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News Americas, NEW YORK, NY, Fri. July 3, 2015:  You’ll never find President Obama at a bank cash machine.

And so begins our Independence Day saga here in Obama’s America.

How fitting that this extremely flawed President picks the days leading up to Independence Day to savage one of our Great Founding Fathers.

How many times have I mentioned so far in 230 episodes of Obama’s America how much contempt I have for Barack Obama?  A whole lot!

And never more than right now! Just follow the money.

Obama uses the always available shibboleth SECURITY even as his cover for this dastardly act of ANTI-patriotism and why this is a July 4th story.

Let me be very precise. Obama is LYING again. What about this time? Our U.S. currency of all things!

This is straight from his Press Secretary who man’s it is for Obama ..

“The reason that the Treasury Department has selected the $10 bill is the $10 bill is currently the one that is under review by the appropriate authorities for upgraded redesign for security purposes,” White House Press Secretary Josh Earnest said this week when asked if Obama had a view on the controversy. “And that is why the discussion is happening in the context of the $10 bill.”

Liar, Liar, White House on Fire!!

Now read why the Obama Administration REALLY made the outrageous decision to remove the Hamilton $10 and NOT the Jackson $20. It is not a pretty picture rather it pictures our Duplicitous President in action.

A big part of the mis-information campaign that began with Secretary Lew’s initial announcement a week ago and has continued since is that Hamilton was chosen to be replaced because it was all about security. The need to add new security features which happens with each new version of U.S. currency.

SECURITY is the all purpose shibboleth word that the government uses to justify anything it does and provide supposed legitimacy to its decisions that will not be questioned.

Now here are the facts:

1) There is normal cycle of updating all the major currency approximately every 10 years.

2) THERE IS A WELL ESTABLISHED CYCLE that the govt. has been using ..

3) The most recent redesign is the $100. Before that the $20 was last re-designed in 2003; $50 in 2004; $10 in 2006; $5 in 2008.

4) That’s right the TWENTY should be next for a redesign in the cycle NOT the TEN!

So here is how Treasury “justifies” its hypocrisy ….

5) It states that a “White Paper” dated  June 27, 2013, pg. 4 from the Treasury Dept.’s  U.S. Bureau of Engraving & Printing prepared makes this recommendation based on the conclusions of something called Advanced Counterfeit Deterrence Unit (ACD) ….

The Advanced Counterfeit Deterrence Steering Committee (ACD) is comprised of senior-level officials from the Department of the Treasury, the Federal Reserve System, and United States Secret Service who coordinate the counterfeit deterrence activities of the government agencies involved in the U.S. currency program.

This from the Obama Administration’s  White Paper …

“We anticipate that the next redesigned denomination, the first one with the tactile feature, will be the $10 Federal Reserve note. When deliberating the various options for the next denomination to be redesigned, the Advanced Counterfeit Deterrence Steering Committee (ACD) engages in a detailed analysis consisting of a counterfeit threat assessment, the state of security feature development to counter such threats, production capabilities and complexities, societal issues, relative use of various notes in transactional commerce, and impact on consumers and banknote equipment manufacturers .”

And this from the government’s Website about money …

“The U.S. government encourages businesses that make cash-handling equipment, or Banknote Equipment Manufacturers (BEM), to ensure their machines accept new note designs. Whether you produce bill acceptors, develop firmware or build systems such as bill payment kiosks and self-checkout systems, is here to provide you with the information that you need to stay up to date.

Following its analysis, the ACD recommended the $10 note. The $10 note was also selected because it is a transactional note used frequently in commerce and it has a low production volume, which will allow for the smoothest transition of a new complex design to manufacturing. Once production begins, the Board, as the issuing authority, will determine when the redesigned $10 Federal Reserve note is put into circulation. However, should security threats against another denomination occur, the next denomination to be redesigned could change.”


A) It certainly does NOT in any way propose changing the image of Hamilton on the $10. Had the “complexities of this societal issue” been included  a very different conclusion would have resulted.

B)  This ACD unit states clearly that concerns with COUNTERFEITING are its purpose yet it is the $20 that is a major target of counterfeiters NOT the $10 !!!

C) ACD also states above that production issues are another factor in its recommendation. That because fewer $10s are produced than $20s better to “test” the new design with the $10. THIS IS LAUGHABLE. The fact is ALL redesigns go through rigorous pre-release testing that is well proven. There has NEVER been a general release of any U.S. currency in modern times that had a significant flaw that was not corrected during testing. It is nothing but absurd to suggest well if we make a mistake and it goes into general circulation there will only be 10 million Ten Dollar Bills out in circulation rather than many more millions of 20s. Pure nonsense!

6) The ABOVE process was the result of a successful law suit by disabled Americans to force Treasury to make currency that disabled Americans can more adequately use. The next series of currency redesign is focused on making currency  more user friendly for disabled Americans by it having tactile qualities.

HERE IS THE REPORT that resulted…

What is one of its most important conclusions on page 22 concerning usage of different denominations?

“The survey results show that respondents most frequently used the $1 denomination, followed by the $5, $20, and $10 denominations, respectively. The respondents used $2 denomination the least, followed by the $50 and $100 denominations, respectively.”

THAT’S RIGHT … the $1, $5, $20 are all of more concern to disabled Americans than the $10 !

So why was the Hamilton $10 illogically chosen to alter the normal cycle of currency redesign because bank cash machines dispense $20s NOT $10s and by delaying applying new features to the currency that is most printed, most counterfeited and most used by disabled Americans the Treasury Dept. does a “valuable” FAVOR to the banking industry allowing them to delay having to spend funds to alter the millions of cash machines to dispense a new $20 with tactile features.

UNFORTUNATELY for Hamilton in a completely unrelated development this “disability redesign” coincides with the campaign to finally allow American women their place on U.S. currency.

So how ironic is this we are forced to fight to save the Hamilton $10 while ALL the logic and the interest is rather in changing the $20 for ONE reason to save the banking industry a few dollars, an industry that Hamilton literally created  Treasury Secretary Lew’s decision delays having to modify millions of cash machines that dispense $20s for a few more years.

But it is worse still. Yes Dear Readers it is.

Because who is the individual Obama is SAVING here in the 2sst century to SAVE the banking industry a few bucks none other than one of if the not largest slave “owner” of his time Andrew Jackson who was as opposed to freeing the slaves as anyone alive in the early 1800s. As if that wasn’t enough for Obama to despise keeping Jackson on the 20s Jackson was an equal opportunity HATER in his day as President. There is NO President in U.S. history who did more to destroy Native American society than Jackson.

You can read all about it all over the Internet.

So to “celebrate” American independence this July 4th President Obama trashes one of our truly great Founders and America’s greatest immigrant while he protects the racist Andrew Jackson and doing it in the phony name of “national security.” How pathetic is that. Very, very pathetic!

 About The Writer: Arthur Piccolo is a professional writer and commentator and often writes about Latin America for New Americas.


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