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News Americas, NEW YORK, NY, Fri. April 5, 2024: A Caribbean restaurant in Queens, NY has made the New York Times Top 100 list for 2024.

The Trinciti Roti Shop of 11-03 Lefferts Boulevard in Ozone Park, Queens, logged a high 18th place on the list. The author, Pete Wells, lauded the restaurant for it Trini chicken curry doubles, aloo pies and bake and shark. Other items on the menu includes sada roti, buss up shot roti, phoulorie and lots of other curries to choose from, including vegan curries. Wash it all down with your choice of local drinks, including sorrel, mauby, and peanut punch.

“I treat Trinciti as a destination of its own, worth a separate trip,” he wrote.

The restaurant has received tons of reviews with 4,764 reviews on Google, 3,640 on GrubHub.

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