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News Americas, MIAMI, FL, Fri. Mar. 2, 2018: Nicki Minaj’s ex, Jamaican roots rapper Safaree Samuels, insists he did not leak his own nudes.

Samuels’ comments come after social media heated up earlier this week after pictures of his private part began making its way across the web. Appearing on Power 105.1’s morning show, The Breakfast Club, Samuels said: “This is the first time I even left my crib since it happened. It’s not something I want out there, you know what I’m saying? My nieces, they follow me, they watch everything I do, and my mom and my sisters …I would NEVER, ever [leak my own picture]. Why, randomly, now, would I say…I’m going to do that?”

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Samuels was born in the Marine Park section of Brooklyn, New York. He started his musical career in the group the Hoodstars, which was formed in early 2000s and also included Minaj, Lou$tar and Seven Up.

In 2004, the group recorded the entrance song for WWE Diva Victoria, “Don’t Mess With,” which was featured on the compilation album ThemeAddict: WWE The Music, Vol.6.

After the group split, Minaj started her solo career and Samuels supported her as a hype man. In 2010, Samuels co-wrote the single “Did It On’em” for Minaj’s debut studio album, Pink Friday. In 2012, he appeared in Minaj’s music video “Stupid Hoe.”

In 2012, Minaj released her second album, Pink Friday: Roman Reloaded, where Samuels has six writing credits and was featured on the track “Press Conference”. In late 2014, Samuels ended his long relationship with Minaj.

Several tracks on Minaj’s third album The Pinkprint are believed to have been inspired by the end of their relationship.

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