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Majah Hype – NAN Caribbean Upstart Entertainer of the Year.

News Americas, NEW YORK, NY, Weds. Dec. 28, 2016:  There is no denying that 2016 was an amazing year for Caribbean-born, Diaspora resident and the ‘King of Caribbean Comedy.’ And so there is no denying that the NAN Caribbean-Born Upstart Entertainer Of 2016 title has to go to Majah Hype. Here’s why:

1: This Caribbean national has moved from musician to DJ to popular comedian on Instagram with over 475,000 followers globally.

2: Not bad for  a boy who was taught by his grandfather to play seven instruments and read music, before migrating to the US at the age of 12 and living in Baltimore with his family before moving to Brooklyn, NY where he worked as a former artist and DJ with the iconic New York City sound system Massive B.

3: His repertoire of characters has expanded as well and his creativity is seemingly limitless, creating new characters like Bobby Bunz this year that many West Indians in the Diaspora can relate to.

Majah Hype transformed as one of his more popular characters – Di Rass.

4: This is in addition to the sketches of various West Indian characters including Di Rass, Sister Sandrine, Mitzy and Grandpa James who have become stars in their own right and to impersonating Caribbean artists like Buju Banton, Luciano, Machel Montano and Jah Cure.

5: Majah Hype – born Collin Nigel McPherson reportedly in the Spice Island of Grenada – has also expanded on live shows this year, performing across the US, globally and in the region including in Bermuda and The Cayman Islands.

6: He also added the title of movie producer to his resume and released his first film this year titled “Foreign Minds Think Alike.” Immigrants can relate to the movie which focuses on leaving the West Indies in pursuit of “The American Dream.”

7: Hype is popular with many Caribbean artistes including Machel Montano who he has opened shows for and artists like Gyptian and Tarrus Riley have made guest appearances in the film.

8: Caribbean company Flow recently signed Hype as a Flow Brand Ambassador. He joins Flow’s impressive cadre of internationally recognized sports, music and entertainment Brand Ambassadors.

9: Majah is more than just ‘hype.’ A Caribbean artist at heart, he identifies with the islands, and has taken on the task of “unifying the people of the region as one” with his own unique brand of comedy. His act, he says, serves as a means of breaking down national barriers and bringing people together with relatable content and is passionate about connecting Caribbean and Diaspora audiences.

10: There is no denying Hype of Hype Media is an in demand artiste and his new movie – which he wrote, directed, produced and is starring in, will undoubtedly propel him to higher heights yet in 2017.  He is “majah” indeed.



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