Obama’s America – Episode 155 – Houston, Obama Has A Problem!

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By Arthur Piccolo

News Americas, NEW YORK, NY, Fri. Jan. 17, 2014: Isn’t this good I found a reason, even if it is a stretch, to include the greatest movie ever made, “Gravity” in Obama’s America. Especially after the Golden Globes chose the depressing violence filled “12 Years A Slave” as best movie of 2013?

Hopefully the Academy Award crowd gets it right.

Anyway I am using “Gravity” and the image of George Clooney loosing it all as his tether breaks like Obama and the “logic” of Obamacare as he drifts forever into space after collision with space debris as an allegory for Obamacare smashing into America and everyone is left drifting into the void of a convoluted law that does not work.

Sandra Bullock playing the other astronaut who somehow impossibly makes it back to Earth in this allegory represents single payer universal health care which is what we all need.

Enough “Gravity.” Go see it if you have it in 3D only.

This week’s episode is all about the promise of Obamacare which is always severely flawed and proving so now that the results are in

I am going to quote from one of many articles and leave it at that. This from The wall Street Journal, January 14, 2014, in bold headline on the front page of the paper “Health Sign-Ups Skew Older, Raising Fears Over Costs.”

Here we go …

“One-third of health plan enrollees in new insurance marketplaces are 55 or older, the Obama administration said Monday, a figure that insurers said makes the pool older than they would need to sustain their coverage at current premiums.”

“Just under a quarter of the roughly 2.2 million people who signed up for private plans nationwide by Dec. 28 were between the ages of 18 and 34, while one-third were in the 55-to-64 range, just short of the age at which most qualify for Medicare, the federal government program for the elderly.

Kaiser Family Foundation, a health-policy think tank, has said census data suggest that about 40% of people who could be buying coverage through the exchanges are in the 18-to-34 group.”

“Under the 2010 Affordable Care Act, consumers no longer pay premiums based on their health risks. To prevent a sharp rise in premiums in 2015 and beyond, carriers say they need strong enrollment from younger people who are likely to be healthier. That would balance out the bills racked up by sicker and older people.”

“Still, the small share of younger customers “is more negative than we thought it was going to be,” said Allan Einboden, chief executive of Temple, Texas-based Scott & White Health Plan. “It would be nice if that were closer to 40%.”

“Overall enrollment numbers varied widely among states. Only 118,532 people enrolled in private plans in Texas, the nation’s second most-populous state after California, while 107,778 enrolled in North Carolina, which has fewer than half as many people.”

Here is the point proven by the numbers the basis for Obamacare was not and is not adequate health care for all Americans. It was and is about keeping the health care industry happy first and foremost the insurers.

Obama was only going to propose a plan they approved which meant and means a bill and a law that is fundamentally flawed and that is bring proven by what is happening. It is dependent on those who will use little or no health care buying insurance because they are forced to by the government. If not then the insurance companies will just keep raising rates and more than before because sick people who ever had insurance are rushing in. And of curse most of their insurance costs are being paid by Obamacare.

So there are two flaws here the greedy insurance companies keep raising their prices and it is the government with tax payer funds paying most of those profits o the insurance companies.

The point is the insurance companies have absolutely no legitimate place in this transaction except as grubby middlemen standing between Americans and their right to health care under any legitimate reading of the U.S. Constitution because access to good health is fundamental to the core principles expressed in our Founding Document.

Put another way if we had single payer universal health care the hundreds of billions a year that no go to insurance companies would not since if every American was guaranteed lifelong access reasonable basic health care as in every other advanced nation on Earth the only Americans buying health care insurance would be those wanting even better care if they can afford it.

President Obama would not even support a public option in his bill which would at least have given any American to buy a government plan without paying the insurance companies for nothing at all.

So what we are left with is a very costly Obamacare which is going to undermine the economics Obama promised would make it cost effective, and if h can seek ever more painful penalties for Americans who refuse to but a private product under penalty of law which should be Unconstitutional.

Just another typical week in Obama’s America where what you though you saw in voting for him isn’t what you get with Barack Obama as President.

Go see “Gravity” in 3D that is wonderfully worth the price of admission …

unlike Obamacare, which certainly isn’t.

 About The Writer: Arthur Piccolo is a professional writer and commentator and often writes about Latin America for New Americas.