Trump’s America – Episode #5 – Donald Trump: Xenophobian

‘I Donald Fear Everyone’
‘I Donald Fear Everyone’

By Arthur Piccolo

News Americas, NEW YORK, NY, Fri. Feb. 17, 2017: Xenophobian?

GUARANTEED you never saw or heard that word before.

NEW word alert! That’s right; credit Trump’s America Episode #5 with inventing a NEW word in “honor” (sic) of Donald Trump.

Go ahead – do a Google search. Look for xenophobian. I will be honest as always in Trump’s Americas as I was in Obama’s America for many years. It was easy inventing a new word here. All I had to do was add an ‘N’ to the very end of very well known word, xenophobia.

But that is a very good definition of GENIUS – seeing the obvious others have not. In this case, having invented a NEW word, I gain the privilege of defining it. And that definition is more ‘complex’ than xenophobia.

And there is more I am going to re-define. XENO in this context too!

WOW! Double WOW! And all for you Dear Readers and for free!

And I am going to dedicate this new word to my wonderful Publisher who is absolutely NO Xeno. She is more like a modern day all powerful Athena. As an aside, I hope she was treated well for St. Valentine’s Day?

The SECOND new word invented right here right now is Xenoian. And I declare  Xenoian and Xenophobian interchangeable. It was that easy. Years from now, searching for the original source for both Xenoian and Xenophobian, you will be directed to Trump’s America episode #5!

Now to use the new definition for both for the first time ever …

This is so historic and you are here to witness it!

An individual most of all someone with power or perceived power who has a simplistic view of international relations between their country and others; and while conventional wisdom views them as astute and logical, their views are in fact RIDICULOUS and counter-productive to ones national interests.

In fact, language has long been in need of such a word. Xenoians and Xenophonians  are rampant and most of all in the United States in the Presidency, Congress and the media. But not here in Trump’s America!

President Barack Obama and the Democrats in Congress proved it and now President Donald Trump and as always the Republicans in Congress are. Obama and Trump and virtually ALL members of Congress are Xenoians.

Now I will prove why this is so easily.

I will use two obvious examples, Russia and Iran, to make  broader point.

Yes, yes, yes, Russia is a “bad actor” just like a long list of other countries we deal with regularly. The difference is, Russia is strategically more important than all of them, except China. And please keep CHINA in mind here.

China, Russia and the U.S. have significance globally that no other countries can claim at this point in the 21st century. India and maybe Brazil come close and the European Union collectively. But they are not there with the Big 3.

So when all the Democrats, many Republicans and most of the media relentlessly slam Russia as the most EVIL country since Hitler’s Germany and that Russia must be punished relentlessly and virtually ostracized from society as a “convenient” way to lambaste and undermine Donald Trump, whose interests are they serving? NOT the United States!

What is most important in this situation is not even their very base political motive to get Trump. It is rather their complete lack of understanding of geo-politics and America’s best interests Why, they are Xenoians!

Keep in mind, this does not mean President Donald Trump himself is not a first class  Xenoian or Xenopobhian as you prefer, because he most certainly is BIG time as you will learn below, but first the matter of Russia.

The worst possible position for the U.S. to have is that “we,” meaning these Xenoians, will NEVER have anything but a hostile view of Russia and that “we” must repeatedly treat Russia ever more harshly as the ultimate enemy.

Here is the LOGICAL alternative that in very much in OUR interest.

Russia is just like any other foreign power – while being one of the Big 3 – in that our relationship with Russia should be based on a series of useful issues that are  in view and constantly worth negotiating, that will produce the best results both immediate and long term for America.

The idea that Ukraine and Crimea are absolutely non-negotiable, or that there is no way on Earth the U.S. will negotiate with Russia over Syria, reflects the thinking ad actions of IDIOTS, aka Xenoians.

