Obama’s America – Episode 169 – Barack Obama’s Propaganda Machine

obama's america
Straight From The White House

By Arthur Piccolo

News Americas, NEW YORK, NY, Fri. April 25, 2014: I will never stop being chagrined that the Right Wing Whackos consider Obama the “enemy” when it is the progressives inside and outside the Democratic Party who should be more outraged by this President.

Of course I understand why the Republicans are so opposed to Obama for the usual political reasons – they want to elect more Republicans and a Republican President to replace him  most of all. So Obama is their enemy.

It is far more meaningful for Democrats who are not brain dead or bought and paid for to understand how bad a President Barack Obama is. It is why I am compelled to write a new episode of Obama’s America each week.

America cannot be reminded too often.

The situation in the Ukraine is worth revisiting because it is so clearly instructive of what we are dealing with in The White House.

Vladimir Putin is in fact no better or worse than so many other leaders of various less than perfect nations around the world. He tells the truth some times, other times he lies. He is good for the Russians. He is bad for the Russians. In other ways he is very much a typical national leader.

Putin is much like Russia itself – a nation with both assets and major flaws; populated with both good people and bad people. And some who are both. The fact that Russians and Putin put their own self-interest first is absolutely no different than what every nation does including of course us.
So when Obama and the U.S. government use the Ukraine to paint Putin and the Russians as pure evil, determined to control the world and destroy the United States and Western Europe …

the bigger problem for us becomes Obama not Putin.

It is laughable for anyone to believe that Russia is going to dominate the world as we feared during the 1950s if we do not severely confront them in Ukraine today. What we have is a manufactured crisis orchestrated by President Obama to make Americans believe this is a fact.

In other words, the Obama Propaganda Machine in action. What may be as scary is the naive simplistic way too many Americans believe whatever the U.S. government tells us about such matters. Our government lies to us again and again about the nature of many foreign threats and yet no matter how often the government is exposed lying, they keep getting away with it.

The vast majority of Americans seem to now believe the Russians are a serious threat to America; even more – the most serious threat to America.

The fact that the entire Russian population is all of 143 million while the U.S. population 314 million plus our allies in Western Europe is 500 million for a combined total of over 800 million vs. Russia’s 143 million is lost on most Americans because of The White House propaganda machine.

Maybe even more to the point, the Russian annual military budget in U.S. dollars is $87 Billion while the U.S. military budget is $640 Billion.

That’s right folks – the U.S.’ military budget is EIGHT times larger. If you include the EU countries combined military budgets with our the total, it is close to $1 Trillion annual military spending vs. Russia’s almost $90 Billion, or in other words  our side’s spending is over TEN times larger than  Russia’s.

How about the amount of military personnel on each side?
The active U.S. military has 1,430,000 men and women. And Russia ? 766,000 men and women!

In other words that U.S. has TWICE the size of the Russian military. If we include just the 7 largest European Union countries and their military personnel their total is 1,100,000. So the U.S. plus EU forces are over 2,500,000 vs. The Russian total of 766.000, or in other words our side has more than THREE times as many active military personnel as the Russians.

So what does all this add up to????

The U.S. alone overwhelms the Russian military in every way and even more as we should include the EU military among our side. It is always stated that Russia is a threat to both the United States and Western Europe.

But guess what? This is only a backdrop to the real story of Obama’s propaganda at the heart of this week’s episode but a very meaningful useful backdrop that proves just how bad and pernicious Obama’s lies are.

This is about a so called story The White House released over the last weekend that my sometimes partner, The New York Times, then made its lead story in this Monday’s New York Times, and the rest of the major U.S. media did just as much, making it a huge story about the growing Russian threat to all of us combined with Russia’s sinister tactics in Ukraine.

Needless to say, it gave Obama yet another manufactured reason to threaten the Russians with even more severe sanctions for their despicable activities in the Ukraine while the U.S. is doing nothing but fostering peace and harmony in the Ukraine and everywhere else in the world.

So here is the story The White House released as pictured at top of this weeks’ episode above …

This font page lead story goes on to claim The White House had received reliable information and photos from the “official” Ukraine government and verified by U.S. authorities that Russian military operatives had sneaked into provinces in eastern Ukraine and they were occupying government buildings and fomenting violence in the Ukraine.

The proof a couple of ridiculous fuzzy photos some heavily bearded guy; one guy who they claimed had been seen years ago far away in some other country also causing trouble and that he was a member of the Russian military and that these two fuzzy pictures were the same guy. Even more, that this time he was wearing a Russian military patch clearly on his jacket so there would be no trouble identifying him as a “secret” Russian agent.

It was beyond preposterous and so amateurish as to be laughable and worse the source was the bogus corrupt government in Kiev. Still Obama released it and similar photos as clear proof that Russian troops are all over eastern Ukraine and The New York Times and most of the other media then picked it up as MAJOR news, following that Obama and Congress responded to its own propaganda with new threats of sanctions and more against Russia.

Guess what story was buried on page 9 of The New York Times on Wednesday along with complete silence from The White House ..

“Questions arise about images submitted as evidence of Moscow’s military intentions.”  Really??? You think maybe they were fabricated.

I don’t care about exonerating the Russians. That is not the story.

Obama’s White House propaganda machine is.

Barack Obama as President is manipulating the American people generally and most of all on foreign affairs just like his predecessors again and again.

Never ending examples of the phony rhetoric Obama used to convince a lot of good Americans that he deserved to be President that he deserved our votes because he would be different and a Change Master for good.

Call it what it is – propaganda pure (sic) and simple.

End of story. Until next week’s episode!