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News Americas, IRVING, Texas, Tues. June 15, 2021: Design’N’Buy has partnered with Chile-based bLogik, a company specializing in technologies and processes for delivering custom documentation and solutions that optimize the productivity of professional printers.

Although a great business move for Design’N’Buy to tap into the potential of other geographies, this is not their first rodeo in South America. The web-to-print solutions provider successfully ventured into Colombia and Ecuador in September 2020.

The bLogik partnership is definitely another feather in their cap in South America — giving the region a much-needed boost that is slowly driving change in the print industry.

“We are ecstatic to work with the incredible team at bLogik as it gives us a wonderful opportunity to offer our web-to-print solutions to their customers who are looking for easy-to-operate web2print storefronts to place print orders,” says Nidhi Agarwal, co-founder, and CEO, Design’N’Buy.

Given how the print industry has seen multiple highs and lows in the past 18 months due to the pandemic, the Design’N’Buy and bLogik partnership is an excellent development for both the brands and the industry.

Print companies are finding new ways to break the glass ceiling, so, naturally, bLogik has also taken the step to spruce up their operations and offerings — ensuring they remain in business in the long run to keep delivering exceptional service to their expanding customer base.

Talking about the partnership, their General Manager Jaime Ramírez Paredes says, “Design’N’Buy’s platform has robust capabilities that make it a powerful tool for printers to succeed in the merchandising products area, a growing industry in the South American region. Joining hands with them not only opens new growth opportunities for us but also helps us offer new and powerful solutions to our customers.”

bLogik is an expert in multiple areas, including Customer Communications Management (CCM), digital marketing, web-to-print, and other critical technologies devoted to omnichannel communications.

They are basically pioneers in cross media communications such as personalised sites, print marketing and email. They also deal in web platforms for marketing photo books and other shot-based prints, which is why they need powerful technology to meet consumer demands.

As a 360-degree solutions provider, bLogik was among the first companies in South America to add web-to-print services to its portfolio ten years ago.

“Design’N’Buy’s web-to-print solution‘s flexibility enables seamless integrations with any market-leading eCommerce platforms and different plugins. The advanced capability empowers us to offer our customers an efficient, low-cost, and fluid transition into the online commerce world,” explains Jaime Ramírez Paredes.

In the past decade, Design’N’Buy has become the go-to solution for integrated product designers for online printers. “We enjoy a competitive edge thanks to our fantastic customer service. Our clients love us for that! We hope we are able to deliver the same level of support to our new partners in Chile,” signs off Nidhi Agarwal.

For more on Design’N’Buy’s web2print solutions and help with printing for your business, write to them at in*****@de********.com or visit for more details.

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