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By Arthur Piccolo
News Americas, NEW YORK, NY, Fri. Dec. 8, 2017: We have done it again here in Trump’s America – another exclusive!

You won’t find this anywhere else, not even CNN. We have used a new secret state of the art high tech camera and pointed it at The White House and obtained the first photo ever taken inside President Trump’s mind.

This is a photo of Trump’s mind, not his brain – which we have no found yet. That search continues as we did not find it in the usual place inside his head so we are now searching other body parts lower in his anatomy. If and when we find Trump’s brain, we will report it. So far no luck as he seems brainless!

Here is what Trump’s mind really sees when he looks at America.

As you see, President Trump views America as composed of giant fish with their mouths open wide, sucking in everything in their path to feed their insatiable appetites. Surrounding these giant fish, like Trump, are the rest of us – tiny fish swimming around in a blue sea with America as food to be devoured.

Yes, it is a pretty sight if you are Donald Trump or the other giant fish. For the rest of us, it is a nightmare trying to stay alive and not be dinner for them. The truth is, there are so many of us, and far fewer of them, so some of us will escape.

The big fish already have a name – we know them as the 1%. Some even say 5%. Either way, they are big and powerful and they are out to get you. They live in a sea of inequality and opportunity for them that surround the world!

So how does Trump express this picture inside his head?

By words and deeds of course, just like the rest of us. So for example, in his White House email message on Tuesday this week, Trump says: “It’s clear that American businesses are hungry for a 21st-century tax code built for growth.”

Notice the emphasis on the words clear and hungry and growth. Now refer to the photo of his mind swimming in a CLEAR sea and HUNGRY to GROW even bigger! The picture is worth $$$$$ of words!

So this week’s episode need not be too long. Focus on the photo above.

So how will Trump and the other Big Fish swimming in this gluttonous sea – which is Trump’s America so clear and inviting for them satisfy their hunger and growing even BIGGER using the TAX code – feed off of the rest of us?

All I can say is thank God for Trump’s America. Mine here, not his!

DADADA …. Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls, Dear Readers all …

That is the introduction to this episode of Trump’s America’s unique analysis of : Trump and The Republicans NEW tax plan for America.

Allegorically, I have already told you all you need to know ABOVE. But let’s dig in like Big Fish in Trump’s mind do to all the little fish that’s us.

Let me radically simplify the Trump Tax Plan. There is no need to learn all the many details of his omnibus new legislation for two reasons:

1) because unless you have high quality accountants and tax attorneys working for you, which sadly most of my readers do not you, will never master this tax plan, but even more important;

2) there is no need to do even for my few readers who have these resources – it can be SIMPLIFIED to its essence for all …

If you are rich you are going to do very, very well under the new Trump Tax Plan and if you are not you will not. End of story but there is more …

Exactly how much you will save is irrelevant … It will make NO difference to either the Super Rich or the rest of us – the results are the same.

The Super Rich already have way more money than they know what to do with it except collect more of it and count it. They can already buy anything they want and more, so the few hundred thousand dollars, or in some cases the millions of dollars LESS in taxes they will pay each year, beginning in 2018, will not make them financially fat & happy – they already are fat & happy!

As for the rest of us, the few hundred dollars, or in some cases the one or two thousand dollars a family some but not even all of us will save since the poor get absolutely nothing in the Trump Tax plan although they do read Trump’s America –  the little or nothing the rest of us will get, JUST LIKE THE SUPER RICH, it will have NO material impact on our lives!

So if Trump was reading Trump’s America, (I hope he does), Trump would say see my tax plan benefits the middle class and the poor just as much as the Super Rich and Trump would be correct in his BIZARRE way of seeing the world in his MIND if not his brain which we have not found ….

What the Rich and the rest of us get from the Tax Plan is worthless. It will not change either their lives or ours, they don’t need it. For us it is too little.

President Trump will have more to say in fairness – not a word that Trump understands – if he is reading this episode. Trump would add: do not forget the CRUMBS in my Tax Plan … the CRUMBS are all for the rest of you!

By “crumbs,” Trump means by giving all of this money back to the Super Rich and the Biggest Wealthiest Corporations they will take pity on the rest of us and throw us crumbs; MAYBE in the form of more LOW paying jobs with little or NO benefits, NO security and NO upward mobility.

Now President Trump is not promising “crumbs” for the rest of us; not that his promises to the rest of us are worth anything because they aren’t; but in this case he is hoping, not promising, to produce “crumbs” for the rest of us.

As Trump knows, but will never tell the rest of us …

Wealthy Corporations and their big stock owners, the Super Rich, have other ideas, better ideas for using the crumbs in the New Tax Plan.

Like pay even larger dividends to their Super Rich owners, and use crumbs to pay their executives even more than the millions they already make each year, and use the crumbs to buy back their stock, and use the crumbs for bigger corporate jets and sponsor more extravagant golf tournaments and private conferences in exotic places and let’s not forget using some of those crumbs to pay bigger speaking fees to the Clintons and Obamas …

And maybe the sweetest use of those Trump Tax Plan crumbs is to use those funds to automate more and buy the most advanced robots so they can get rid of more of their “expensive” (sic) LOW paid employees who are a pain in their elite wealthy butts – employees who might complain they want more than crumbs; inferior ingrates who don’t appreciate the value of crumbs.

This is all very logical to the Big Fish pictured in Trump’s mind as shown in our exclusive photo of Trump’s mind because if these were real fish in the sea surrounded by all the minnows the rest of us and someone in a luxury yacht on the surface indeed threw real crumbs into the water, it is the Big Fish who will feast on them, casting aside the minnows all the rest of us.

If you like think of this episode as a Fish Story, which it is … a very SCARY fish story about ravenous sharks and the rest of us who are their dinner!

And our search for Trump’s brain, it continues. If we uncover it, guaranteed the readers of Trump’s America will be the first to read about it here  …

But it’s like searching for a long lost WRECK in the ocean. I’m not optimistic.

Back to the Big Fish … I will end on an optimistic note ……..Sometimes the Big Fish ends up as dinner for the rest of us – let’s hope they get hooked!

##### 30 #####

(This entire series is dedicated in honor of Liu Xiaobo)


EDITOR’S NOTE: About The Writer: Arthur Piccolo is a professional writer and commentator and often writes about Latin America for New Americas.


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