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By Arthur Piccolo

News Americas, NEW YORK, NY, Fri. Aug, 11, 2017:  Congratulations President Trump!

Three very big CHEERS for President Trump this week!

That’s right – after savaging him last episode I‘m congratulating him this week for 2 important reasons that go beyond my being highly critical of him.

The two reasons are this week, he said what needed to be said about North Korea and its nuclear threat to the United States. And the second reason is that the level of hatred of a wide swath of Trump critics is also dangerous.

At the Comedy News Network (CNN) and the Clowns there who misrepresent themselves as journalists and commentators, like wise MSNBC and many other places and including a swath of elected officials we witnessed this week – the “unbelievable” – all of them are taking North Korea and the Madman’s side because going after Trump is more important to them.

Since President Trump’s now famous quote earlier this week “to rain fire and fury on North Korea” in response to Madman Kim’s continuous threats to the Unites States –  we have watched the Low Life at CNN and elsewhere coming to the Nuclear Punk’s defense. Am I exaggerating? Not if you have actually been watching what they have been saying on CNN, MSNBC ever since and, yes, let’s not forget the ultimate ass kisser Charlie Rose!

Their words are preposterous, except they have ONLY one goal in life – demonizing Trump at any cost. Listen to them. North Korea only has nuclear weapons and ballistic missiles to deliver them because the United States is so bad to them. And that we should accept North Korea’s “right” to have those weapons and to point them at us. What are they talking about!

Want more ….

They go on if only we treated the Madman better. If only we gave him whatever he wants not to threaten us. And the Chinese are so much more logical and professional in how they respond to North Korea. RIGHT by making sure the Nuclear Punk has the resources he needed to make those weapons and the ICBMs too. What are they talking about?

What they are talking about is that anyone, anyone in their warped minds, is better than Trump – even a pathetic pathological murderer who murdered his own brother and uncle, enslaves his own people and who would love to kill millions of Americans. Nice Guy Kim North Korean terrorist!

All this “love” for Kim for one reason – because Donald Trump beat their girl badly –  the vicious unethical idiot who stole the Democratic nomination for President, who turned the State Dept, into a gold mine for herself and has the only known sex offender ever to be President hubby and Air Bag Bill.

This Dear Readers – all of them – are not quite as frightening as the Nuclear Punk in North Korea but the way the Democratic Party elites and their slimy partners in the media will target anyone they want who they see as standing in their way to keep control of The White House and all the power and loot that comes with it is also FRIGHTENING. Kim or NO Kim!
Trump is their target now but it could be you if you stand in their way.

How scary is it!. Enough so that I must come to President Donald Trump’s defense repeatedly even thought Trump should not and would not be President if these Clowns had not given us sicko Hillary Clinton.

Sorry. Wait a second let me not ignore the Loser President Barack Obama and his equally ridiculous wife Michelle. And let me add Susan Rice for a specific reason I will get to momentarily. In fact let me picture Barack & Michelle, Hillary & Bill and Susan all together right now on glitzy Martha’s Vineyard knocking Trump for going after Kim yes the 5 of them and other members of the Elites partying at the ultimate Clown Convention.

Which brings me to Susan Rice and her op-ed piece in The New York Times Thursday…

A piece of garbage she wrote that only the likes of New York Times or another Supreme Clown Jeff Bezos’ Washington Post would print.

Yes it is time to turn to The New York Times once again …..

Susan Rice’s op-ed … are you ready? … titled …

“It’s Not Too Late on North Korea”  .. read some of her nonsense yourself.

“North Korea’s substantial nuclear arsenal and improving intercontinental ballistic missile capacity pose a growing threat to America’s security. But we need not face an immediate crisis if we play our hand carefully.”

Did you get that?….

“But we need not face an immediate crisis if we play our hand carefully.”

Here is what she is leading up to her TRUMP ATTACK as follows …

“What is unprecedented and especially dangerous this time is the reaction of President Trump. Unscripted, the president said on Tuesday that if North Korea makes new threats to the United States, “they will be met with fire and fury like the world has never seen.” These words risk tipping the Korean Peninsula into war, if the North’s leader, Kim Jong-Un, believes them and acts precipitously.”

Susan Rice wants us to know the REAL threat is yes indeed Donald Trump.

Why is that so because President Trump unlike Susan Rice when she was Obama’s so called national security advisor and before that UN Ambassador and her Sad Sack Boss Barack Obama no matter what threats Madman Kim made they never called his bluff even “better” (sic) it was during the 8 years of the Obama Presidency that North Korea went from NO nuclear weapons and NO advanced missiles to PLENTY of both. Thank you Barack Obama !

Here is my posted comment in The Times today to Rice’s op-ed nonsense …

“Susan Rice ??? Who is Susan Rice to be giving advice about North Korea. She and President Obama completely FAILED to contain North Korea. During the 8 years of the Obama Administration North Korea created an arsenal of nuclear weapons and a delivery system it did NOT have at the start of the Obama Presidency because Obama did not confront this existential threat. Why ? Because he would have had to take responsibility for the consequences of doing something. That is not leadership ! “

“So what is Rice proposing now. “

“That we accept the North Korean threat rather than risk a military confrontation. Give her credit for being consistent and nothing else. Somebody should tell her that was the advice of some regarding Hitler.”

Allow me to give myself an ENCORE for the first time ever …

“So what is Rice proposing now?”
“That we accept the North Korean threat rather than risk a military confrontation. Give her credit for being consistent and nothing else. Somebody should tell her that was the advice of some regarding Hitler.”

That is very right  Rice’s so called advice is very much like what the appeasers in America and elsewhere said about Hitler on the late 1930s.

SHAME on Susan Rue and those like here and there are many almost all of the almost 1000 comments posted to her op-ed agree with her and use their posts to yes big surprise SAVAGE Trump and make apologies for Kim.

I am not going to quote any more of Susan Rice’s garbage that can only make the Madman even more dangerous if he believes apologists like her that Donald Trump is the real threat and many Americans like her agree with Kim that it is President Trump who must be “contained” not him.

Bit I must quote her last paragraph it is so, so ironic ..

“Rational, steady American leadership can avoid a crisis and counter a growing North Korean threat. It’s past time that the United States started exercising its power responsibly.”

That’s right Susan unlike her and her weak scared boss Former ( thank God ) President Barack Obama FINALLY President Trump is acting very responsibly so far in response to North Korea.

Trump’s verbal counter-attack to smash mouth Kim’s constant threats to the United States was right on target letting him know that if it even looks like he is about to attack the U.S. including Guam or our allies South Korea and Japan the America response will destroy him and his outlaw regime.

Yes the cost may be very high and hopefully will never happen but just like Hitler if left with no choice we must. With every passing day North Korea’s missile technology gets better and it adds even more nuclear weapons to its already large arsenal. Hydrogen bombs will be next on his list with even more destructive power to kill tens of millions of Americans and others.

That is what Susan Rice and the many like here who hate Trump at any cost would allow to happen let North Korea become an even bigger threat to not only the United States but the entire world and in the future Madman Dictator Kim being able to blackmail us forever more.

It is amazing to say so but in this crisis far better have Donald Trump as President standing up to Kim rather than Barack Obama or Hillary Clinton.

Our nation needs better than all three but right now better Trump than them.

(This entire series is dedicated in honor of Liu Xiaobo)

Arthur-Piccolo-ObamasAmericaEDITOR’S NOTE: About The Writer: Arthur Piccolo is a professional writer and commentator and often writes about Latin America for New Americas.

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