Trump’s America – Episode # 168 – ‘Enjoying’ COVID-19

Barack Obama On The Links

By Arthur Piccolo

News Americas, NEW YORK, NY, Sun. May 3, 2020: HYPOCRISY has so, so many friends …

Personally, I am not upset as much by Republican hypocrisy as that among Democrats and for a good reason; I am a Democrat and I care about integrity in the Democratic Party of which I am a member.

I have no special expectations for Republicans. They are the opposition, but here on the Democratic side, the TWO worst current examples of this hypocrisy are Former President Barack Obama and House Speaker Pelosi.

As for Obama, as I wrote about him week after week after week for the last 6 years of his Presidency, I never had any problem finding examples of his hypocrisy since his entire Presidency was an ode to Hypocrisy.

Barack Obama got himself elected President in 2008 for one reason he was so, so persuasive with his Silver Tongue, convincing so many of us and conning African Americans he would bring real CHANGE to America as President.

What did we get? TWO terms of his Status Quo Presidency – very, very modestly better than if the Republican had won, which says nothing since we had every reason to expect so much more based on Obama’s campaign rhetoric.

On closer examination, those like myself only have ourselves to blame for not taking a closer look at Barack Obama’s life of privilege from childhood, in which he used his Black skin as a brilliant marketing tool to join the White Elites among Democrats to take care of himself very well indeed.

In fact I “honor” Barack and Michelle with the title the ‘Black Kardashians!’

So, what happened last Saturday while we mere mortals were LOCKED DOWN? Barack Obama left his Washington, DC mansion, where he and his family were supposedly sheltering at home in luxury – NOT really ….

President Obama’s Secret Service entourage drove him in style in his bullet proof SUV along with his SS support vehicles into Virginia so Barack could play a round of golf, call golf what it is – SEX for him, – sorry Michelle – at the very exclusive country club, one of the various elegant courses where Obama  is a member across the land ….

Allow me to bring in a brand new media partner for the first time the well-respected politics journal, POLITICO to pick up the story here ..

SPOTTED: “Former President Barack Obama playing golf at Robert Trent Golf Club in Gainesville, Va., Saturday afternoon.” Can’t do much better than the POWER golf club Robert Trent Golf Club. Do not even dream of playing there guaranteed you do not qualify I do not have that kind of reader here.

In fact, to ensure the riff raff did not show up, President Obama and his golfing buddies seemed to be the only ones playing there Saturday. Surprise!

What an example of restraint and leadership for all the rest of us LOCKED DOWN and sheltering at home? Hypocrisy knows NO limits for Obama!

And there is more to the story compliments of Michelle …

To further ensure Barack’s complete privacy when playing golf and to make absolutely certain he would not encounter any African Americans, just very rich White guys who can add to the Obama’s ever-growing wealth …

Michelle recorded a “public service” (very funny) robocall phone announcement for African Americans in and around Washington, DC …

Michelle Obama: “Remember, we urge you to stay home except if you need essential healthcare, essential food or supplies or to go to your essential job.”


Michelle Obama: “Remember, we urge you to stay home except if you need essential healthcare, essential food or supplies or to go to your essential job.”

THAT’S RIGHT … do not even think of plying golf or any sport or else.

What PERFECT HYPOCRISY from both Barack and Michelle!

NOW Nancy, yes, it is your turn – you know I will never ever forget you.

Doing her part so well to ENJOY Covid-19, Pelosi was sheltering at home – sort of – in one of her mansions – this one in San Francisco and appearing on a late-night talk show explaining her absolute LOVE of gourmet ice cream.

As Speaker in Congress of course, Pelosi did much more for Americans than just talk about her LOVE of expensive ice cream chocolate too. Nancy gave us a virtual tour of her mega big very expensive stainless-steel super refrigerator where she has room for a year’s supply of designer ice cream.

WHO SAYS COVID-9 ISN’T FUN???? Only the Little People. The dumb pathetic poor deprived masses Pelosi must tolerate from afar … as FAR away as possible while Pelosi also owns a very large vineyard in Napa Valley, even more difficult for Commoners to get near than her gated SF super mansion.

Ice cream is not the only thing on Nancy’s mind; no, no, no avoiding the House of Representatives returning to Washington to WORK is another priority.

Republicans had the OUTRAGEOUS right-wing brain-dead proposal that both the Senate and the House should go back to WORK in DC., on May 4, 2020. Because GET THIS GOP PROPOGANDA ….

Why? Because the nation is in the midst of its worst crisis since World War 2 if not even worse and the Republicans – they have NO credibility at all – thought it would be a GOOD IDEA for Congress to be in session.

 WHAT? Are they crazy in Washington? Together Democrats and Republicans maybe wearing face masks too and WORKING together to bring an end to the Covid-19 pandemic. HILLARIOUS!!!!!! RIDICULOUS!!!

Well, Nancy Pelosi put an end to this RADICAL idea almost immediately, even if she might make use of her luxury U.S. government jet to go back and forth all the time between SF to DC for other reasons, NOT work of course.

Just for PROPAGANDA purposes like appearing on CNN most of all.

If Nancy and her Democrats get their way, and why wouldn’t they get their way? – they may delay their return to DC until at least September, maybe not come back at all until January 2021 for President Biden’s Inauguration!!!!

Let me end this episode with some historic inspiration for Pelosi and all the Congressional Democrats and why running away is a good idea by offering the Democratic Party hero Slave Master Thomas Jefferson’s exploits.

How Jefferson responded during the Revolutionary War while he was a delegate in Congress in Philadelphia. Word spread the British were planning an attack on Philadelphia. While all the other members of that first Congress ALL vowed to fight and risk their lives for our American cause …

ONLY one Thomas Jefferson gathered his slaves and other possessions and got the hell out of Philadelphia as fast as he could to HIDE and Jefferson was never seen again in harm’s way. He stayed under cover until the War’s end.

Obama, Pelosi, Jefferson – What great role models for HYPOCRISY.

 What would America do without them? MUCH, MUCH BETTER!!!!

(This series dedicated in honor of the late Liu Xiaobo & Jamal Khashoggi)


EDITOR’S NOTE: About The Writer: Arthur Piccolo is a professional writer and commentator and often writes about Latin America for New Americas.