Obama’s America – Episode 188 – Mystery Solved

The Obama’s Arriving For Personal Chef’s Wedding.
The Obama’s Arriving For Personal Chef’s Wedding

By Arthur Piccolo

News Americas, NEW YORK, NY, Fri. Sept. 5, 2014: I know summer is over. Bring on the fall and winter! Still we need to clear up one late summer mystery in Obama’s America.
While President Obama was vacationing on Martha’s Vineyard, the ever clueless  media could not figure out why in the middle of his stay, they were forced back on Air Force One for a quick trip back to Washington, DC, and then back again to the Vineyard for Obama to resume his vacation.

It must have been some weighty matter of the highest national or international importance. Right! You must be kidding. We now know Barack Obama wanted to attend the bachelor dinner of the Obama Family’s “personal” chef  as opposed to the official White House chef and their huge staff that is paid to please the President and the First Family.

No, not good enough for Barack and Michelle. They needed an additional chef to the First Family which we are all paying for. You must admit Barack and Michelle are quite a pair.

So back to the bachelor party/dinner of Sam Kass, where Obama spent more than 6 hours the one night he was back in DC during his extended vacation.

How much does it cost to operate Air Force One for one hour? This is direct from the U.S. Air Force – are you ready? $228,288 an hour. Hold on; that does not include all the security costs, and non-plane staff, etc.

I am going to make an estimate here – since The White House will not tell – that Obama’s overnight trip back to DC to attend his personal chef’s party all inclusive was between $750,000 and $1 Million. Maybe more?

We pay for it fellow citizens, not Barack Obama. That frivolous trip was at OUR expense. Do you think that bothers Obama? You must be kidding!

But the cost to us of the Obama’s personal chef do not stop at the cost of paying and maintaining him and his staff on the government payroll or Obama’s trip to his bachelor party because ….

That’s right, if you go the bachelor party you are certainly going to go to the wedding and of course the Obama’s went to Sam Kass wedding just this past Saturday at our expense. Now you know what you work for!

Since the Obama’s had returned to their palace, The White House by last week, they needed to fly up to Westchester, New York  for the very exclusive wedding of Sam Kass and his beloved, an NBC TV talking head.

Barack Obama did not just make one trip to the Westchester area this past weekend. Since he decided he wanted to sleep in his own bed back in DC, he made separate trips for a couple of $30,000+ fund raising events in the vicinity, and then back to Washington only to return a second time in two days to Westchester with Michelle and their daughters for the wedding.

You also get an idea how heavy all the troubles around the world are weighing very lightly on the pleasure loving head of Barack Obama? Something that is weighing heavily on him are his plans for his retirement.

Yes, we have to endure Obama for more than 2 more years but for Barack and Michelle it is time to get ready for some serious partying after January 20, 2017. As I already reported, it is virtually certain Barack is not going to return to Chicago. He got what he needed in Chicago and Illinois – a ticket to the Presidency. As for Hawaii -that’s for the big expensive exclusive vacation home they are sure to buy – one of two. Hawaii is for their Christmas vacations. They will also need a summer palace on Martha’s Vineyard. Spacious places since they can spend more time on vacation.

As for their main residence, the Obama’s have already decided on New York.

No they are not going to live in an apartment in Manhattan. Get real. Even the most luxurious Manhattan apartment will not do for a former President. They will follow the model of the Clinton’s and purchase an estate north of New York City. Guess where???

The bet is a very exclusive gated community among the super rich in Westchester. There is some chatter President Obama even took a peak at some properties during is one of his trip to Westchester this past weekend.

Here is the Deal ….

The Obama’s will buy a spacious estate in Westchester with lots of land separating them from everyone else so they can feel very secure while they are well protected by the Secret Service for the rest of their lives.

How will they pay for this estate? Do you think the Obama’s are poor? More to the point, GUARANTEED they will both will sign massive book contracts the moment they leave The White House. Again just like the Clintons. Except they are going to do much, much better I believe.

Since Barack has a reputation as a writer, having written two works of fictions, I will not be surprised if he gets even a $20 Million advance from one publisher or another. As for Michelle, well she can’t be made to look bad compared to her husband, so I am going with $10 Million for her book.

So let’s do a range for the two books – between $20 Million – $30 Million. That will go a long way to buying a Westchester estate and don’t forget all the money for these books will be upfront the moment they sign and before he or Michelle’s ghost write writes a word.

I should also mention, President Obama will have a huge very expensive Presidential Library at Columbia University; all of it paid for with “generous” donations from major companies and wealthy individuals.

Then there is the Obama Foundation that will be headquartered in Manhattan of course, a joint venture of Barack and Michelle to save the world of whatever they did not save during 8 years in The White House. Which means they will need a very large Foundation and just like the Clinton’s, whose Foundation has been funded with more than a BILLION $$ so far and more keeps coming in.

Don’t worry, Barack and Michelle will still have plenty of time available to make speeches around the world Barack for over $1 Million each; plus all expenses of course, and Michelle maybe on $250,00 – $500,000 per speech

Then there will be carefully selected corporate board of directors to serve on for each, paying them Big Bucks each year for doing absolutely nothing except maybe showing up once a year at some Big Wig company events.

What else?? Yes let’s not forget they will be invited to make some “investments” in well funded high quality ventures that will be sure to net them many, many millions if not immediately, soon enough.

That should do it. Wait a minute. Before you know it the Obama daughters will have graduated from either Harvard or Yale and then they will need careers too. Bring in the Clinton model again. It works all the time.

They need look no further than Chelsea Clinton. It turns out that NBC News has been paying Chelsea a $600,000 a year salary. Someone with absolutely no journalistic experience, who is terrible in front of a camera, was being paid more than all but the biggest super-stars at NBC, and she had done all of two on air stories. That is until she just now resigned to devote herself to the Clinton Foundation, which can pay her as much or more for doing nothing.

So do not worry about the Obama girls, they will be well cared for.

The only matter left to ponder this week is what kind of jet plane will the Obama’s buy or lease once Air Force One is no longer available to them beginning in 2017. Come on?  You cannot expect them to travel on commercial airliners, even First Class ever again. It would not be right.

Be realistic! Think of them as Royalty. They do.

By the way, thank God the government will take care of their road vehicles. Bullet proof super vehicles come with the lifetime Secret Service protection.

I suspect their private jet, which unfortunately the government does not pay for so far anyway, will be the newest biggest luxury GulfStream.

On this, I admit I may be wrong. Barack and Michelle may want bigger. I suspect they will be often traveling with a  large entourage like other big stars, LeBron James, or Jay-Z and Beyonce, plus what about the Secret Service – yes he will be a a former President but still they need a lot of protection.

I think they will need a much bigger jet!

What do you think?

 About The Writer: Arthur Piccolo is a professional writer and commentator and often writes about Latin America for New Americas.