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By Arthur Piccolo

News Americas, NEW YORK, NY, Fri. Dec. 11, 2020: This is the historic 200th episode of Trump’s America.  RA, RA, RA!

Time to CELEBRATE – socially distanced with masks on and virtually most of all. And to thank the Gods, ALL of them. There will be NO 300th episode, or even 250th episode, not even a 225th episode, of Trump’s America….

PRAISE THE LORD. Trump’s America will END with episode 206.

# 200, however, is a good place to proclaim Trump is not the only one who must leave!!!

ENOUGH IS ENOUGH is an all-important philosophy.

Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer – GO AWAY; FAR, FAR AWAY! They have repeatedly misled us and deceived us about more stimulus and much more. Their lack of  REAL concern for all those who are SUFFERING is pathetic.

Both Nany Pelosi and Chuck Schumer have NO place in the future of the Democratic Party or in Congress. They are both DINOSAURS dragging us all down with them.


#1) Why did Democrats lose so many House seats in November? They have their smallest majority in decades, with Republicans in serious position to take control of the House in 2022.

ANSWER: NANCY PELOSI; the rightfully despised face of the House of Representatives, whose very presence in Congress, worse still as Speaker, is a BURDEN for every Democrat running for re-election, and most of all, in Swing Congressional Districts as proven by the November 2020 results.

#2) Why is Chuck Schumer the Republican’s number one WEAPON in the TWO all-important, Senate runoff elections in January, and why as Joe Biden beat Donald Trump handily and with a slew of Republican Senators running for re-election, did Democrats only pick up ONE Senate seat?

ANSWER ….. Sorry, the answer is right there in the question. CHUCK SCHUMER is the problem. It is why he was removed as the chairman of the Democratic Senate campaign committee, sadly too late. Chuck Schumer is the Democrats DEATH STAR and working for Republicans across the nation.

Both Pelosi and Schumer are by far the two most disliked Members of Congress, which is a difficult title to win with slimy, senile Republican Mitch McConnell, also another disaster in Congress and likewise destroying our future.

Now let me move on to the SECOND stimulus bill to drive home my point about these two worthless CLOWNS, and why if it was up to me, they would both be in jail and I would THROW AWAY the key so they both rot there.

The FIRST COVID-19 stimulus bill in March 2020, the Cares Act, which was huge – cost just over $2 TRILLION Dollars …..

So, what did Nancy Pelosi do in July 2020 for a SECOND COVID-19 stimulus bill? She had her majority in the House, and with Schumer 100% in favor of doing the same in the Senate, craft a RIDICULOUS $3 TRILLION Dollar PLUS so called Heroes Act – 50% larger than the first stimulus bill, and also containing all kinds of GARBAGE that had nothing at all to do with COVID-19 relief.

These two PATHETIC cynics knew as well as anyone that this so-called Heroes Act would NEVER pass both Houses of Congress, but they refused even to negotiate it DOWN to a realistic size, and without all the GARBAGE.

SPECIAL NOTE … as pointed as I have been above and will be below about Pelosi and Schumer – I am moderating myself not to scare off my readers. I would prefer to be far harsher in my words about these two. And I feel sorry for anyone who does not have complete CONTEMPT for both of them.

Back to stimulus …. So Pelosi and Schumer would NOT budge throughout the summer and into the fall. All or nothing remained their position.

EVEN WHEN over 100 Democratic Members of Congress BEGGED them to moderate their position.  EVEN WHEN the Trump Administration and many Democrats and Republicans in Congress endorsed a revised $2 TRILLION Dollar second stimulus bill that would have passed and been signed by Trump – except for TWO reasons – Pelosi and Schumer.

Pelosi and Schumer, aka Schumer Pelosi’s lap dog, refused to compromise – either $3 TRILLION PLUS and all the other garbage or NOTHING.

Pelosi went so far as to offer veiled THREATS to Democrats who supported compromise. HERE IS THE BIG, BIG PROBLEM as I have written before.

Congress is a corrupt almost “fascist” institution under current rules here in the 21st century. There are 535 members of Congress, but only FOUR matter. They are in the House – the Speaker and the Minority Leader; and in the Senate – the Majority Leader and the Minority Leader.

TWO Democrats and TWO Republicans have absolute control in Congress because all of the rest are SCARED feckless sheep. Why???? Because these four controls ALL Committee assignments within their Party in Congress.

They name whoever they want to House and Senate Committees, where the so-called real work of Congress gets done. Even more to the point, for each Member, it is in COMMITTEES that Members make a name for themselves to go on to bigger and better for themselves in Congress and beyond.

It does not STOP there – far from it. These 4 have so much more control over the other House members and Senators. Who gets the bests office space, who gets to hire extra staff, who gets to travel the world on Congressional  junkets, who gets invited to special events at the Kennedy Center, etc., etc., etc.

So, look what has now happened because of these two Smart Alecks and with Extended unemployment insurance and lots of other programs for small businesses and other COVID-19 uses from the ORIGINAL stimulus bill about to EXPIRE at the end of December.

And only making it worse … the horrible resurgence of COVID-19 – the idea that Congress will leave for their CHRISTMAS VACATIONS and leave tens of millions of individuals, families and small businesses to SUFFER financially worse then ever … while Congress goes home with their BIG weekly pay checks to enjoy themselves with their families and friends for the Holidays and through New Year’s while so many others are left to SUFFER is NOT a good idea.

So, Pelosi and Schumer are now left with NO choice but to support a much smaller new stimulus bill, costing less than ONE Trillion Dollars and offering far less relief to all those suffering financially because of COVID-19.

As of right now as I write, even that has not passed because Pelosi and Schumer are still not willing to remove all the provisions, they want rather than fighting those battles in January with Joe Biden in The White House.

Worst of all, if somehow Pelosi and Schumer walk away from any deal at all and go home to their luxurious lifestyles for the Holidays …

They will GUARANTEE Democrats LOSE both Senate runoff elections in January in Georgia, as Republicans will successfully argue Pelosi and Schumer PREVENTED a second stimulus bill.

Regardless of what happens, Democrats must GET RID of Pelosi and Schumer when the NEW Congress convenes in January 2021. Pelosi must NOT be re-elected Speaker and Schumer must NOT be re-elected Minority Leader.

THEY MUST BOTH GO. We must bring an end to their very BAD story.

(This series dedicated in honor of the late Liu Xiaobo & Jamal Khashoggi)


EDITOR’S NOTE: About The Writer: Arthur Piccolo is a professional writer and commentator and often writes about Latin America for New Americas.

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