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By Arthur Piccolo

 News Americas, NEW YORK, NY, Fri. Mar. 2, 2018:  When H.G. Wells wrote “The War of the Worlds” …

As written 100 years ago in 1897, it was an allegory as all fictional stories are. It was too early to be considered a story about World War 1, let alone World War II, but can be read that way if you like.

For this episode of Trump’s America, I am requisitioning “The War of the Worlds” for the ULTIMATE clash of the 21st century that is gathering strength and soon will come into full focus.

Will the United States or China dominate the 21st century and set the standard that other nations follow? I can already provide you the early betting line. The very, very likely winner is China. Easily!

Donald Trump in The White House advances China further. It does not matter how much Trump rants and raves about China’s very unfair trade practices. This war goes way, way beyond trade surpluses and tariffs.

In fact, President Trump a would be Strong Man, himself is a big admirer of the world’s most dangerous Strong Man, China’s so-called President, the Chinese DICTATOR Xi Jinping. Everybody calls him Xi and so do we.

Many call him Uncle Xi. As in kindly executioner. NEVER here!

If Xi did not have enough power as the Supreme Ruler of China already, Xi just decided to take even more. Just to remind you again, there are no elections in China; there is just the so-called Communist Party made up a collection of a few thousand now often educated, carefully chosen thugs who have two jobs – take as much for themselves as they can get away with while always showing complete servitude to the handful of “leaders” in the Politburo and they to the Supreme Leader – now President for Life – Xi.

Yes, this week’s news is that the so-called Communist Party – SURPRISE – has unanimously decided that no longer will Xi be limited to just TWO terms that all the previous Chinese Dictators were limited before a new Chinese Dictator, aka Strong Man (always, always a man) was anointed by the old Dictator to be the new Dictator of China. His hand-picked clone.

What would have happened if any of the members of the so called Communist Party voiced any even meek objection to eliminating the long standing TWO 5-year term-limit for Xi? Xi would send a big floral display for their funeral, following their unexpected sudden death.

All this is just a prologue to set the stage for the REAL story…

Up until a few years ago, conventional “wisdom” promoted by China and lapped up by the rest of the naive world, and still too often, is that China is a benign nation, very inwardly focused and uninterested and incapable of projecting itself beyond its borders, and even far less, globally.

WAKE UP CALL … China and Xi are seeking GLOBAL dominance. And in a way and to an extent never ever seen on Planet Earth.

The odds are, China will achieve that goal within the next 50 years and very likely far sooner. In your American life time; certainly your children’s.

The objective fact is the Chinese are BRILLIANT and Xi and his Inner Circle most of all. The very BIG problem for all the rest of us is the SYSTEM China is built on, that is becoming more, not less successful, as the Chinese economy continues its never-ending expansion and while more and more Chinese become more affluent, while a large underclass remains.

Traditional theory has always been, since the Age of the Enlightenment and even earlier, that as any society grows richer and more of its citizens prosperous there is a groundswell demand for more freedom for all and at least somewhat fair elections.  That has largely proven true in society after society globally generation after generous with the except of a few outliers like Saudi Arabia where the Saud family BUYS the allegiance of everyone.

China has successfully (sic) proven otherwise. The biggest problem of all, if you read the signals or just Trump’s America, is that Xi and the others understand the route to the complete dominance of China unlike any in human history is to export its model to other countries around the world.

Unfortunately, there is an endless supply of failed nations ruled over by traditional dictators desperate for the so-called financial assistance and mega-projects the Chinese government can offer in unlimited quantities, while it teaches these dictators and even newer younger better educated dictators in country after country, the Chinese way of dictatorship with financial success which is far, far more effective and long lasting.

If this isn’t bad enough, it gets far worse for the rest of us. Virtually all of the rest of the world, the so-called advanced nations, are falling into the Chinese TRAP with glee, one more eager than the next, to make deals with China no matter how one sided they are and WORST OF ALL ….

Major corporations led by Apple and CEO Tim Cook who will bend over into any position Xi asks him to, to do even more business with and in China to make Apple, the world’s largest company, even richer still.

And one of the prime uses the Chinese “authorities” make of Western technology they have not stolen and buy from eager American and European countries, is to build an ever more sophisticated electronic PRISON for China’s one billion plus citizens. The most frightening surveillance system ever seen anywhere and ready to be exported to other dictators across the globe and better (sic, sic) still with the Chinese thugs keeping control of the repressive systems they give or sell to other dictators. A Perfect World!

All of the Chinese foreign takeovers has an appealing name the Chinese have devised – they call it The New Silk Road – silk indeed!

Don’t worry (just kidding) … My Fellow Americans there is more!

Let’s return to the fact; the Chinese people generally are BRILLIANT while they are denied any real freedoms or elections, brain washed from their youngest years to believe those are just Western and especially American “tricks” to invade and subjugate the Chinese people yet again.

You name it, Artificial Intelligence, electronic vehicles, solar power, drones, financial tech, automation, quantum computing, space exploration, military hardware, any industry you can name, China has very specific detailed plans to become the dominant leader worldwide in the next decade.

ALL by remaining the most repressive regime on Earth and building an even far more Orwellian control system that will track and control every single movement and word of every Chinese man, woman and child.

NO escape; 24 hours a day for birth to death. And any chance of revolt in China is completely eliminated. NO more Tiananmen Squares ever again!

Welcome to Chinese President for Life; Xi’s Perfect Society!

Part 2 next episode. Is there any hope for the rest of us?

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(This entire series is dedicated in honor of Liu Xiaobo)

Arthur-Piccolo-ObamasAmericaEDITOR’S NOTE: About The Writer: Arthur Piccolo is a professional writer and commentator and often writes about Latin America for New Americas. 

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