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By Arthur Piccolo

News Americas, NEW YORK, NY, Fri. July 10, 2020: READ ALL ABOUT IT FAKE NEWS ….. Thomas Jefferson wrote the Declaration of Independence.

REAL news … Thomas Jefferson edited the Declaration of Independence.

This core document of American history was the reflection of the thoughts and beliefs of ALL the delegates to the Convention in Philadelphia, July 1776.

A committee of FOUR was appointed to turn their decision and determination into a formal document to be signed by all formally and officially, declaring the 13 British colonies are now free and independent states.

Far too many Americans falsely believe Jefferson is responsible for American independence; that if not for Jefferson there would be no United States of America.


To the delight and benefit of the Southern states, the MYTH has widely circulated that throughout American history has greatly inflated Jefferson’s importance. The Truth is, if Jefferson never existed, we would have gotten the same Declaration of Independence on July 4, 1776, just slightly differently worded, but with the very same meaning and significance and results.

THE FACT is, without Jefferson FALSELY being credited with creating the Declaration of Independence and what followed – America would have declared independence still.

Jefferson would NEVER have received the acclaim he has for 244 years. His other so-called accomplishments are modest at best. And here is a useful footnote to the REAL Jefferson. Soon after the signing, word reached Philadelphia that the British might invade the city. All the other delegates moved nearby to manage the Revolution, but not Jefferson. He gathered all his possessions, including his SLAVES, and ran away back to Monticello, never to be active in the War of Independence again.

Here is Thomas Jefferson’s one overwhelming and EVIL achievement in history – he was the unquestioned LEADER of Southern Slave owning society and one of the largest African slave holders in all of American history.

Thomas Jefferson’s SLAVE empire at his palatial Monticello, also a National Monument, included more than 600 African men, women and children who he also often bought and sold to “improve” his holdings. Africans who in his will he did not free but gave to relatives and sold the others to pay his many debts.

In his will, Jefferson did not even free the African woman he repeatedly raped for many years – Sally Hemings using her as his Black concubine.

It is NO coincidence that later, the infamous President of the short lived slavery loving Confederate States of America, was named JEFFERSON Davis!

IT’S TIME for Thomas Jefferson to leave the Mall in DC. Right now!

Time to go home forever to Monticello Tom, which is more than enough of a national monument for him. Time to repurpose the Memorial in Washington D.C. he never earned. 

Except that President Franklin Roosevelt was looking for an easy way to buy Southern support in Congress and built this Memorial on the Mall.

The Jefferson Memorial has no place in 21st century America or ever again. It is a monument to slavery and hypocrisy. Nothing more. We should not destroy it as vandals have destroyed other statues and places.

SIMPLY and carefully remove the 14 ft. Jefferson statues, the 4 large panels of his writings and every other mention of him there. Wrap them up undamaged and truck all of it off to Monticello, where it all can be beautifully displayed.

We will be left with an impressive structure in a very special place in Washington, DC., where the Founder Jefferson hated and worked vigorously to destroy and was ultimately complicit in his murder, should be placed.

He motivated another demagogue, Aaron Burr, to blind hatred of Alexander Hamilton because Hamilton chose the lesser of two EVILS as his choice for President in 1800 in order to save the United States from complete despotism and destruction.

He is America’s greatest immigrant of all time. He is the Revolutionary War hero. He is one of the crafters and the most important proponent of the U.S. Constitution. He is the brilliant Savior of the United States as our First Secretary of the Treasury with his revolutionary financial plan for America’s future. He is one of the founders of the Manumission Society to END slavery.

It is the one who Jefferson and Southern Slave Society FEARED more than anyone else, who might become President of the United States; who was so qualified and would find a way to END slavery as President.

It is time to FINALLY honor the one American Founder who has NEVER received the permanent national monument he so richly deserves.

It is time for the Jefferson Memorial to be rebuilt and rededicated as …

The Alexander Hamilton Memorial on the Mall in Washington, DC.

Alexander Hamilton – the American Founder for our 21st century!

Let’s do it NOW and for America’s 250th anniversary coming up in 2026.

(This series dedicated in honor of the late Liu Xiaobo & Jamal Khashoggi)


EDITOR’S NOTE: About The Writer: Arthur Piccolo is a professional writer and commentator and often writes about Latin America for New Americas.

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