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News Americas, MIAMI, Fl, Fri. Mar. 2, 2018: Medical marijuana is an emerging business in Puerto Rico as of late last year, two years after the government legalized medical marijuana. Here are five medical dispensaries you should know that have opened their doors on the island that will serve all patients who carry medical marijuana cards from Puerto Rico.

1: NextGen Pharma

NextGen Pharma is medical marijuana clinic in Toa Baja, PR.  Medical marijuana patients are offered high quality cannabis and marijuana medical products as NextGen Pharma seeks to be a leader in the cultivation of cannabis, dispensing and educational fields.  NextGen Pharma offers a wide variety of medical marijuana in a variety of flower varieties including different indica, sativa and hybrid, with plans to expand their selection to various oils and edibles, all grown in the house. Its product lines are called Balanced, Active, Relaxed and Heal to help patient dispensaries with the perfect cannabis solutions for their needs. All NextGen Pharma products are laboratory tested to determine the profile of cannabinoids, terpene content, chemical residues and any microbiota.


2: The Family Dispensary, Inc.

The Family Dispensary, Inc. is the first dispensary to which the Cannabis dispensation license was granted by the Puerto Rico Department of Health. It is located in Bayamón and serves qualified patients from all over the island with medical cannabis that includes different forms of consumption, in which it is the vaporization of the flower or “strains,” natural oil capsules, oil and wax concentrates, edibles and tinctures among others. They will soon offer a variety of edibles, stereotypes and various cannabis oils in a variety of proportions of THC to CBD.

3: FarmaVerde

FarmaVerde, located in Bayamon, Puerto Rico, was founded in mid-2017 by a team of medical professionals and entrepreneurs.
With a 22,000-square-foot facility, FarmaVerde also houses a growing center, manufacturing facilities and the dispensary in one location. In the dispensary, patients enjoy a complete orientation of cannabis and its uses. The dispenser’s budders offers flowers, edible products, oils and topical products made by hand. The cultivation of FarmaVerde strains offers excellent alternatives such as the Blackwater strain that won a local award as the Best Indica in 2017. All medicinal Cannabis products sold are sent to Nova Cann Labs ahead of time for quality control tests.


4: Caribbean Green

Caribbean Green is located in Carolina, Puerto Rico. This dispensary also grows its own products indoors in an almost fifty thousand square feet of growing space.  The Carolina Green Caribbean dispensary has several Cannabis Cup winning varieties, including Cannalope Haze, Electric Lemon G, Purple Wreck, Pineapple Express and its own CG Reserve and Coqui OG Kush, with more than fifty strains currently growing. In addition to its high-quality cannabis flower, Caribbean Green creates in-home groceries that span many different doses, including cookies, brownies and more. All the products are available in the dispensary facility, where the friendly budtend will walk each patient with their product selection to find the best marijuana medicinal product for their conditions. All products are subjected to laboratory tests through the Department of Health of Puerto Rico.

5: Island Med

Island Med provides medical marijuana in Aibonito, Puerto Rico. Island Med’s platform also connects patients with medical cannabis doctors across Puerto Rico and is staffed by more than 20 medical professionals. Products include extracts, topicals, oils, edibles, and pills.

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