By NAN Staff Writer

News Americas, NEW YORK, NY, Mon. June 7, 2021: Metaphysicsis is all the rave today as the business of mindfulness turns in billions yearly. But before there was Mind Valley, Deepak Chopra, Abraham Hicks, Louis Hayes, and even Sathguru, there was Caribbean immigrant Neville Goddard.

Goddard was born on 1905 in Barbados and immigrated to New York City in 1922. He initially worked as a ballet and ballroom dancer and in 1931, began to study under an Ethiopian rabbi who introduced him to Kabbalah for five years.

He entered the army on November 12, 1942, obligated to serve for the duration of the war. But military records show that four months later, in March 1943, he was “discharged from service to accept employment in an essential wartime industry.”

He began his “essential wartime” job as a metaphysical lecturer in New York’s Greenwich Village and became known as one of the most important and influential New Thought voices of the past century. His words electrify today with thousands of tape recordings released and still on YouTube as Goddard reiterated that “the human imagination is God – and our thoughts create our world, in the most literal sense.”

Goddard died of heart failure in 1972 in West Hollywood where he had been resident in Los Angeles for roughly 20 years. He is buried in Westbury Cemetery, Saint Michael, Barbados.

Goddard’s powerful method of manifesting based on experiencing “the feeling of the wish fulfilled,” which deeply influenced the next generation of metaphysical explorers, remains alive in his “The Neville Collection: All 10 Books by a Modern Master,” that includes, in chronological order:

At Your Command

Your Faith Is Your Fortune

Freedom for All

Feeling Is the Secret

Prayer: The Art of Believing

Out of this World & The Search

The Power of Awareness

Awakened Imagination

Seedtime and Harvest

The Law and the Promise.

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