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Show Us The Money

By Arthur Piccolo

News Americas, NEW YORK, NY, Fri. Oct. 6, 2017:  It seems Secretary of State Rex Tillerson called his boss President Trump a “moron” recently and I was very tempted to make that very entertaining insight the subject of this episode – except I have something more important.

It appears the most corrupt place in the U.S. is the U.S. Congress. Surprise!

If your measure is guns or drugs and it should be, Congress does more to facilitate both gun violence and drug addiction than anyone in America.

I have said it before and will again – the worst forms of corruption are LEGAL.

Congress proves it again and again and again. It does not involve everyone in Congress; it does not have to – the majority will do nicely. Both the worst gun violence and the worst drug addiction are Congress’ responsibility.

The massacre in Las Vegas and the opioid crisis prove it. Both were made possible by Congress, whose members sell themselves to the highest bidder. The very well financed bidders here are the so called National Rifle Association and the countless lobbyists for the so called  legal drug industry.

Both “groups” shower, better yet FIRE hose millions upon millions of dollars of campaign contributions and other kinds of SPECIAL goodies on more members of Congress tha, you can shake a stick at while we should be shaking sticks of outrage at all of these so called public servants. Servants?

These members of Congress are only SERVANTS of the rich and powerful and we are their abused servants who pay a very heavy price. Fifty-nine Americans paid with their lives and over 400 were wounded or injured in Las Vegas this week only because Congress and President Trump and Obama before him ALLOWED sale of a device with no conceivable useful purpose …..

But it is a very deadly one; turning semi-automatic weapons which no American civilian needs, far more deadly with an add on attachment that makes it an automatic weapon and even easier to kill with.

These are the same feckless members of Congress who aided and abetted by U.S. Presidents  who passionately believe  Americans should be thrown in jail for using marijuana as one example but are A OK with them owning hundreds, even thousands of guns and rifles and assault weapons if they like and even devices to make them far more deadly.


Why not? The more the better.

What is the difference? MONEY lots of $$$$$ from the both gun and legal drug industry that sells addictive drugs because these members of Congress line up to be bought and paid for by whomever has the money for them.

As for this week’s mass murderer, leaders and members of Congress are conveniently mouthing the same  PR nonsense the NRA has provided them: “We should not be politicizing” the tragedy in Las Vegas talking about new legislation; our thoughts should be with the victims and their families.”

What unbelievable double talk and hypocrisy. If we had adequate gun legislation their thoughts would not be with the victims and their families because there would have been NO mass murder in Las Vegas this week.

Beyond not allowing these add ons to already deadly weapons NO one should be allowed to own dozens or hundreds of weapons and thousands of rounds of ammunition or as much as they want of both unless they can prove a legitimate reason for doing so and there are none for doing so.

And the Second Amendment does not allow any Americans to amass a personal military arsenal of any size they wish, except that the National Rifle Association has decided they will interpret the Second Amendment anyway they wish with the support of Congress and the Courts if necessary because Congress has not created legislation preventing  this deadly abuse.

FINALLY, in the last few days, Republican members of Congress and President Trump have said “maybe” Congress should consider at some later date the possibility of making it illegal to buy and own these add on devices that easily turn lesser weapons into even more deadly weapons for $100 or less that are now selling in far larger amounts since this madman using these add ons slaughtered innocent Americans a few days ago.


The gun legislation we really need from Congress and have for decades most of all is a national registry of ALL firearms owned by civilians that law enforcement can use to flag anyone who is buying large amounts of weapons to find out why they are doing so and if they may be a threat to public safety.

Do you know when that legislation will be passed? I do. It NEVER will!!!

That is how legally CORRUPT too many members of Congress are; taking as  much money as they can from the NRA and the gun industry every year.

I have made my point; I hope you agree with it. God help us if you don’t.

Now let me turn to the opioid addiction epidemic only in America. It has exactly the same root cause. MONEY, Congress and the “support” of President Obama previously and now President Trump doing nothing either.

The addictive opioid crisis is killing even more Americans than gun violence and ruining the lives of millions more and their families and costing millions of dollars in treatment costs and even more in crimes committed by addicts.

None of this is being caused by illegal drug dealer hiding in the shadows. The biggest addiction crisis in American history is caused by Americans doctors prescribing LEGAL addictive pain killers that LEGAL drug companies are pushing and advertising and recommending to virtually any patient who complains about aches and  pains. These opioids are so powerful many users become dependent after only days of taking these pills.

Want more because there is more. Drug companies are pricing these opioids at far lesser cost to patients than other comparable pain medications that are not addictive. WHY do I need to tell you? Because the drug companies want to increase their PROFITS by insuring long term buyers for these opioids.

And guess who ends up paying a large part of cost of these addictive drugs? We do because one way or another the government ends up footing the bill because many of the users are on either Medicare or Medicare or the cost shows up in higher premiums for Obamacare subsidized by the government.

Guess how many doctors have been indicted or are in jail for creating millions of addicts and deaths and endless suffering and how many drug company executives for the some reasons. Answer. NONE AND NONE.

Why because just like owning as many guns and deadly attachments as you like, making, promoting and prescribing as much opioids as drug companies and doctors like is all perfectly LEGAL and Congress does nothing about it.

Let’s end this episode for the first time ever singing together. Ready?

God bless America ….

land that the NRA and drug companies own

Stand beside her if you have enough money to do so

And GUIDE her through Congress with big contributions

If you can afford to get whatever you want to from them

God bless THEIR America, the one just a few own

Their home sweet home not ours!

One more time …  and bring in Congress

to lead us in another stanza of greed and abuse!

(This entire series is dedicated in honor of Liu Xiaobo)

Arthur-Piccolo-ObamasAmericaEDITOR’S NOTE: About The Writer: Arthur Piccolo is a professional writer and commentator and often writes about Latin America for New Americas.


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