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News Americas, NEW YORK, NY, Weds. April 3, 2019: Here are the top headlines making news from the Caribbean and Latin America for this Wednesday morning, April 3, 2019:

Reggae legend Buju Banton is using his Instagram account to raise awareness about little, Gabrielle Gordo, a Jamaican child battling a rare cancer. She was diagnosed with “Multifocal Glioma” on her brain stem and is currently undergoing Proton Specific Radioactive treatment at the Cancer Unit in the Children’s Hospital, Washington DC. Gabrielle’s father, a rank and file officer in the Jamaica Constabulary Force, and her mother, a Customs Officer, from Kingston Jamaica are unable to afford the high cost for ongoing treatment which their young daughter needs. They were able to fly her to the USA, but now require assistance for the ongoing treatment which she desperately needs. Donate on GoFundMe here.

Puerto Rico trended on Twitter Tuesday after many slammed back at Donald Trump who wrongly claimed that the island benefited from 91 million in aid.

Four Guyana government legislators holding dual citizenship have submitted their resignation to the President.

57-year-old Jamaican Noel Chambers of Miami has been accused of hacking to his wife and 10-year-old daughter to death.

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Guyana is set to receive a US$20 million World Bank loan to prepare the country to deal with several oil and gas risks.

19-year-old Haitian national Williams Sejour, who came to the U.S. seeking asylum could be deported soon.

A Dominican national has pleaded guilty to fraudulently obtaining the social security numbers of U.S. citizens from Puerto Rico.

Human Rights Watch is urging Ecuador to support a proposal to decriminalize abortion in cases of rape.

Calypso Rose’s internationally sought-after show is coming to Poisson Rouge in Greenwich Village, NYC.

And Trinidad born rapper Nicki Minaj is being sued by a former stylist For $43K in unpaid bills.

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