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News Americas, NEW YORK, NY, Fri. Oct. 11, 2019: While Donald Trump loves to toss around the fake narrative that immigrants are committing more crimes than Americans, the facts tell another story. Latest data from the Federal Bureau of Prisons show that the majority of prisoners in the system currently are Americans.

Just two Caribbean nations make up a miniscule percentage overall in the top 5 nationalities of prisoners in the U.S., latest data shows.

They are Cuba and the Dominican Republic. The Dominican Republic accounts for 1,420 prisoners or .8 percent compared to 143,268 U.S. born prisoners.

Cuba has just 1,109 prisoners or .6 percent compared to the 81.1 percent of US prisoners.

Meanwhile, the majority of prisoners in US prisons are whites not blacks, and federal prisoners locked up for immigration offenses total 10,259 or 6.2 percent.

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