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I Am The Best Clown … Ever!

By Arthur Piccolo
News Americas, NEW YORK, NY, Fri. Dec. 29, 2017: First of all congratulations to me. Thank you!

This is the landmark episode 50 of my new series Trump’s America to end the year. After a very successful 313 episodes of Obama’s America, which was finally cancelled by the U.S. Constitution, it was replaced by an outrageous comedy.

All the rest of us are in a show too – contestants on SURVIVOR. And to win, you must survive another 3 years. Not everyone is up to it I fear but be strong!

As for President Donald Trump, this is my first year wrap up. The END of the first year of the so called Trump Presidency. And what a circus it has been. Donald Trump deserves credit for living up to expectations ….

…which has resulted in record low ratings for his Presidential Show! Any other show on TV, with ratings as low as his, would have been cancelled after the first few weeks. But Trump is also saved by the Constitution, which guarantees this comedy for at least four seasons on TV and in The White House.

For those of you waiting for the episode where President Trump gets impeached and his show cancelled, sorry but that episode will not be scheduled. So what to make of the first season? It was a critical disaster but it does have a small but significant fan base that will never give up on this nonsense.

Which brings us to the other show on this DC network – also with dismal ratings – the much too long running Chuck & Nancy Show, which survives because it has very wealthy sponsors who buy lots of ad time on the show. Anyway it’s clearly a side show to the prime time Trump Comedy Hour.

Comedy with vicious twists and destructive plots week after week! This first season ended on a high note with a hilarious episode about a ridiculous tax package Trump and the other circus clowns in Congress just passed. What an impressive farce. I especially liked the scene where the clowns threw bread crumbs to a large group of Americans. then drove away in big truck filled with Money Bags for their rich fans on the other side of the tracks.

Now it’s time to get SERIOUS before we all die laughing with Trump as President, because as BAD as the first year of the Trump Presidency has been, that does not ensure “viewers” will turn their channels and watch the Democrats show, if it is the Chuck & Nancy Show or the Hillary & Bill Show, because those shows are old and predictable and have nothing NEW to offer viewers.

Also, do not forget, regardless of how many feel, Trump deserves no credit for the economy or ever rising stock markets that are not falling apart as some believed, even more hoped, would result from Trump becoming President. A strong economy and rising stocks are always good story lines as is this tax law, which is obviously a gift to the Super Rich and Big Companies ……

It allowed Trump and the Republicans to end the year positively to many Americans who are not among the relentless Trump critics and whose numbers are no higher than the Trump True Believers. Both groups number about 30% of Americans, which means there are potentially 40% of votes with less clear views of Trump as President and as likely to support as oppose him.

The point is, Trump and the Republicans are not going to begin 2018 running for cover and begging for mercy. Rather, they will promote their mostly fictitious accomplishments in 2017. So do the so called Democratic Party leaders have a better story to tell? Exactly what were their big wins n 2017? There weren’t any. Their entire “season” was about going after Trump with absurd charges about Trump being a slave to Putin and the Russians. Not being Trump might be enough for Democrats to win big in 2018 or NOT.

The NEW America, the so called Democratic Party “leaders,” are pushing is nothing more than a future WITHOUT Donald Trump and that working relies on President Trump being a buffoon throughout 2018, which is certainly possible as he plays the role well but not an absolute certainty.

If Trump embraces infrastructure spending, which he might even be passionate about, overcomes Conservative opposition to spending govt. money on anything but the rich, and if Trump offers an infrastructure program that will improve the nation and create good jobs, it will put Democrats at great risk opposing it unlike the very flawed tax plan.

The REAL problems for the Democrats are the Democrats themselves, since there are without any impressive alternative to offer voters. The reason Trump won the Presidency, even though non-Republicans far outnumber Republicans, is that  Hillary Clinton and the Democrats LOST and that is why Donald Trump is President today and why the Republicans may not lose control of the Senate or House late in 2018.

And if the Republicans keep control of Congressm are you ready for this?

NO YOU ARE NOT … but I will do you the favor of telling you anyway …

Do NOT assume Donald Trump will lose the Presidency in 2020 as much as America and we all need that outcome because …

Even without the candidate from HELL, Hillary Clinton, running in 2020 without an impressive message for the future from whoever the Democratic candidate for President is, the impossible may well happen a second time!

Think about that when the Ball Drops Sunday night in frigid Times Square.

##### 30 #####

(This entire series is dedicated in honor of Liu Xiaobo)


EDITOR’S NOTE: About The Writer: Arthur Piccolo is a professional writer and commentator and often writes about Latin America for New Americas.

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