Obama With The Already Frail Mandela In 2005.
By Arthur Piccolo

News Americas, NEW YORK, NY, Fri. June 28, 2013: I’m just back from a pilgrimage to Springfield, Massachusetts.

And now it’s close to my deadline and I need to write quickly or else.

The good news/bad news is there is always new material to criticize Barack Obama for all I need to do is pick up a newspaper or its on line version and there is Slick Willie Barack front and center.

By the way, why Springfield, MA? Because basketball was invented there 120 years ago by a high school teacher named Dr. James Naismith. Yes that is where the Basketball Hall of Fame is – in that small city and always will be. But no time for that here!

Back to the consummate Con Man. OK what is his big story this week. His OFFICIAL trip to Africa with his family! BARACK IT’S A VACATION. A very, very, very expensive vacation that costs you nothing at all to travel like the King of Earth.

It costs the rest of us a whole lot.

Did you know when His Majesty travels to Africa various U.S. warships are taken off their regular duties to “cover” his trip even while he is on the ground. And that a variety of US Military jets constantly fly high above the region until he leaves and of course there are lots of drones there are always lots of drones?

Did you know this in addition to the military cargo planes that bring along a variety of Presidential limousines and many armored support vehicles and hundreds of agents are you ready for this there are three truck loads of bullet proof window glass that accompany him when he goes on trips like this that are temporarily installed in the hotels he and his family stay, according to the Economist magazine.

I would not be surprised if this African ‘safari” is costing U.S. taxpayers as much as $100 Million all inclusive although of course The White House does not release such costs – yes you know why – for “security” reasons. The SECURITY of his reputation that is!

What’s that you say? Give him a break andt if you were President you would go all over the world too!. That this is one of the President’s responsibilitiesand it enhances the image of the United States? Yes and no. If its U.S. business and with the exorbitant costs involved he does not have to bring his wife let alone his two daughters and plenty of “friends” and even less so if the trip is considered “dangerous.” But more I have no doubt the millions spend on this kind of excessive flag waving would be far better spend buying school supplies for many thousands of young girls and boys in these poor African countries.

But guess what? This is not what this episode is about. I have slammed Obama plenty in the past for his Presidential wanderLUST at our expense this is just more of the same pattern that will be repeated by him and probably with increasing frequency right up until January 20, 2017, when he takes his final trip as President of the United States on Air Force One back home to Chicago or maybe New York City or Hawaii who knows.

What this episode of Obama’s America is about is Barack using this trip to get about as slick as is possible. He is using the trip to highlight his admiration for and the inspiration Nelson Mandela has been for him. GIVE US A BREAK. And Obama is then taking it way past the limit. Here is the story line – The White House is spinning and it is dutifully being promulgated by The New York Times and other major media ….

President Barack Obama is so deeply disappointed that he will be unable to visit with Nelson Mandela during this current African trip because Mandela is on or near his Death Bed. Here is the reality – Obama is lucky indeed Nelson Mandela has been frail and largely out of touch since before Obama became President of the United States.
The idea that Barack Obama walks in Nelson Mandela’s footsteps is pure Crap right up there along with Obama’s Nobel Peace Prize. The fact that Barack Obama was awarded the very same Nobel Peace Prize Nelson Mandela received is beyond ridiculous.

Barack Obama is NO Nelson Mandela not close.

For Obama to use this African trip to try and claim the mantle of Nelson Mandela in the very calculated slick way the Obama White House is so good at is disgusting.
Here are the real facts I have no doubt that if today Nelson Mandela was still in his prime and not long, long past it both physically and mentally Nelson Mandela would today be a regular and pointed critic of Barack Obama for Obama’s blatant failures to live up to his promises. Further, for the dirty wars that Obama has waged relentlessly since becoming President and receiving the Nobel Peace Prize for absolutely nothing.

I will again this week quote from The New York Times a new story up on The Times Website that may well be on the front page of The Times Friday edition? A story that is unmistakably coordinate with Obama’s current African trip. This time in using The Times as a “source” I am critical of them for publishing this bla ba with the title “ In Mandela, Obama Found A Beacon Who Inspired Him From Afar.”

Are you ready …. buckle your chair belt …
“Mr. Mandela has long been a beacon for Mr. Obama, who recounted again on Thursday how the revolution unleashed by Mr. Mandela a world away had inspired his own activism. Friends of Mr. Obama say that for him and many of his contemporaries, the fight against apartheid was the equivalent of the civil rights movement of an earlier generation.”
Next this is “previous” …

“Mr. Obama rarely dwells on his own strides against racial barriers and has for the most part steered away from invoking Mr. Mandela’s struggles in public or in private. Aides say he considers it presumptuous to compare his own life to that of Mr. Mandela, who was imprisoned for 27 years, part of that time in a tiny cell on Robben Island, before forging an end to apartheid and becoming South Africa’s first black leader.”

HELLO …. that is exactly what he is so calculatingly doing through his staff.

Yea, and get this, Obama is really hesitant when he has good buddy Valerie Jarrett.

But Mr. Obama’s closest advisers say people do not realize how much Mr. Mandela has been an inspiration to Mr. Obama in some of the President’s most difficult moments. Valerie B. Jarrett, a senior adviser and close friend of Mr. Obama’s, said Mr. Mandela had given Mr. Obama “the strength to persevere.”
Now here is Barack himself to deliver the PUNCH line …

“His (Mandela’s) sacrifice was so great that it called upon people everywhere to do what they could on behalf of human progress,” Mr. Obama wrote. “In the most modest of ways, I was one of those people who tried to answer his call.”

O YEA …. Barack Obama the master of personal sacrifice. Spare us please!

ENOUGH …. I don’t want to spend all night shoveling out my office.

The bottom line here is that Barack Obama clearly wants himself associated and compared with the great freedom and human rights leader Nelson Mandela who spend decades in a horrendous prison for his leadership.

Barack Obama grew up in bucolic Hawaii playing basketball and smoking pot, then on to Columbia and Harvard and parties. What a life of sacrifice!
Nelson Mandela and Barack Obama in the same League?????

The very idea is an Insult against real leadership and integrity and sacrifice.

Time to get back to your luxurious African safari Obama.

At least have the decency to leave Nelson Mandela in Peace.

But of course Barack Obama won’t any more than he is.

About The Writer: Arthur Piccolo is a professional writer and commentator and often writes about Latin America for New Americas.

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