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News Americas, NEW YORK, NY, Thurs. Mar. 14, 2019: Here are the top headlines making news from the Caribbean and Latin America this Thursday morning, March, 14, 2019:

Wayne Messam, a little known Jamaican American mayor of a South Florida town, says he will explore a run for President in the crowded Democratic field.

The US has identified laws against consensual adult same-sex activity in several Caribbean nations as a rights issue in its latest report.

Cuban government officials have been accused of committing the most human rights abuses in the latest US Human Rights Report.

Physical attacks on journalists have been identified as a human rights issue in both Jamaica and Haiti in the latest US rights report.

90 percent of the population in Haiti live below the poverty line, USAID says.

The Trump administration is seeking to close nearly two dozen U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services field offices around the world.

A private criminal lawsuit has been filed against the Guyana Elections Commission, charging it with criminally violating Guyana’s constitution.

Two masked men burst into a school outside Sao Paulo, Brazil, Wednesday killing eight people, including six students and wounding at least 17.

China has offered to help Venezuela restore its power grid, after President Nicolas Maduro accused the US of cyber “sabotage.”

And DJ Khaled will reportedly make an appearance at the Buju Banton Long Walk To Freedom concert in Jamaica this Saturday.

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