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By Arthur Piccolo

News Americas, NEW YORK, NY, Weds. Nov. 25 2020: COVID-19 will NOT stop the annual Thanksgiving episode here! In fact, I have a SPECIAL treat for my many readers this Thanksgiving ……

The first and only Trump’s America TURKEY AWARDS!

The number of nominations was overwhelming; there are so many good candidates, but in the end, it was not close – there are three who overwhelmed all the others in a very special class of TURKEYS all by themselves!

On Tuesday morning, for the LAST time thank God, President Trump exercised the Presidential tradition just before Thanksgiving, of pardoning a turkey or two. To his credit, (and possible jail time later), President Trump resisted pardoning himself, since he could have since as he is such a legendary Turkey.

Since he did not do so, (even if he had), Trump will receive a far greater honor right here in Trump’s America. He will receive a very special honor, a unique honor, an historic honor, YES, even though thank ALL the Gods….

He will NOT be inaugurated President again in January, no matter what he thinks. President Donald John Trump will today, right here, right now receive the INAUGURAL Trump’s America TURKEY OF THE YEAR Award!

Yes, it is time to applaud wildly get up on your feet right now!


To tell the truth, having learned of my decision, the Trump White House tried to convince me to change my decision by announcing, yes, Joe Biden, truly is going to become President, and they will work with his Transition Team.

Donald, I feel your pain and it hursts you a lot, not m,e that your greatest distinction and most important honor in 4 years as President will now forever be the Trump’s America TURKEY OF THE YEAR Award.

Sadly, because of Covid-19, I will not be able to come to The White House today to personally present you the beautiful and specially created Turkey of the Year trophy, but I can at least describe it for you and my audience.

It is real FAT turkey, now dead, that has been left outside for months to rot and be savaged by rats and other nasty creatures. What was left after they were done was not pretty, but it has been bronzed so it will not smell at all, at least until the bronze wears off years from now I hope. If not, too bad!

This dead bronzed mutilated turkey has been placed on a base of carefully selected copies of your best tweets as President and crowned with a fake gold MAGA hat. Of course, your name is etched on the trophy in BIG letters.

I hope and pray this award will have place of honor at your retirement home – Mara-A-Lago, where all the Whackos like Rudy Giuliani, who come to visit you there next year, and for years to come, will be able to enjoy and admire it.

Those like Giuliani will envy you and your award. Giuliani will wonder why he never received a Turkey of the Year award.  Remind him, and thank the Gods, all of them, because Rudy Giuliani was never President. Thank the Gods again.

After much pressure from around the nation, that it is unfair only to give President Trump an award this Thanksgiving, I relented, because there are two other very, very special Americans who richly deserve an award like Trump’s.

So, I have also created the Trump’s America Little Turkey of the Year award to honor these two UN-great Americans. Many of you have already figured out who they are. Let me make it official – Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer.

If there ever were two worthless characters who deserve to be honored as little TURKEYS, it is these two deplorables. How could I ignore them for refusing to allow a second pandemic relief bill to pass Congress this year and NOT assist millions of Americans and their families and small businesses financially SUFFERING from this resurgence of Covid-19?

We know why it does not bother Nancy or Chuck; they are both RICH, Nancy is far richer than Chuck, and Covid-19 has had no bad financial impact on either of them. And they still get paid too. So I have designed distinct personalized Little Turkey of the Year trophies for each of them to enjoy for years to come.

For Nancy, to no surprise, a giant container of gourmet ice cream filled with lies, instead of ice cream, and standing on a base of tiny garbage pails.

For Chuck, his trophy are little hair PLUGS like the thousands he has had stapled into his head for years in his ridiculous attempt to cover up his baldness.

I hope all three of them appreciate these unique Thanksgiving 2020 awards. Will this become a new tradition? Will there be Biden’s America Turkey of the Year awards next Thanksgiving 2021? Don’t be surprised if there are.

For everyone else, from Trump’s America, on behalf of my publisher and myself and all of us, best wishes for a blessed VIRTUAL Thanksgiving.

And as you sit down for Thanksgiving dinner and pray, be most thankful of all your Blessings that Trump will no longer be President come January 20, 2021.

(This series dedicated in honor of the late Liu Xiaobo & Jamal Khashoggi)


EDITOR’S NOTE: About The Writer: Arthur Piccolo is a professional writer and commentator and often writes about Latin America for New Americas.

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