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News Americas, NEW YORK, NY, Weds. April 1, 2020: The gambling age describes the minimum age you must be before you a permitted to gamble for real money. It varies somewhat depending on the country or region you’re in. For instance, the gambling age in a United Kingdom casino may not be the same as in an online Casino in Kuwait.

Every regulatory authority establishes the gambling age of that region. Casinos must enforce the legal age for each person that enters the premises, either online or in person. This is why upon signing up for an online casino, you’ll be asked to confirm your age. Some will go the extra step of asking you to upload identification to verify.

Casinos and other gambling platforms like sportsbooks must take every step they can to obey the law, or they face legal consequences. In some cases, like the United States, the gambling age varies for each state.

The Average Gambling Age

This article will provide information about the gambling age of different countries. You may already know the legal age in your country, but it’s essential to know the age in others as well when you travel. When entering a new country, you might be surprised by their different gambling laws and age restrictions.

Underage gambling is a serious offense, and casinos do not take the laws lightly. Therefore, you will never be able to enter an established casino without going through a security check first. If they do not follow the rules, the casino could get in serious trouble or even lose their license.

The average gambling is around the world is 18. However, there are certain countries where you must be at least 21 before you can enter a gambling establishment. You may find the following helpful, especially if you travel often. It’s always better to prepare by knowing a little bit about the laws of the places you are visiting, gambling, and otherwise.

Planning a Trip to Vegas?

Surprisingly the “Sin City” Las Vegas, Nevada, has a legal age of 21. It would be terrible to be a 20 year old excited to see Vegas and visit casinos, only to get there and find out you’re not old enough yet! Many tourists go through this disappointment, mainly Europeans, who may have a legal age of 18.

The UK gambling age is 18, like all other European countries except Greece. In Europe, once you reach the age of 18, you can gamble in casinos or any other establishment, including races and sportsbooks.

Other gambling ages worldwide:

  • Canada and most states in the US have a gambling age of 18. Except for Iowa, Arizona, and Louisiana, where you need to be 21. Nebraska is the only state with a legal age of 19.
  • South America- the legal age is 18
  • Africa also has a legal age of 18
  • Australia has a legal age of 18.
  • Most Asian countries have a legal age of 21.
  • Almost all of Europe has a legal age of 18.
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