Trump’s America –Episode #153 – Bloomberg’s Plantation

Welcome To Michael Bloomberg’s World (That’s Bloomberg In Black Suit & Hat)
SANDALS Resorts (300 x 250)

By Arthur Piccolo


News Americas, NEW YORK, NY, Fri. Jan. 10, 2020: Way back when Official Slavery existed here in America there was a common term used among African Americans enslaved on plantations …

“HOUSE NEGRO” …. Definition – reserved for those Slaves on any planation who kissed up to the White Owner and lorded over their fellow Slaves doing their “masters” bidding.


They got the “best” (sic) Slave jobs working inside The Master’s Big House and not getting treated to as much abuse as the other Slaves.

Of course, the Other Slaves had nothing but contempt for these “house negroes.”  The term did not die with the end of Official Slavery and so-called Emancipation. It continued to be used within the Black community right up until today to label African Americans who still served “white masters” at the expense of their African American brothers and sisters.

It was and is not cool for Whites to use the term. I have occasionally in Trump’s and Obama’s America referred to “House Negroes.”

Which believe it or not brings me to Michael Bloomberg and this week’s episode – the first of 2020 after a forced two week “vacation” without pay.

It is good to be back. I missed you all. I hope you missed me.

Master and slaves the game goes on in different forms.

The Great White Father will save us all. He will sacrifice himself for the sake of us all and take on the burdens of the Presidency for us.

Glory to God Above; THANK you for giving us Michael Bloomberg!

He is truly a Great Man; he will even SACRIFICE billions of $$ of his fortune – not on more homes or planes or yachts – but BIILLIONS if necessary, of his hard-earned Super Fortune TO SAVE ALL OF US, AND AMERICA TOO.

Let me say it again, Glory to God Above for bringing us Michael Bloomberg. But Lord are we worthy of One so Great? Do we deserve Michael Bloomberg?

I have my doubts. In fact, I know we are NOT SLAVES living on BS Michael Bloomberg’s “benevolent” PLANTATION. Not yet anyway.

Our job Dear Lord is to make sure this Rich Clown, this self-important Buffoon, does not get the Democratic Party nomination for President.

Yes, ARE YOU READY? I am going to coin a new term right here, right now for my readers and the entire nation – SIAB. It is a label for Michael Bloomberg and so many other super rich human failures – Self Important Air Bags.

WHY? Because most of us don’t want to live on his Plantation. Because Bloomberg has NOTHING to do with the future of the Party or our nation.

WHY? Because Bloomberg is a big part of the problem NOT the solution.

The only thing worse than nominating Bloomberg to run against Trump in 2020 would be to pick the military FRAUDSTER Pete Buttigieg.

What makes Michael Bloomberg so BAD? It is not him personally as much as what he represents – PLANTATION SOCIETY …

The SUPER Rich like Bloomberg already control all the wealth and power. The only thing worse would be one of them as President, masquerading as “one of us.” At least with President Trump we know he is NOT “one of us.”

Every day Trump makes it clear his constituents are the Rich & Powerful and he convinces enough of us – NOT ME and I hope not my readers – that the CRUMBS from their golden tables are good enough for the “rest of us.”

With Bloomberg, we have a guy who might – and I hope the odds are terrible for him. But the ONLY way he could ever get the Democratic nomination is BY BUYING IT, by spending massively hundreds of millions $$, even a billion $$ or more – way, way more than ALL the other candidates combined.

NONE of his positions on issues separate him from lots of other candidates, the only thing that “distinguishes” (sic) him is that he is obscenely rich. Look at his ad blitz, how can you miss it? Even with all his money they have nothing more to tell us than the other candidates EXCEPT ….

He overwhelms the advertising by the other candidates combined because his ad campaign is more massive than any candidate in history and Michael Bloomberg is just getting started. Soon any TV or cable channel you turn on there will be BLOOMBERG TV, likewise the Internet and social media.


The money means nothing to him. He is worth over $40 BILLION. And he will make few more Billion $$ in 2020. He can spend $5-$10 BILLION on his campaign and he won’t even notice. He will make it all up in a year!

Do you understand the PROBLEM yet?

America is Michael Bloomberg’s PLANTATION and he is offering all of us the “opportunity” (sic) to become HIS nation of House Negroes.

There are three interrelated reasons why Michael Bloomberg is so DANGEROUS, in fact the most DANGEROUS candidate for President, and yes that even includes Donald Trump.

PRAY with me it does not happen. If Bloomberg somehow buys (not wins, BUYS) the nomination and even worse if he BUYS the Presidency …

1) That will DESTROY any remaining probably false hope that America is not completely owned and controlled by the 1/10th of 1% …

2) It will establish the pattern and create the roadmap for others as SUPER rich as Bloomberg to PERMANENTLY control the Presidency by simply being “kind enough” (double sic) to treat the rest of us like House Negroes and not just field Slaves – to be whipped and brutalized into submission.

But these are far from the CORE danger Bloomberg represents. It is  ..

3) OUR ONLY HOPE is to do something very different with Bloomberg and the other SUPER billionaires as in SUPER villains) that is …

Elect a REAL President who will FINALLY force these SIABs (Self Important Air Bags), to pay their FAIR SHARE rather than economically raping the rest of us and accumulating wealth they have no right to; certainly not in a fair democratic society where “all men and women are created EQUAL.”

Is Michael Bloomberg 40 BILLION times better than you or me? Is Michael Bloomberg 40 BILLION times more valuable to our nation than you or me? Does Michael Bloomberg work 40 BILLION times harder than you or me?

NO, NO and NO! All Michael Bloomberg does is what the other SUPER rich do – they use OUR laws and OUR tax system – both of which they CONTROL – against the rest of us, to STEAL far, far more than their FAIR share.

It is us or them. It is time to TAX WEALTH or if you prefer … we can all become Michael Bloomberg’s House Negroes – Black, White. Latino, etc.

It is YOUR choice. Choose well!

 (This series dedicated in honor of the late Liu Xiaobo & Jamal Khashoggi)


EDITOR’S NOTE: About The Writer: Arthur Piccolo is a professional writer and commentator and often writes about Latin America for New Americas.