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This Truth Hurts

By Arthur Piccolo

News Americas, NEW YORK, NY, Fri. Nov. 17, 2017: So many miles so little value for the rest of us. Make that US –A us.

How much did President Trump’s 12 day Asian extravaganza cost us?

However much $$$$$, it cost American taxpayers a lot  …

It cost us much, much more in a lack of American leadership and credibility.

So called President Trump FAILED miserably to articulate a view even less a vision of American leadership in the 21st century under and I mean UNDER a Trump Presidency while empowering some of the worst dictators on Earth while getting taken for a very bad ride by Chinese thug Xi.

This episode I am bringing in respected media “partner” The Economist with pivotal background to the Trump debacle in their most recent cover story.

As The Economist writes ..

“Perhaps the greatest damage that Mr. Trump has done is to American soft power. He openly scorns the notion that America should stand up for universal values such as democracy and human rights. Not only does he admire dictators; he explicitly praises thuggishness, such as the mass murder of criminal suspects in the Philippines. He does so not out of diplomatic tact, but apparently out of conviction.”

Amen to that sadly. But even more ….

“The world is moving on. Asians are building new trade ties, often centered on China. Europeans are working out how to defend themselves if they cannot rely on Uncle Sam. And American politics are turning inward: both Republicans and Democrats are more protectionist now than they were before Mr. Trump’s electoral triumph.”

Protectionist toward what goal Clueless President Trump?

Most important here is the wrap to The Economist cover story …

“America has long been the greatest force for good in the world, upholding the liberal order and offering an example of how democracy works. All that is imperiled by a president who believes that strong nations look out only for themselves. By putting “America First”, he makes it weaker, and the world worse off.”

Yes it is good that every nation looks out for itself. But the problem is easy what  does that mean and how it is achieved. In China in a joint appearance with China’s thug dictator by another name in Xi’s and Trump’s mind …

President Trump was highly complimentary to Xi and China for taking care of itself. Then Trump said rhetorically America should so the same. HELLO Donald !! How exactly does China do so by ripping off other countries and foreign companies and a long laundry list of way.

Even more operating the most sophisticated and brutally oppressive regime on Earth and by globally supporting every other repressive regime Xi an find while also exploiting them as much as possible. That is the China model!

YES, this is President Donald Trump’s so called vision for America. Trump emphasized this by his continuous praises for Xi since Trump became President and while during his trip to China in recent days Trump had NO criticism at all for Xi or China. Trump believes Xi is a GREAT leader!

But NOT here in Trump’s America; see the bottom of every issue of Trump’s America and what you will see at the end of every episode for as long as Trump is President, mercifully “only” three more years ( sorry impeachment junkies t will not happen you are watching too much CNN.)

This is what you see at the bottom of this episode and every episode ..

“This entire series is dedicated in honor of Liu Xiaobo”

Yes Liu Xiaobo who was put in prison for life by Chinese Dictator Xi why? Because Xiaobo won the Nobel Peace Prize for promoting human rights and democracy in China. Then in fact made that into a DEATH sentence when Xiaobo became seriously ill in prison and XI would not let him out of prison to seek high quality medical assistance he needed.

Xiaobo died in jail. Hs execution complete thanks to Xi!

Making Chinese Dictator Xi even more of a monster in this case he has also kept Xiaobo’s wife under house arrest since her husband’s imprisonment now even after her husband’s death she is kept under house ARREST and probably will be for life. What is her crime ?? Bing married to Liu Xiaobo.

NO trial required; not even a mock phony trial. This is Xi’s China!

This horrendous episode sadly is just on very very small tip of a horrendous repressive totalitarian regime with many millions of victims in China while the Chins so called “leaders” keep a smiling face for the rest of the world and playing suckers like Donald Trump putting on a “show” for him.

What was Trump’s response to all this while in China?

Everyone sing along .. SOUNDS OF SILENCE.

Now let’s add Trump’s stupidity or duplicity as you prefer, or both.

When President Trump PRAISED XI and China for taking care of themselves economically with their thuggish trade policies, their corruption and  intimidation and abuse of American companies and all Americans. All Trump said is America was at fault for not taking care of itself but NOT ..

What Trump could have should have dome if he were smart and sincere …

Trump in Xi’s presence and with the world media watching …

Trump should have listed the 10 worst Chinese business abuses, and then said if China does not STOP these practices right now the United States is very logically and quickly going to make use of the very same tactics and policies in dealing with China, its companies and products.

That would have been powerful American LEADERSHIP but …..

Of course Trump made no such threats in fact none at all. Why????

Because Trump is at heart an Air Bag or Wind Bag is you prefer, even more Trump would never do anything to confront Xi and “spoil” his so called friendship with this Goon who is walking all over Trump and America, and intents to do it even much more in the coming years with a goal of China as an autocratic nation replacing US as the preeminent global power.

The so called Chinese model for capitalism in which an all powerful elite control everything and run a hi tech ultra repressive “government” that insures all the other citizens are under FULL control or in jail or dead.

I could go on about the other Low Lifes Trump befriended on this long expensive trip but I’ve made my point and my deadline is fast approaching.

I don’t want to got FIRED as you know I need this job! Also I am “required” to go watch Thursday Night Football. One more thing read the LAST line below ALWAYS remember NEVER forget the reality of China today.

##### 30 #####

(This entire series is dedicated in honor of Liu Xiaobo)



EDITOR’S NOTE: About The Writer: Arthur Piccolo is a professional writer and commentator and often writes about Latin America for New Americas.


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