By Arthur Piccolo

News Americas, NEW YORK, NY, Fri. Nov. 20, 2020: The audience for Trump’s America is national and global, so normally I would not waste my time or my audience on a zero like Bill de Blasio, especially since there are only a precious few weekly episodes of Trump’s America before Trump is CANCELLED and replaced by Biden’s America …..

But these are strange times and Bill de Blasio, real name Warren Wilhelm, deserves all our attention as he is such a BAD example of what a public official should be, and most of all, NOT New York City’s Mayor.

Bill de Blasio is the poster boy for how high a worthless individual can rise.

I won’t leave the suspense of this episode for the end. I will conclude this episode for you with how we can SURVIVE de Blasio.

Bill de Blasio is everything anyone should NOT want as a New York City Mayor. This week, he proved it in a “special” way that begs to be remembered as a very useful lesson for all wanna-be mayors and everyone else.

First the very, very good news about de Blasio as of today Thursday, November 19, 2020. There are now only 408 days until January 1, 2022. What is so, so special about January 1, 2022? Bill de Blasio will NOT be Mayor of New York City anymore and will disappear forever. Glory to God in the Highest!

Yes, yes, yes – of course it would be so, so, so much better if the date when de Blasio is gone was January 1, 2021, but it isn’t, so thank your God for small favors. And so, we are forced to SUFFER de Blasio for 408 more days.

So, what is prompting this very special “tribute” to de Blasio this episode? My most brilliant readers, and there are many have already figured it out, but for everyone else – here is the answer …

By far the best and most important example of educational success since COVID-19 ANYWHERE was the reopening of New York City public schools. By every standard, it has been a tremendous success for the 300,000 students and as much their parents. If there is any failure here, it is that in school classes were only two days a week and de Blasio made it far too easy for many more students to remain at home full time without any school time at all.

New York City’s public-school system is by far the largest in the United States, serving over One Million students. Even with only 300,000 of them attending classes this fall, that is still more students in school than the total enrollment of all but 4 of the thousands of school districts in the Unites States.

Up until November 19, 2010, New York City public schools were providing THE model for the entire nation on how to successfully keep public schools open during COVID-19 by minimizing its problem for students.

The rate of COVID-19 transmission in these open schools and among the students and teachers was the LOWEST anywhere in the nation, in which groups of individuals gather on a regular basis for any reason whatsoever.

So, what happened late Wednesday afternoon, Nov. 18, 2020? De Blasio announced without any notice to students and their parents as of Thursday, Nov. 19, 2020, that ALL SCHOOLS ARE CLOSED.

I hope I do not have to explain to my readers why having students in school is so, so important for them and their future, as well as their parents and NYC, and society more generally. But I will anyway, to make a sure you know.

So called VIRTUAL learning and the destructive fantasy of young students sitting at home 5 days a week in front of their high quality computers and fast Internet from 9 A.M.-4 P.M. Monday through Friday learning, and as important interacting with teachers and fellow students from home just as if they were back in school as they normally would be, is NONSENSE.

That is nonsense on so many different levels, but I will only focus on the core points here. First of all, as expected, many of these 300,000 students who had been attending REAL school are predominantly from poorer New York City neighborhoods – with their parents or often just one parent household holding lower paying jobs that require them to go to work even during COVID-19.

So now, because of de Blasio’s brainless completely illogical decision, many of these students will be home alone OR their parent (s) will be forced to stay home full time and not work at all. And not get paid!

How does that work? IT DOES NOT! Making it even worse, many of these low-income households do NOT have the high-speed Internet required for so called virtual schooling nor quality computers, or often any computer at all.

So why would anyone with half a brain completely SHUT all the schools? Answer they would NOT. In fact, they would be using this incredible success of keeping NYC schools open to encourage more students to come back to school and to expand the number of days a week to more than just two.

EXCEPT Bill de Blasio is Mayor of New York City and his motivation is not what is good for students, parents or the future of New York City. Who is de Blasio’s audience? The so-called leaders of the teachers’ union who always were opposed to reopening and pressured de Blasio to CLOSE the schools.


Why do you think? If you can keep your good paying job with incredible benefits and stay home working part-time or less, OR go to work and teach in real schools, what would you choose?


So how can we STOP the MADMAN de Blasio?


(This series dedicated in honor of the late Liu Xiaobo & Jamal Khashoggi)

(This series dedicated in honor of the late Liu Xiaobo & Jamal Khashoggi)


EDITOR’S NOTE: About The Writer: Arthur Piccolo is a professional writer and commentator and often writes about Latin America for New Americas.