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By Arthur Piccolo

News Americas, NEW YORK, NY, Fri. Feb. 28, 2020: The New York Times today announced the NEW Civil War ..… “Democratic Leaders Willing to Risk Party Damage to Stop Bernie Sanders”

Just as The Original American Civil War was inevitable …….

BRING IT ON … once again the FATE of our nation is at stake! It may not seem the same to some and it will not be as horrific, but that is why I write Trump’s America week after week, telling The Truth others will not. Do NOT!

It is time for another CIVIL War in America. The stakes are as high. Will the Democratic Party continue to be the other version of the Status Quo Republican Party with comparable elitist leadership OR …?

Will the Democratic Party become our PROGRESSIVE path for a far, far better future for America and all Americans? It may well be decided in Milwaukee this summer as the NY Times explains in more muted terms today.

HERE you get the deeper truth, The Times masks with its words …

“Dozens of interviews with Democratic establishment leaders this week show that they are not just worried about Mr. Sanders’s candidacy, but are also willing to risk intraparty damage to stop his nomination at the national convention in July if they get the chance.”

DEMOCRATIC ESTABLISHMENT LEADERS meaning the Status Quo FREAKS who dominate and control the Democratic Party. They see Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren as existential threats to their power. They are.

Yet, they only mention Sanders. That is strategic; better to focus on just on one enemy – a male – but if Sanders falls and Warren rises, she is the same kind and they will then aim their fire at her.

Warren has admitted as much at this week’s debate when she stated what separates her and Bernie is, she thinks she will be more effective at bringing CHANGE to America. Scary.

New York Times tell all my readers more …

“The Times has interviewed 93 party officials — all of them superdelegates, who could have a say on the nominee at the convention — and found overwhelming opposition to handing the Vermont senator the nomination if he arrived with the most delegates but fell short of a majority.”

ENCORE …… superdelegates OVERWHELMING opposition to handing the Vermont senator the nomination LET ME ADD what The Times would not UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCES!

More New York Times ….

“Jay Jacobs, New York State Democratic Party chairman and a superdelegate, echoing many others interviewed, said that superdelegates should choose a nominee they believed had the best chance of defeating Mr. Trump if no candidate wins a majority of delegates during the primaries. Mr. Sanders argued that he should become the nominee at the convention with a plurality of delegates, to reflect the will of voters, and that denying him the nomination would enrage his supporters and split the party for years to come.”

Again, here is the all-important point … “superdelegates should choose a nominee they believed had the best chance of defeating Mr. Trump.”

It is also THE BIG LIE …. There is no evidence whatsoever Bernie Sanders or Elizabeth Warren are more likely to lose to Donald Trump than any of the other candidates but … the Elites give themselves manufactured “legitimacy” (sic) by creating this bogus MYTH that they are protecting the Party and Nation.

PURE BS … their biggest FEAR is that Bernie Sanders or Elizabeth Warren will BEAT Trump; not lose to him. That will DESTROY their power hopefully forever. The so-called SUPER Delegates would not be unhappy if Sanders or Warren were the nominee if they knew either would LOSE to Trump.

IF that happened, they would retain their POWER within the Democratic Party and increase it with BRAGGING RIGHTS that they told everyone and tried their hardest to avoid this “tragedy.” HA, HA, HA!!!

Here is what the Super Delegates are PRAYING for ….

“This article (NYTIMES article) is based on interviews with the 93 superdelegates, out of 771 total, as well as party strategists and aides to senior Democrats about the thinking of party leaders. A vast majority of those superdelegates — whose ranks include federal elected officials, former presidents and vice presidents and D.N.C. members — predicted that no candidate would clinch the nomination during the primaries, and that there would be a brokered convention fight in July to choose a nominee.”

Here is the REAL story these 771 Status Quo Junkies – the Democratic Party ELITES are NOT sitting there waiting for a BROKERED convention they are out there working real hard to create a brokered convention.

What’s that? You want some evidence? Sure, from The NY Times ….

“In recent weeks, Democrats have placed a steady stream of calls to Senator Sherrod Brown of Ohio, who opted against running for President nearly a year ago, suggesting that he can emerge as a white knight nominee at a brokered convention — in part on the theory that he may carry his home state in a general election.”

 “Others are urging former President Barack Obama to get involved to broker a truce — either among the four moderate candidates or between the Sanders and establishment wings, according to three people familiar with those conversations.”

Are my readers ready for some COMEDY at this point?. I have some …

William Owen, a D.N.C. member from Tennessee, suggested that if Mr. Obama was unwilling, his wife, Michelle, could be nominated as vice president, giving the party a figure, they could rally behind.”

“She’s the only person I can think of who can unify the party and help us win,” he said. “This election is about saving the American experiment as a republic. It’s also about saving the world. This is not an ordinary election.”

That’s right in some alternate universe Michelle Obama as Vice President.

Time to bring in Nancy Pelosi. Nancy what do you have to say?

“The campaigns are already strategizing about how they will handle a protracted convention battle. Superdelegates, too, are brushing up on the rules: Ms. Pelosi invited House Democrats to a meeting at D.N.C. headquarters on Thursday to review the details of the convention process.’

Nancy the Impeachment Queen also sure is NOT sitting on the sidelines!

Hey, where is Bill Clinton in all this? Will someone PLEASE find Bill Clinton for me in The New York Times? … FINALLY here’s Bill …

“Bill Clinton, in calls with old friends, vents about the party getting wiped out in the general election.” Thank God I was worried he would not show up!

So, let’s have this NEW Civil War. It’s about time we decided if the FUTURE will just be more of the Status Quo. If it gets bloody, it gets bloody!

NOW I saved the best for last for my readers; this is HILARIOUS …

Representative Don Beyer of Virginia …. “At some point you could imagine saying, ‘Let’s go get Mark Warner, Chris Coons, Nancy Pelosi,’” he said, while preparing to introduce the former Mayor Pete Buttigieg of South Bend, Ind., at a campaign event near his home on Sunday. “Somebody that could win, and we could all get behind and celebrate.”

Yes, a brokered convention and PRESIDENT NANCY PELOSI!!!! 

(This series dedicated in honor of the late Liu Xiaobo & Jamal Khashoggi)


EDITOR’S NOTE: About The Writer: Arthur Piccolo is a professional writer and commentator and often writes about Latin America for New Americas.

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