Trump’s America – Episode # 128 – Independence Day

Exporting Our Future

By Arthur Piccolo

News Americas, NEW YORK, NY, Weds. July 3, 2019: So, what is the state of our nation on Independence Day 2019?

Answer … NOT good!

Did you know that almost all significant medicines are produced solely in China? No, you didn’t. Neither did I – until recently.

We are completely dependent in China in so many ways. A scary repressive totalitarian regime that wants to control everything by 2025.

This annual July 4th issue is not about pharmaceuticals specifically. Rather they represent a convenient and important example of the state of our nation 7 years before the 250th anniversary of American independence.

The real subject of this episode is the lack of VISION any more in the United States of America, which was created with a very bold VISION.

All the PANDER bears on stage at the two Democratic Party Presidential debates were sad examples of that lack of VISION for the future.

And a total lack of appreciation of China’s role in the world.

What has happened with pharmaceuticals provides allegory. It makes so many useful points for us to consider on INDEPENDENCE Day!

Just read this introduction to “China Rx” on Amazon …

“Millions of Americans are taking prescription drugs made in China and don’t know it – and pharmaceutical companies are not eager to tell them. This is a disturbing, well-researched wake-up call for improving the current system of drug supply and manufacturing.”

“Several decades ago, penicillin, vitamin C, and many other prescription and over-the-counter products were manufactured in the United States. But with the rise of globalization, antibiotics, antidepressants, birth control pills, blood pressure medicines, cancer drugs, among many others are made in China and sold in the United States.”

“China’s biggest impact on the US drug supply is making essential ingredients for thousands of medicines found in American homes and used in hospital intensive care units and operating rooms.”

“The authors convincingly argue that there are at least two major problems with this scenario. First, it is inherently risky for the United States to become dependent on any one country as a source for vital medicines, especially given the uncertainties of geopolitics.”

“For example, if an altercation in the South China Sea causes military personnel to be wounded, doctors may rely upon medicines with essential ingredients made by the adversary. Second, lapses in safety standards and quality control in Chinese manufacturing are a risk.”

“Citing the concerns of FDA officials and insiders within the pharmaceutical industry, the authors document incidents of illness and death caused by contaminated medications that prompted reform. This probing book examines the implications of our reliance on China on the quality and availability of vital medicines.”

If all of this does not bother and worry you, you might as well be working for the Chinese government as in fact all the big pharmaceutical companies are by having Chinese companies manufacture all the OVER priced drugs the hundreds of billions $$ of OVER priced drugs they then sell to Americans.

ENCORE … “China’s biggest impact on the US drug supply is making essential ingredients for thousands of medicines found in American homes and used in hospital intensive care units and operating rooms.”

It is a national security risk. It is a health risk. It is an economic risk. A TRIPLE risk to the future of America and far worse still …

Pharmaceuticals are ‘simply’ one example being repeated in industry after industry, yet most Americans could not care less if you turn to a recent NY Times article … “Trump’s Case for China Tariffs Fails to Persuade Americans” which begins ….

“As President Trump weighs a possible resolution to his trade conflict with China, one factor may be pushing him toward a deal: His trade policies are broadly unpopular with American voters.”

And then this AMAZING statement …

“Large majorities of Democrats and independents say the tariffs Mr. Trump has imposed on Chinese goods — and the retaliatory tariffs that China has imposed on American products — will be bad for the United States, according to a survey  this month for The New York Times by the online research platform SurveyMonkey.”

I think Trump is terrible. I think everyone should work to insure he is not re-elected but NOT to be replaced by someone who seems better like Obama or Biden but who will continue to allow the repressive Chinese regime to hollow out America. That’s NOT independence that is fatal DEPENDENCE.

Only 13% of Democrats in this survey in The Times believe we should battle for a better deal with China that we should let China do what it wishes with the United States. That is INSANITY.

The one and only issue I will give President Trump credit is for standing up to China as none of his recent predecessors have worst of all the team of Obama and Biden. Biden running for President lives in a very dangerous fantasy land he has stated repeatedly he does not think China is a threat. Maybe that is why he has encouraged his son to take big fees from China?

Here is the REAL point of this July 4th episode.

China has a powerful national plan titled China 2025 to make China the undisputed global leader and surpassing the United States in every important industry and technology and it is working well for them …

Does America have a comparable counter plan? No not Trump and not any of the Democratic Presidential candidates. I have been arguing for more than two years now for America 2026 ….

Why America 2026? Because July 4, 2026 will be the all-important 250th anniversary of American independence. Have absolutely no doubt it will result in the biggest party in all of American history. Countless millions will be spent on pageantry and spectacle for America’s 250thbirthday.

As of right now it will be a “party” (sic) to mark the END of over 200 years of American greatness and leadership. It will be much like Trump’s July 4th party this week in D.C. A hollow blatantly political hypocritical gesture.

What America needs what we all need finally with only SEVEN years to go until America’s 250th anniversary is a BOLD plan for our nation’s future internationally, nationally and locally from global all the way down to individual neighborhoods. Visionary plans to be achieved within the next SEVEN years to make our nation and our future better than ever before.

Unfortunately, that requires the kind of LEADERSHIP missing today in America. Rather as of right now what we are likely to be “celebrating” …

July 4, 2026 as our ultimate DEPENDENCE Day and the rise of the dangerous repressive Chinese regime as the new permanent global leader.

SHAME on us if that is our ultimate American destiny!

 (This series dedicated in honor of the late Liu Xiaobo & Jamal Khashoggi) USA, LLC