taxed at just 15%.

And best of all, various tax experts have figured out without much difficulty, the various tax proposal Trump has announced – no SURPRISE – will benefit one industry most of all. Yes that is right, REAL ESTATE. No wonder it is the TRUMP tax plan. Why shouldn’t he take care of himself most of all?

I know, I know, I know! The deal is Trump is going to end all these loopholes and he is going to create millions and millions of new high paying long-term jobs for Americans and he is going to eliminate the North Korean threat and build a make believe wall on the Mexican border!

Donald Trump is nothing but a rich IDIOT who let me say it again, only got elected President for one and only one reason – he won the all time POWER Ball lottery big prize – Hillary Clinton was Trump’s Democratic opponent. And even with that incredible luck he was still sure he was going to lose.

Let’s see what else has Trump done so far?

That’s right he spent $100 MILLION dropping some 59 Tomahawk missiles on a Syrian airfield that had absolutely no impact on Syria and dropped the “mother of all bombs” in Afghanistan. In return, the rebels slaughtered 200 or more Afghan soldiers. Real good!

What else? Trump wined and dined the Chinese dictator at Mar-a-Lago and in return, his Chinese guest told him, don’t mess with the North Korea Mad Man or else and Trump said: ‘Yes Sir, I will do whatever you wish.’

What else? Yes, Trump has used executive orders to gut various federal department programs that are useful to middle class and poor Americans, the environment, farmers  and American diplomacy and others.

And we can’t forget reports are that President Donald Trump conducted a successful Ester Egg Roll at The White House. Not surprising since the age of the audience was in line with his personal level of intelligence.

So now if you ever had any doubt, you know what President Donald Trump has in store for all the rest of us not rich like him. We all get …

CHUMP Change! Come and get it; lots of it for the next 4 years!

Arthur-Piccolo-ObamasAmerica EDITOR’S NOTE: About The Writer: Arthur Piccolo is a professional writer and commentator and often writes about Latin America for New Americas.


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