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MIAMI, FL, Tues. July 20, 2021, Yahoo News: The Miami Herald has shed a chilling light on the Haitian president’s final moments and frantic cries for help.

At 1:34 a.m. on July 7, the night he was killed, Jovenel Mo√Įse reportedly called the Haitian National Police commissioner and said, “They are shooting by my house.” “Mobilize people,” he added, per the Herald. Gunfire had begun just minutes before.

Mo√Įse then spent 10 minutes desperately requesting backup, the Herald writes. “With no sign of his security forces,” President Mo√Įse made another call to a “tactically trained officer” with the Haiti National Police and exclaimed, “I need your assistance, now!” “My life is in danger. Come quick; come save my life,” he reportedly said.

But the foreign mercenaries had already come inside Mo√Įse’s residence and gone straight to his room, while “talking to someone on the phone to identify the president,” said the officer Mo√Įse spoke with. Once the target’s identity was confirmed, the shooter allegedly “turned to face the president and shot him without any conversation,” per the Herald.

When national police officers arrived on the scene shortly after 2 a.m., they found Mo√Įse’s wife, Martine, wounded in the hallway in front of the bedroom door. She later maintained that although the president was hit with “as many as 12 gunshot wounds,” “he was killed almost immediately,” the Herald writes.

“This never should have happened with the presidential guard,” said the officer, who also reportedly added that “he’s always been concerned about weaknesses in the president’s security detail.”

“When people from the neighborhood were hiding under their beds, Mr. Mo√Įse , the most powerful man in Haiti, lonely, turned to the divisional commissioner Jean Laguel Civil, coordinator of his security,” Le Nouvelliste reported. “Without formality, the president asked for help according to Jean Laguel Civil, in a statement signed to the deputy justice of the peace of P√©tion-Ville, Carl Henry Destin. He says he called the commander of the General Security Unit of the National Palace (USGPN), Commissioner Dimitri H√©rard and also called the head of the Cat Team, Paul Eddy Amazan.”

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