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By Arthur Piccolo

News Americas, NEW YORK, NY, Fri. April 13, 2018: How about this? I finally found something nice to say …

About President Donald Trump – he is discombobulated!

And so is his nemesis from hell – James Comey.

They deserve each other – Two Con Men. One is selling a worthless book, the other a worthless Presidency. Both are desperate for attention.

Sorry, I almost forgot to provide a definition of discombobulated for you. Upset and confused will do. It fits both of them well! Trump is upset he is totally confused about being President. Comey is upset he is so confused, which is obvious from the ridiculous book he just wrote.

What is best of all is watching the propagandists at both CNN and FOX, the Comedy News Network and Full Of “X” network, both trying to make something of the advanced copies of the so called Comey book.

Especially CNN, which is desperate to try and find something; anything that lives up to the hype we have been fed for weeks about “revelations” in the Comey book.

Comey deserved to be fired – not for the reason Trump did – but because this so-called book proves he is nothing but another huckster. One huckster writing a book about another huckster. It amounts to satire all around. Certainly, Comey’s title is unintended satire – get ready ….

“A Higher Loyalty: Truth, Lies and Leadership.” Both Trump and Comey are enemies of the Truth, professional Liars; and they both lack any Leadership.

It is so empty of anything worth reading, Trump could have written it.

I should get to the book to hopefully prevent any of my readers wasting their money buying it  as it is good only for emergency toilet paper. I am going to turn to a new partner here for some details about the book I will never buy.

Welcome ABC News. They are a perfect partner for this assignment because they are broadcasting and probably paying Comey dearly for the first exclusive interview about the book with Super Talking Head, George Stephanopoulos.

Are you ready for these “revelations” (sic) only James Comey knows? Here is the first and most stunning that opens their story about their interview.

“Donald Trump engaged in months-long effort to secure the loyalty of then-FBI Director James Comey in a series of meetings and phone calls that began in the presidential transition period — behavior Comey likens to that of a mafia boss, Comey writes in a book set for release next week.”

MOB BOSSS? Good one Comey or was that his editor’s idea? A vague unsubstantiated ridiculous hint that Trump is mixed up with the Mafia, and if not, we get to find out from Comey that Trump acts that way. What an insight!

Unfortunately, that is about as “good” as it gets. But I will trudge on for you.

So why does James Comey compare Trump to a Mob Boss? He tells us.

“Those efforts included a now-famous, private White House dinner with Trump just a week after the president was inaugurated, in which Trump, Comey writes, told him: ‘I need loyalty. I expect loyalty.’”

With that kind of power of analysis, it is very scary that Comey was FBI Director. Now comes the anti-Italian slur from Comey to make sure readers of his book understand him.

Comey writes that to him, “The demand was like Sammy the Bull’s Cosa Nostra induction ceremony.” Comey deserves a ceremony!

Let’s move on … there is more BS I have to wade through for you.

Boy Scout Comey responds to Trump at their infamous dinner …

“You will always get honesty from me.”

“That’s what I want, honest loyalty,” Trump said.

“You will get that from me,” Comey responded.

Comey can’t get away from the mob stuff since he has to fill all those pages somehow, and it isn’t easy for this Air Head. Comey groans on  …

“A few weeks before his private dinner with the president, shortly before his inauguration, Comey had a similar feeling about mob loyalty pledges during his first meeting with Trump, he writes. Comey and other top intelligence officials were at Trump Tower to brief the president-elect, Vice President-elect Mike Pence, and a small circle of their top aides on Russian efforts to influence the election.”

Comey continues in his so-called book …

“Rather than ask about how to meet the threat from Russia, Comey writes, Trump, Pence and incoming White House aides Reince Priebus and Sean Spicer quickly focused on “how they could spin what we’d just told them,” debating “how to position these findings for maximum political advantage.”

“I sat there thinking, Holy crap, they are trying to make each of us ‘amica nostra’ – friend of ours. To draw us in,” Comey writes. “As crazy as it sounds, I suddenly had the feeling that, in the blink of an eye, the president-elect was trying to make us all part of the same family and that Team Trump had made it a ‘thing of ours.’”

Did you get that insider term?  ‘Amica nostra’ – friend of ours.”

James Comey the expert on everything Mafia as you see. And knows Italian too!

Let’s move on to another revelation which is not at all …

“Weeks later, after the private dinner with Trump in which Comey says he agreed to give the president “honest loyalty,” Comey had another private Oval Office meeting with Trump. This time, he writes, Trump appeared to ask him to drop an FBI inquiry of fired National Security Adviser Michael Flynn.”

“He is a good guy,” Trump told Comey, according to the book. “I hope you can let this go.”

“I did not interrupt the president to protest that what he was asking was inappropriate, as I probably should have,” Comey writes. “But if he didn’t know what he was doing was inappropriate, why had he just ejected everyone, including my boss [Attorney General Jeff Sessions and the vice president, from the room so he could speak with me alone?”

Here is a snore ….

“The book also includes a detailed description of Comey’s handling of the investigation regarding Clinton’s use of a private email server during her time as secretary of state. That investigation led Comey to make a series of unusual and controversial public statements over the course of the summer and fall of 2016 – statements Clinton and others believe influenced the election. “

“Comey writes that he felt obligated to take more of a personal role as the public face of the investigation rather than deferring to then-Attorney General Loretta Lynch – in part because of something involving Lynch that he cryptically refers to as a “development still unknown to the American public to this day.”

More self-serving crap from Comey to fill up the pages of the so-called book. Hey Comey, we have all heard it a thousand times before. BORING! Even this ABC article about the book drones on and on about the emails.

Win a special prize knowing you are right. Answer this question.

Who is the only other person who does that? Did you answer Donald Trump?

I know, I know, you can’t take much more of this. Neither can I.

Just one more to prove how useless this book is if you still have doubts. Listen to this pathetic trivia from the “great” in his mind former FBI Director …

“The book is peppered with unflattering personal observations about Trump. Comey, who is 6’8”, writes that Trump “appeared shorter than he seemed on a debate stage,” and says of the hand he offered for a handshake, “It was smaller than mine, but did not seem unusually so.”

“Writing of their first meeting, in Trump Tower, Comey says the president-elect’s “face appeared slightly orange, with bright white half-moons under his eyes where I assumed he placed small tanning goggles impressively coiffed, bright blond hair, which upon close inspection looked to be all his. I remember wondering how long it must take him in the morning to get that done.”

I don’t know about you but I’d be embarrassed to write that unless I were a 3-year-old or I was yes …. Discombobulated!

… As both Comey and Trump are. Which is why they belong together in an embarrassing book like this.

The next book that will be this embarrassing is the one Donald Trump writes when he is no longer President. Please God, soon very soon!

Both Comey and Trump “richly” deserve retirement. Both have earned it. Lucky for Trump, he will not have to go far for a model and inspiration for his book. All he needs is a copy of  “A Higher Loyalty – Truth, Lies and Leadership.” I certainly hope Comey gives him an autographed one.

Finally, I consider this episode of Trump’s America a true public service.

I have spared my readers who have any common sense, which is all of you. Please accept my compliment even if you don’t deserve it. I am very generous that way in case you did not notice. It is in my DNA.

Yes, a public service – saving you wasting $17.99 on Amazon for the book.

##### 30 #####

(This entire series is dedicated in honor of the late Liu Xiaobo)

Arthur-Piccolo-ObamasAmericaEDITOR’S NOTE: About The Writer: Arthur Piccolo is a professional writer and commentator and often writes about Latin America for New Americas. 


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