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News Americas, NEW YORK, NY, Tues. June 30, 2020: There’s no letting up when it comes to the novel coronavirus in Latin America. On Monday, the region saw nearly 19,000 new cases, a New Americas tally showed.

 This as the number of new deaths reached 651 on a single day. Brazil continues to lead the region in new cases, seeing 7,454 new confirmed cases on Monday alone to climb to 1,352,708.

But it is Mexico that saw the most deaths. The country saw 267 deaths Monday, the highest for the region as Brazil’s death toll dropped to 116.

Mexico also saw 4,050 new cases Monday to reach 216,852. Chile saw the third highest number of cases Monday with 4,017 new cases reported as the country’s total confirmed cases climbed to 275,999. But Chile only saw 66 deaths Monday.

Bolivia had the fourth highest number of new cases Monday, reporting 848 as it up ticked to 31,524. It’s death toll reached 1,014 after seeing 44 new deaths Monday.


But its not all doom and gloom. Colombia, Argentina, Uruguay, Peru, Panama, Nicaragua and Venezuela all reported no new cases Monday. Uruguay has stood out as the Latin America “giant” in the pandemic to date, squashing the curve by reporting that 818 people from the 929 infected by the virus have all recovered.

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