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Money -for-weedNews Americas, NEW YORK, NY, Fri. Sept. 19, 2014: Only in New York. A man with his wig painted in Jamaican colors, stands on Broadway, between 44th and 43rd street on Friday September 19, 2014, with a poster saying all he wants is money for weed.

On July 5, 2014, Gov. Andrew Cuomo signed a limited medical marijuana bill into law, which included several revisions he insisted upon. After 18 years of work, led by tireless Assemblyman Richard Gottfried, New York is now the 23rd state with an effective medical marijuana law. Unfortunately, the compromise bill falls short in several areas — it leaves out several serious conditions, will not allow patients to smoke cannabis, and allows very few producers and dispensaries. However, the program represents tremendous progress and will provide safe access to medical marijuana for thousands of seriously ill New Yorkers who suffers from advanced Parkinson’s disease. (Photo: Hayden Roger Celestin) 

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