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By Arthur Piccolo

News Americas, NEW YORK, NY, Fri. Dec. 14, 2020: This episode is taking its advice from a recent New York Times editorial – EXCEPT here, I have a far better answer to their editorial question written for The Times by the so-called legendary journalist Thomas L. Friedman.


Here is the basic problem for soon to be Vice-President Kamala Harris. As everyone knows, Vice Presidents of the United States have NO real job. Their job, if you want to call it a job, according to the U.S. Constitution, is to do nothing, except to be ready to become President if the President …

Unexpectedly goes on to their Eternal Reward or some other place that is hot – also not here on Earth; OR the President gets kicked out by Congress or resigns. That is not much of a job, and it almost never happens anyway.

Except you could argue Joe Biden may be the most likely President to need a Vice President since he is so close to his Eternal Reward or that he has a son named Hunter, who could be his demise. OR more likely Joe Biden, might just say ENOUGH during the next 4 years because dreaming of being President is far more exciting than being President, especially for a 78-year-old.

None of this matters right now; what does matter is that Kamala Harris needs a  REAL job as Vice President so she does not get BORED out of her mind doing nothing, but showing up at funerals Biden is not interested in attending.

Otherwise, the only REAL job Harris will ever have as Vice President is any President Joe Biden decides to give her, which circles us back to The New York Times editorial this week written by the “acclaimed” Tom Friedman.

That is what had me change the topic at the last moment for this episode, because I know I have a better idea for Harris than the NY Times.

So, what does The Times want Harris to do for a REAL job starting January 20, 2021, and for the next four long years? Let’s go to the editorial to find out.

Tom Friedman writes: “Harris is too smart and energetic to be just the vice president, a position with few official responsibilities. I’d love to see President-elect Joe Biden give her a more important job: his de facto secretary of rural development, in charge of closing the opportunity gap, the connectivity gap, the learning gap, the start-up gap — and the anger and alienation gap — between rural America and the rest of the country.”

Then Friedman, without meaning to do so, explains just how completely worthless his and The Times idea is and I quote: “What should a Biden-Harris rural strategy look like? It would start with showing up regularly. ‘Showing up’ and ‘just listening to people’ with respect goes a long way in rural America, Duluth’s mayor, Emily Larson, remarked to me. Actually, nothing earns more respect than listening to people respectfully.”


This so-called “idea” is just more of the same kind of “job” most Presidents give Vice Presidents, just keep traveling around, showing up and LISTENING. That is going to do a lot for Rural America. Sure. Rural America is in such bad shape because it has NO power or wealth to interest the POWER Class.

Further, with a government and an economy based on “winner take all,” and ever increasing INEQUALITY, Rural America serves the same purpose as other places where the “trash” goes to get it away from the rest of us.

Vice President Harris traveling endlessly around America on Air Force, highlighting Rural America is a complete waste of her time and ours. Hey Tom, we all already know about the horrible problems in Rural America.

 Kamala Harris telling us what we know and that the rich and powerful’s only interest in Rural America is Lip Service, will do nothing for anyone.

ENOUGH of that – let’s get Harris a REAL job! A job in which she will accomplish much, and a job she is PERFECTLY suited for, and which we are in desperate need.


The Caribbean and all the small countries and many islands in that region, which is so, so important to the United States for strategic reasons, yet it is the most UNDER performing region anywhere on Earth and is characterized by FAILURE AND NEGLECT.

Neglect by whom you ask? THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA!

The Caribbean has more UNREALIZED potential than any other region anywhere on our planet and that has been its fate for as long as there has been a United States as the various Caribbean islands have almost all finally gotten rid of their European colonial slave masters.

Unfortunately, for the Caribbean people and the United States, the white plantation owners have largely been replaced by a cadre of  Caribbeans of Color who have been and are successful at mimicking the White Overlords.

Without going into the well-known details about the Haitian Rebellion the only successful Slave rebellion in human history until it wasn’t; what has happened since has been the signature of Caribbean governments.

Today, and for decades, there has been a WORTHLESS so-called union of Caribbean nations named CARICOM. Nothing better exemplifies the lack of progress the Caribbean has made as a region. It could not be more ineffective.

All they have done is OPEN up the Caribbean to Chinese infiltration. The vultures in the Chinese Communist Party know a good thing for them when they see it. The Caribbean’s weakness, combined with the United States LACK of interest in the Caribbean, is a wonderful opportunity for China to firmly plant itself as close to the United States as it is possible to do.


This is why you and everyone should read Trump’s America – soon to be Biden’s America – every week of the year. Here you get answers!

Everyone, I mean everyone, knows Kamala Harris is Indian-America. What far fewer know is Harris is EQUALLY Caribbean-American.

Harris has ZERO chance of having any impact in the second largest nation on Earth – India.

While CARIBBEAN American Kamala Harris can have more profound impact in the Caribbean than any American in history. The Caribbean has been waiting for generations to have a POWERFUL voice in the United States who can BOTH get the U.S government to give the Caribbean  the attention and resources it deserves, but has NEVER received, and just as importantly ..

Kamala Harris DEVOTING HERSELF to the Caribbean will WAKE UP the Caribbean to its vast and unrealized potential. Yes, Harris needs a SECOND title – AMERICA’S AMBASSADOR FOR THE CARIBBEAN.

Harris should spend far more time in the Caribbean the next four years than any American official in history – both motivating the Caribbean people, and as the Caribbean’s messenger to Washington, and the American government.

AND IF HARRIS IS LISTENING, and she sure should be, Harris should name my boss, Caribbean-American Felicia Persaud, as her most important advisor in this all-important project. Persaud exemplifies the best of the Caribbean.

So, YES Harris needs another job while VP, and I have just created it for her.

(This series dedicated in honor of the late Liu Xiaobo & Jamal Khashoggi)


EDITOR’S NOTE: About The Writer: Arthur Piccolo is a professional writer and commentator and often writes about Latin America for New Americas.

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