For starters, the Ukraine we so doggedly support as though it was a small vibrant United States, is pure nonsense. Ukraine is one of the most corrupt, undemocratic and boss controlled places worldwide, and there is widespread and vicious bias against Russian Ukrainians. Does that make the separatists good guys? No, what it means is that both sides of this conflict are bad guys.

And the fact is, Crimea has no natural place as part of Ukraine but was artificially forced into Ukraine. Further to which, if Russia allows itself to get kicked out of Crimea, it would lose its vital only southern port, without which Russia would absolutely have its global influence seriously decreased and be put at a major disadvantage if it ever got in a shooting war.

So of course they are going to protect their vital interests, just as we would and should in a comparable situation. That would not make the United States inherently EVIL for doing so nor should it the Russians or Putin.

So here is the point; why it is so detrimental we are ruled over by Xenoians here in America. All they are doing is to ensure never ending conflict with Russia, which means of course ever larger military budgets and less funds for useful needs in the U.S. and far better use of funds internationally …

while also bringing Russia closer to China, which is in fact a far, far more dangerous threat to U.S. interests globally and with our lack of focus on  China, the U.S. strengthens the so called Chinese leadership, which is far more repressive and sinister than Putin and his gang.

I will not bother going into Syria here, which if nothing else, has NOW witnessed a tremendous decrease in violence because of Russia and Turkey, not the U.S. But the Xenoians curse Russia about Syria relentlessly rather than trying to partner with them intelligently toward a long-term solution.

Then there is IRAN, which is an even clearer cut example of the FAILURE of the Xenopobhians or Xenoians as you prefer. Now led by President Donald Trump himself, the WORST offender of all, demonizing Iran again and again and again, virtually every day since he first announced he was running for President and more than ever now that he is President.

If you were to believe Trump – is anyone that stupid yes apparently so many are – in Trump’s world, IRAN IS ENEMY NUMBER ONE globally. Why? NO rational reason and no explanation offered. In Trump’s world, they just are. And as a result the U.S., should do everything possible to undermine Iran and ensure that Iranian Hard Liners maintain as much power as possible within Iran. THE HARD LINERS LOVE DONALD TRUMP. The more Trump dumps on Iran, the better for them retaining maximum power.

And BEST (sic) of all, right now in the run up to very important national elections in Iran in which the Moderates might have won more power and reined in the Hard Liners. Instead IDIOT Donald Trump and the other American Xenoians are the American PARTNERS of the Hard Liners.

Also made gleeful by the American Xenoians led by Trump are the Saud family goons who rule Saudi Arabia with total repression while supporting terror and various other Arab despots along with right wing Israelis, all who together FEAR progress in the Middle East and ending the violent Status Quo, which absolutely positively is NOT in America’s interest.

The vast majority of Iranians literally love America and Americans and want to be just be like us in the best sense. Given the opportunity, Iranians would transform their government and become the best partner the United States ever had in the Middle East, and as allies, would be at the heart of creating with us a prosperous, democratic peaceful Middle East.

But Donald Trump and all the Xenoians, both Republican and Democrats, with their nefarious partners in the media, are not going to let that happen.

I could easily write an entire and detailed book here about the Xenoians and Xenophonians and cover America’s relationships with country after country around the Globe, but one episode of Trump’s America is not the place.

I have done enough here to make the case WHY the Xenoians and Xenophonians  are BAD  – undermining America’s foreign relations and place in the world with their combination of stupidity and purposeful intent.

Let me not forget to mention, although it should be unnecessary, Donald Trump’s predecessor as President Barack Obama was likewise absolutely a Xenoian even if he was not quite as regressive about Iran as Trump is.

The only good news here in this episode of Trump’s America is that we do not have to remain hostage to all of them – the American Xenoians and Xenophonians. It will be difficult but …..

we can elect leaders who are not.  Pray for them!

Arthur-Piccolo-ObamasAmericaEDITOR’S NOTE: About The Writer: Arthur Piccolo is a professional writer and commentator and often writes about Latin America for New Americas.