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By Arthur Piccolo

News Americas, NEW YORK, NY, Fri. Jan. 18, 2019: How STUPID is Nancy Pelosi?

That depends on how STUPID Donald Trump is.

The proof is in that they are both STUPID.

And we fellow Americans are the victims of their STUPIDITY.

This new episode of Trump’s America will clue you in.

Imagine if we had SMART leaders? I did say IMAGINE!

That is what we all must do since we only have so-called leaders.

Of course, I am dedicating this episode to the ridiculous battle over the so-called State of the Union speech. To be known from now on as the State of DIS-Union speech. Nancy and Donald left me no choice.

They made this too ridiculous for me to resist. I’m only human yes, even though many of my episodes have a God like quality as if written from the heights of a journalistic Mount Olympus.  Yes, I am writing like this and I did not have the benefit of legal marijuana (or any of it) yet. SOON!!

Talking about legal recreational marijuana. Donald and Nancy could sure use some. In fact, they do not have to wait. They both easily qualify for MEDICAL marijuana. Any doctor anywhere will write them prescriptions.

Looks like I just discovered a cure for their problem, but until they get their prescription filled and take their medication, I will deal with this reality.

Back to the Absurdity which led to this episode.

Nancy Pelosi and her mindless elves are going ballistic because Trump cancelled her wasteful useless trip this holiday weekend to Afghanistan and Brussels with a bunch of other Democrats – no Republicans on board – and privileged staff, on a BIG luxurious Air Force jet, all expenses paid ……

Trump retaliating for Pelosi telling Trump not to give his planned State of the DIS-Union speech later in January. Why did Pelosi tell Trump not to give the speech? Because of the government Shut Down. That’s why she said.

How is it then possible only days later that Pelosi has NO problem wasting millions $$$ of tax dollars on a trip around the world on a big government plane and all kinds of other expenses taxpayers will be billed in the middle of the same Shut Down that Pelosi uses for cancelling Trump’s speech?

How? Easy it’s called PURE HYPOCRISY. The common denominator.

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Then what happens – rather than Democrats condemning both of them – NO, NO, NO … there is absolutely nothing wrong with Pelosi’s useless expensive trip in the middle of the Shut Down, but everything is wrong about Trump giving his speech to Congress right in D.C. in the middle of the Shut Down.

Worse of all, watching Comedy News Network (CNN), all these new younger and often female members of Congress are all lining up to praise Pelosi and condemn Trump for stopping her wasteful trip like all the OLD Democrats.

IMAGINE – yes once again all you can do is IMAGINE if this so called “new” generation of Democratic Members of Congress had condemned both Trump and Pelosi for their political tantrums – stating they are breaking with politics as usual. Instead what they are doing is telling the rest of us that the NEW Democrats in Congress are just like the Old Democrats. We are their fools.

Of course, they already proved it by almost all of them voting for Pelosi to be Speaker again, when they could have easily and logically united to assert themselves for CHANGE to force a NEW Democratic Speaker.

All this brings up very well why I do not spend much time in Trump’s America attacking Trump episode after episode, because the REAL problem for Progressive Democrats like myself – those smart and aware enough to understand the problem – is the so-called Democratic Party leadership.

They and their former “leader” Hillary Clinton gave us President Trump. Remember Trump did NOT win the Presidency, Hillary LOST it. Because what should have never even been close was a disaster because these so-called Democrats who control the Party and are bankrupt of legitimacy.

It should be IMPOSSIBLE for Donald Trump to be re-elected or any Republican in his place in 2020, except it might happen because those who continue to control the Democratic Party offer such a weak alternative.

Why? Because so-called leaders like Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer control the Party and, so, so sadly, with the support of these NEW Democrats.

Let me get back to how STUPID Navy Pelosi is. IF Trump is smarter than her, he will accept her decision that he should not give his State of DIS-Union speech in front of Congress and rather take it elsewhere, better a series of speeches across the nation, all called State of the Union, and easily fill huge arenas with enthusiastic crowds and play the VICTIM who was brutally insulted by Nancy Pelosi; even better now, after her bogus planned trip.

If they are both not STUPID, they will spend this weekend in DC and hammer out a compromise and end the Shut Down by Monday. Then Nancy can take her useless trip and Donald can go play golf in Florida.

The rest of us can pray for recreational marijuana to enjoy this nonsense.

(This series dedicated in honor of the late Liu Xiaobo & Jamal Khashoggi)

Arthur-Piccolo-ObamasAmericaEDITOR’S NOTE: About The Writer: Arthur Piccolo is a professional writer and commentator and often writes about Latin America for New Americas. 


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