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By Arthur Piccolo

News Americas, NEW YORK, NY, Thurs. Dec. 24, 2020: In the most famous Christmas story of them all – Charles Dickins’ Christmas Carol, Scrooge finds redemption from his miserable life in the end. Unfortunately, there seems like no such happy ending awaiting our 21st century Scrooge – President Donald J. Trump – one of the most miserable individuals to ever walk this Earth at least here in America.

Trump, unlike the original Scrooge, will be a bitter old man on Christmas Day 2020.

His Christmas gift to all of us is the lesson that we must never, NEVER ever elect a pathetic Clown like Donald Trump President ever again. A man consumed with nothing except himself; who views the Presidency of the United States as just another way of advancing the sick Trump brand.

We have had terrible Presidents of the United States, and sadly only a few great Presidents, but none less qualified than Donald Trump. His second gift to us, also unintentional, is LOSING his attempt to win a second term – which may well have been scarier than the first term for our nation.

Trump’s most notable “accomplishment” (sic) was to use the Presidency to turn Twitter into a nuclear weapon to savage anyone and anything his very warped mind did not like and wanted to destroy.

In Trump’s America, I have ignored Trump directly in many weekly episodes to concentrate on more important issues. There was not much to say about Trump that plenty of others did – over and over. I was focused on the pathetic nature of the so-called Democratic “leadership,” which provided the toxic environment that made Trump’s election, an impossibility, possible.

But now at the end, and especially for my Christmas 2020-episode, Trump is just too tempting not to give him what he so richly deserves – mockery for Christmas. Based most of all on Trump’s all-consuming passion for his own worthless self, that has him trying to cynically undermine the integrity of our elections – both for personal gain – and his hatred of himself as a LOSER.

Trump has in effect raised over $200 MILLION since Election Day, by making scandalous claims that he won the Presidency again. The Con-Man that Trump is, knew well how to raise lots of money by lying about the election.

Again, that is only half of it, even the lesser half of it. The even larger motivation for Trump’s outrageous behavior, more outrageous than ever since Election Day, is he must face the fact that he is a LOSER, and he can’t do it.

The worst moment in any “successful” Con Man’s life is the day he is finally exposed for the fraud he is; and while like a “successful” Con Man, Trump then tries to convince himself he can come back to his former glory. In Trump’s case, believe he run successfully for a second term in 2024 ……

Which he does not believe he can, and even 4 years older than he is already and so fat and out of shape with an unhealthy lifestyle, Trump could probably not be able to buy a life insurance policy, let alone run for President again.

Then again – as you know too well, Trump somehow won in 2016.

The rest of us must not be complacent; we must all unite in our determination, not only that Trump will NEVER be elected President again, but that all the rest of us who care about America’s future must be resolved that neither Trump himself, or anyone else  else as horrible and demented as Donald Trump is, ever again gets elected President of the United States

REMEMBER that successful Con Men like Trump are successful because there is some TRUTH in what they say and do, if not, they would never pull off their Con, especially on an entire nation.

Trump was right in some of his criticism of the government and its policies, and especially the failures of the Obama-Biden Administration. And in Congress, of the deplorables like Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer among many others.

And it is true Trump was savaged by most of the media and Democrats from the day he was elected in 2016, and Trump did the same in return.

Trump very likely would have been re-elected, if not for Covid-19, on the strength of the economy. And Trump did receive the second most votes for President in history in the November 2020 election.


And Donald Trump is a lifelong CON MAN. End of story.

In his desperate attempt to get attention at being rightfully ignored in recent weeks, he is now lashing out at tens of millions of suffering Americans and small businesses by refusing to sign the yes, flawed but absolutely necessary, second Covid-19 relief bill, because we must SUFFER for NOT re-electing Trump – who still claims this week he won a SECOND term.

Calling Trump SCROOGE is perfect logic. I envision him alone on Christmas Eve late at night, sitting alone in a dark Mar-a-Lago, cursing us all and thinking how he can SCREW the rest of us more in his few remaining days.

I hope Trump does not show up on January 20, 2021, for Joe Biden’s Inauguration. Donald Trump is NOT a REAL President and it would be an insult to our nation to see Trump sitting there. On January 20th Trump should be crawling back to Florida for the rest of his miserable life.

Donald Trump deserves to be known forever as: THE WORST PRESIDENT IN ALL OF AMERICAN HISTORY.

Merry Christmas President Scrooge, I mean, President Trump!

(This series dedicated in honor of the late Liu Xiaobo & Jamal Khashoggi)


EDITOR’S NOTE: About The Writer: Arthur Piccolo is a professional writer and commentator and often writes about Latin America for New Americas.

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