What Functions Does Hormone Replacement Therapy Perform?

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News Americas, NEW YORK, NY, Mon. June 18, 2018: Aimed at restoring a normal hormonal balance in a human organism, HRT helps to combat symptoms and consequences of the climax. Based on its medical actions, HRT brings many benefits to women in perimenopause and menopause.

  • Hormonal therapy protects females from diseases of the cardiovascular system. According to statistics, women taking Growth hormone therapy from National HRT live longer, and the risk of heart disease is reduced. Such an action is the result of the ability of estrogens to raise HDL cholesterol level, which helps to protect the walls of blood vessels from the formation of thrombi. Estrogens increase blood circulation and dilate blood vessels making them stronger and more elastic, which in turn reduces the risk of strokes.
  • HRT supports the strength and density of muscle tissue. What is more, it can effectively alleviate muscle pain as well as other aches associated with the menopause.
  • Protecting blood vessels, HRT reduces the risk of developing senile sclerosis. It is also important that the recovery of estrogen can relieve stress and prevent depressive conditions.


Artificial restoration of the level of hormones is absolutely safe when HRT is applied correctly. For that, a woman needs to consult a physician to decide on medication type and dosage to be taken.

How Long Does HRT Last?

The timeframe and duration of HRT depends on what goals a woman pursues when she starts taking hormones. With a very few exceptions, almost all females can undergo at least a short-term course of restorative hormone therapy, lasting from several months to five years, without any health-related risks.

For those who are going to take hormones just to get rid of the symptoms of the climax, such as hot flashes or insomnia, two-five years will be enough. However, many women need to take estrogens for a longer time, for ten or more years, if they are at risk of heart disease. Someone needs long-term HRT in order to have an active sexual life and avoid problems with the urinary system.

It is recommended to start a course of hormone therapy no later than 5 years after the termination of menstruation. In this case, hormonal therapy will improve both the vaginal tissues and the urinary system, restore the normal hormone level, and increase immunity against infectious diseases.

All in all, there are no rules on how long the course of HRT lasts. Whether the case is, the woman will not be threatened by any danger and will receive obvious benefits from the restoration of hormones if she clearly follows the rules:

  • Undergoing full medical examination before deciding on drug type and dosage to be taken;
  • Consulting her physician and gynaecologist;
  • Following a prescribed dosage;
  • Conducting medical examination every six months (mammogram, ultrasound of the uterus and appendages, a biochemical blood test once a year).

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