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By Arthur Piccolo

 News Americas, NEW YORK, NY, Fri. May 25, 2018: YES, first and exclusively here in Trump’s America.

Of course here!

President Trump who had been hoping for the Nobel Peace Prize instead will receive something more prestigious; the FIRST EVER ….

The ‘IG-Noble Prize,’ right here for being completely “ignoble,” or as the IG-Noble Prize Trophy, which as you see above and is very expensive and elegant and will look good in the Oval Office reads: “For absolutely, even more so than so many others, NOT being honorable in either character or purpose.”

It will also be known by an anachronism or slang term if you prefer the – IGGY Award – rhymes with PIGGY – and some may call it The Donald Trump Award as it was created in his “dishonor” and will be awarded to others here as they prove worthy here in Trump’s America,

It may become as popular as the Nobel Peace Prize! The vote of the IG-Noble Committee was unanimous in Trump’s favor to be the first ever.

My many readers should sympathize with President Trump; he was looking forward to getting the Nobel Peace Prize. After all, President Barack Obama received the Nobel Peace Prize for NOTHING; Certainly President Donald Trump is just as good for NOTHING. More so!

So now he is being awarded with something even better right here!

The Award is being presented right here and right now generally for Trump’s entire life; being Ignoble in so many ways, but specifically at this time for his ADDED stupidity in handling the Iran & North Korea issues.

How STUPID is Donald Trump? It is very difficult to quantify other than it is off the charts; far beyond any previous U.S. President. As well as being the luckiest President ever, combine Trump’s two greatest qualities – stupidity and luck – and you have the answer to his rise to power, and likewise, how to characterize too many of the rich and powerful.

Most frightening of all, it is WHY the United States is in such a decline.

Back to the Ignoble Jury’s unanimous decision in favor of President Donald J. Trump.  Trump left all the other candidates far behind because of Iran and North Korea. I shouldn’t, since it is a secret, but I will tell you anyway if you will keep a secret about some of the other nominees.

They include Mayor Bill de Blasio, NFL Comm. Roger Goodell, everyone on both CNN and Fox News, John Bolton, Robert Mueller, Jeff Sessions, Nancy Pelosi, MTA chair Joe Lhota, Mark Zuckerberg, the British Royals, the Saud Family and of course, the one and only Xi Jinping, the all powerful ruler of China.

Why isn’t North Korea dictator Kim Jong-un on the list? Hhe’s too smart.

None of them should despair though as there will be many more recipients of the IG-Noble Prize and they are all heavy favorites in the coming months.

Back to the Man of the Hour – Ignoble Donald J. Trump, for stupidity.

After once again being incredibly LUCKY, maybe his biggest episode of LUCK since winning the Presidency, President Trump seemed to have con North Korea Madman Kim into a summit with him and the possibility of North Korea giving up the Nukes. Maybe.

That is the Power Ball $500 MILLION Jackpot kind of LUCK. Donald Trump had, and then tore up the winning ticket and threw it away. That is a good reference point for how STUPID Donald Trump is.

He was facing an opportunity that could have made his LOSER Presidency look brilliant and ensured the Republicans victory in November, and God help us all, a SECOND term as President.

Instead. Donald Trump has the honor of WINNING the IG-Noble Prize.

Now Dear Readers, do not misunderstand me; please don’t do that.

Simply sitting down with the North Korean Madman in Singapore would not have been a completed deal at all, that but it could have set the stage for more.

So what did Clueless President Donald Trump do? Exactly what you would expect an idiot whose idea of great literature is his latest Tweet did.

First of all, the degenerate he named his national security advisor, “Bomb Them to All to Hell” John Bolton, let Kim know he should expect the Libya “treatment” that Dictator Muammar Gaddafi was honored with –  give up your nukes and then get murdered with American support.

In Trump’s World of Wackos, that was really guaranteed to get Kim to Singapore.

At the same time, that was just Trump’s loony support staff ranting, NOT the Big Gun Himself, Loony in Chief, President Donald Trump.

Trump himself wanted to make it perfectly clear to Kim Jong-un what he was facing by agreeing to sit across a table with The Donald, so Trump did not just Talk The Talk – he walked Kim through it.

President Trump, ending the Iran deal, was obviously not a strong enough pre-summit message to send Kim about what he would face from Trump. So Trump did what passes for him as the obvious; he cancelled the Iran deal.

If that was not bad enough – it was – Trump who thinks Chinese Dictator Xi is his friend for life because XI came to Trump’s phony Taj Mahal called Mar-a-Lago and-  Trump believed Xi was a fan of the summit.

WRONG Knuckle Brain! Any possibility of Kim making any kind of a deal to give up North Korean nukes and form an economic partnership with the United States is more DANGEROUS to the World’s Scariest Dictator, Xi, and his absolute control of China than any other American threat.

Nothing could be worse for Xi than a prosperous and economically “united” North and South Korea; the North filled with U.S. investments and businesses and tourists driving North Korea into the 21st century.

OFFERING the Chinese people, a glimpse of a different and successful world that might not be like the REPRESSIVE Xi regime and to make matters worse, the United States reasserting itself in Asia.


So did Trump have a strategy that took the Chinese summit threat into account or understand Xi would meet again with Kim as he did and WARN Kim about making a deal with the Americans?

Instead of trying to lull Xi into complacency at the same exact time, Trump starts a trade war with China, NOT waiting until after the Singapore Summit.

After that, it got worse; in fact painful, when Trump finally realized the Summit was in big trouble and he began groveling to Kim to try desperately to keep it on and save his make-believe Nobel Peace prize by  telling Kim he had nothing to fear and he would give him any guarantees he wanted.

SORRY Donald; summit CANCELLED. The dream is OVER!

What President Trump did not know is that his stupidity would in fact make him a big winner, the FIRST recipient of the IG-NOBLE Prize!

CONGRATULATIONS President Trump, you are such a Loser!

##### 30 #####

 (This entire series is dedicated in honor of the late Liu Xiaobo)

Arthur-Piccolo-ObamasAmericaEDITOR’S NOTE: About The Writer: Arthur Piccolo is a professional writer and commentator and often writes about Latin America for New Americas. 

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