Trump’s America –Episode # 157 – Thanks For Nothing Nancy Pelosi & Gang

Complete Lack of Leadership.

By Arthur Piccolo

News Americas, NEW YORK, NY, Fri. Feb. 7, 2020: The New York Times grudgingly admitted buried deep in its story …

“Public opinion polls suggest that even though a growing number of Americans agreed that the president most likely abused his office and acted improperly, more than a slight majority never agreed that he should be removed from office.”

SURPRISE the public is smarter than the DUMB so-called Democrat leaders in Congress a very sorry lot led by Pelosi, Schumer, Schiff and Nadler.

May they NOT rest in peace they need to be replaced. How do I know because they are working hard to re-elect Donald Trump? Blind HATRED is not a political strategy it is a formula for disaster.

Donald Trump is simply someone who is not good for America’s future. That is a strategy to sell voters NOT demonizing Trump with outrageous ridiculous charges that he is the most dangerous or the worst or most corrupt President in American history and based on NO evidence to make such claims …

All those charges do is expose IGNORANCE of American history.  Too bad Nancy and her vicious gang do not know or do not care about American history. Among 45 U.S. Presidents there have been some very, very bad dudes. By this gangs so called “standards” most Presidents should have been impeached and removed from the Presidency. REALLY???

I should say the obvious every episode maybe I do. The Presidential election will be decided in SWING states. A bunch of states will vote AGAINST Trump no matter what and another bunch of states will vote FOR Trump no matter what. Then there are a few states where a small number of SWING voters will decide whether their states goes for or against Trump.

How do I know? How do you know? The 2016 election that’s how!

Here is the best and most important description of SWING voters you will ever read. Those who might vote for or against Trump in November. They are the most thoughtful voters. They do not automatically run with one Party or the other. It does not make them perfect, but it makes them thoughtful.

HOW NOT TO WIN SWING VOTERS this Presidential election.

Tell them Donald Trump is a horrible dangerous monster. Tell them we can’t even wait until November to get rid of him that Trump must be the only President in American history to be removed from the Presidency by Congress   then make up dome flimsy reasons to try and prove it.

But most of all do not in any way mask your all-consuming irrational HATRED of Donald Trump that is how you GUARANTEE these thoughtful swing voters who will determine the election vote for Donald Trump.

Just to make absolutely certain these swing voters got the message this week SO CALLED Speaker Nancy Pelosi crudely INSULTED President Trump on Tuesday night by standing behind him with the entire nation watching and especially the media and tearing up his State of the Union speech.

Thank you, Pelosi, for NOTHING unless you are a Trump supporter.


Here is the only TV, cable and social media advertisement the Republicans need to tune in SWING states. This 60 second spot …

This proves graphically how out of control Pelosi is and how dangerous her cabal of Trump HATERS are to America’s future and the goal of defeating Trump in November and electing a progressive Democratic President.

Beyond both Trump’s triumphant acquittal of absurd impeachment charges and President Trump’s well received State of Union speech among Republicans and the independent voters Trump needs in November …

This Financial Times headline tells the even larger story …

DEMOCRATS IN CHAOS ….. specifically their story was in reference to the mess in Iowa with the ridiculous process they call “caucuses” to choose candidates for President better referred to as a clown show in an almost completely white state where in order to vote for one candidate or another Democrats need the luxury of time to waste an entire evening walking around a gymnasium rather than simply casting their vote anytime during the day or by mail if they wish rather this clown show that  takes place every 4 years.

So, here is what we have this week …

President Trump overwhelming found not guilty of impeachment charges HEADLINES ACROSS THE NATION. President Trump gives powerful State of Union speech HEADLINES ACROSS THE NATION. Nancy Pelosi displays destructive hateful stupidity and tears up Trump speech on national tv. HEADLINES ACROSS THE NATION. Democratic caucus in Iowa ends in amateurish CHAOS. HEADLINES ACROSS THE NATION.

And what else comes out of Iowa when they FINALLY released the results:

The leading contenders are a 37 year old gay man out of work whose only claim to “fame” is two terms as a mediocre mayor of a racially divided small town of 100,000 where his biggest “achievement” (sic) was firing the only Black Police Chief the town ever had. His only other “accomplishment” is 5 months in Afghanistan as a data analyst in front of a computer screen.

Tying Pete Buttigieg for the lead in Iowa is the NON Democrat the ancient member of the Socialist Party Bernie Sanders a 78 year old recovering from  a heart attack whose most notable supporter is the bartender now Congress member AOC who is even more radical than Bernie if that is possible ??

Next up is effervescent Elizabeth Warren trailing Sanders and Buttigieg. The fourth member of the Big Four in Iowa is Joe Biden whose entire riveting campaign message is he is NOT Donald Trump. Biden finished so far back in fourth place behind Buttigieg and Sanders and Warren that Biden did not win even one of the 99 Iowa counties and may not get even one delegate.

STOP THE PRESSES. The Big News as we go to press is that DNC Chairman Tom Perez is demanding a full recount of the entire so called vote in Iowa that may take days or weeks more and guaranteed whose results will add more confusion which the NY Times accurately reflects with this new headline …

“Iowa Caucus Results Riddled With Errors and Inconsistencies”

Right here right now I will be first to announce the FINAL results of the Iowa caucuses long before others IOWA CAUCUS VOTE IS MEANINGLESS!
All of this brings me once again this episode to you know who the big rich vulture circling overhead Michael Bloomberg who just celebrated the Democratic Party chaos announcing to no surprise he is digging even deeper into his $50 BILLION PLUS mega fortune to double yet again as he will continue to do again and again …..

the obscene amount Bloomberg has already spent to try and buy the Democratic Party nomination then buy the Presidency. He is about to spend hundreds of million $$ more to double his current ad spending and double the size of his already huge army of campaign staff everywhere. Somebody please put a big FOR SALE sign over America for Mike Bloomberg’s benefit.

As for me again please watch this SPECIAL video bonus this episode. and get the message or else!!!

 (This series dedicated in honor of the late Liu Xiaobo & Jamal Khashoggi)


EDITOR’S NOTE: About The Writer: Arthur Piccolo is a professional writer and commentator and often writes about Latin America for New Americas.