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By Arthur Piccolo

 News Americas, NEW YORK, NY, Fri. July 20, 2018: The full title of this episode is …

Falling Into Trump’s Trap AGAIN!

 Or it could have been something different …


We have been here before… Anyone remember 2016?

They are so, so, so earnest, (I’m being kind), over at CNN and they are non-stop. And never more excited than this week. They really have Trump this time. In fact, they were so excited they had a huge team over in Helsinki for the Trump-Putin meeting for NO REASON at all.

The CNN Talking Heads could have delivered the very same endless Trump bashing chatter sitting in their studios in New York City and Washington, DC. But it was more fun chartering a big expensive luxurious jet and sending them over to Helsinki to “cover” Trump.

And boys and girls was it ever FUN? In fact it was orgasmic! They knew what their story was and they got it. DONALD TRUMP IS A TRAITOR. Impeachment is too good for him; now he should be EXECUTED!

And guess who is LOVING all this more than anyone else?

DRUM role please ….

Donald J. Trump is having more fun than anyone!!!

It is 2016 all over again. The very idea of Donald Trump ever being President is so ridiculous, especially after CNN and the Democratic Party BIG Wigs trashed him mercilessly, just like they are doing now.

Donald Trump the TRAITOR has absolutely NO chance of being re-elected in 2020. None zero. He probably won’t win even one state.

He met with Putin. He said “terrible” things. TRAITOR TRUMP!

Yes, it is true as USUAL that President Trump made ridiculous statements. In fact, this time when he got back to The White House, he did something he almost never does; tried to retract something he said in Helsinki.

Here is the point you will ONLY read here, even though it is so, so obvious once the make believe “furor” is over in a few days; the big WINNER once again is President Donald Trump!

Does anyone not know why??? Because …

The “minority” of voters and the MAJORITY of Electoral Votes – the votes that count in a Presidential election – in states that gave Donald Trump a very clear MAJORITY in 2016 … all those voters …

1) Do NOT believe President Donald Trump is a traitor.

2) Do NOT believe President Donald Trump is a Manchurian Candidate who works for Vladimir Putin and the Russian government.

3) Do NOT believe President Donald Trump made a secret deal in Helsinki with Vladimir Putin to give America to Russia.

NO matter how much and how often the Talking Heads at CNN and the so called Democratic Party “leaders” who spend most of their time on camera talking to the Talking Heads at CNN all say they believe #1, #2 and #3 above are all very TRUE about Donald J. Trump.

What the voters and states that elected Donald Trump President in 2016 BELIEVE is that what is happening right now is exactly what happened to Donald Trump in 2016 when they saw the so-called liberal media and the so-called Democratic Party leaders out to get Trump, constantly slammed him for anything and everything; some of it very true but …

the majority of these voters in states with the MAJORITY of Electoral College votes, (even if they voters are the minority of voters nationally), they identify with Donald Trump as someone being mercilessly attacked – and see their own travails and problems in Trump’s – and voted for Trump as a result.


Is that clear enough for you? I sure hope so.

It certainly is NOT for CNN or much of the media, including The New York Times or all the so-called notable Democrats, like Chuck Schumer and Nancy Pelosi and most of the rest who are all once again …

falling into the Donald Trump TRAP like a bunch of mice who are desperate for some “cheese” but lose their heads again and again and again.

Is this all the Democratic Party Big Wigs have to offer in 2018 and even worse in 2020: Just anti-Trump RAGE mindless HATRED for Trump.

Planet Earth to my fellow Democrats across the nation ……

HATRED is not a strategy, it is a TRAP in politics and elsewhere.

And right now, that is all the liberal media and the Democratic Party is selling as its message to defeat Trump the Republicans, and it is DUMB.

I write satirical and real commentary here every week and almost every episode is critical of Trump. but if I was like these others and wanted to do Trump’s bidding, this episode would be nonsense about Trump being a traitor who is a puppet working for Putin and the Russians.

Fortunately for me and my readers, I am not that stupid. And I am not going to assist Trump’s re-election campaign by making outrageous claims about him that too many voters find ridiculous and nothing but Trump bashing.

Having those voters outside of Democratic Party strongholds – these other voters looking forward for their opportunity to vote for Donald Trump for President AGAIN and re-electing Trump to a Second term is Scary!!

These other voters see a very strong economy with Trump as President. They see a President willing to call the bluff of our so-called allies who do NOT pay their fair share and who have unfair trade practices against the U.S. They see a tough President and they like that. They see a President who battles the media and they like that.  And most of all again, they see a President who may be flawed like them but who like them, is mercilessly attacked with wild accusations that are never proven but just gets more outrageous.

What are the Democrats and the media offering as an alternative?

NOTHING but more Trump bashing that just keeps getting more extreme.

EXACTLY the so-called strategy that elected Trump President even though “everyone” agreed that was impossible and all Hillary Clinton had to do is NOT be Donald Trump while “everyone” attacked Trump non-stop.

How did that work out he said rhetorically?

The REAL problem is the Democratic Party is BANKRUPCT of leaders and ideas for the future for America and has been reduced to the anti-Trump Party.

Enough for this week, I need some LAUGHS. Let me go watch CNN.

 (This entire series is dedicated in honor of the late Liu Xiaobo)

 (This entire series is dedicated in honor of the late Liu Xiaobo)

Arthur-Piccolo-ObamasAmericaEDITOR’S NOTE: About The Writer: Arthur Piccolo is a professional writer and commentator and often writes about Latin America for New Americas. USA, LLC

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